Mar. 8th, 2014

perzephone: madness takes its toll. please have exact change. (exact change)
I've been feeling better, calmer, more centered. It's a good thing.

So here goes:

Things That I Like About Myself

The Outside

I like my body. I know right now everyone is on a Save the Fatties kick, but when it comes down to it, I like my body. I have cool eyes. My skin, between my knees & neck, anyway, is soft and creamy white. I like my own unique scent when I'm clean. I like the hard muscle underneath soft squishy fat. My small feet and hands, my strong calves & thighs, My big round butt and my big round soft belly. My boobs. My vagina and labia. The curves of my hips, the curves of my back. My shoulders, The shape of my head. My hair. I love my hair. And my nose. My ears are good, too.

The Inside

I like that I am willing to change, to learn new things, to grow. I like that I'm curious about how things work. I like that I'm not attached to material goods. I like that I can like stuff but I can also let it go. I like that I'm relatively low-maintenance. That I can make do with a bare minimum. I like that I am not afraid to get my hands dirty - I can touch raw meat or change the oil in a car myself. I like that I am self-sufficient. I like my open mind.

I like that I am not jealous or competitive. I like that I do not need to be the center of attention. I like that I can be alone but not lonely. I like that I don't need idle chatter, that I can be quiet, and comfortable with quiet.

I like that I am not afraid of technology or modern medicine. I like that I can discern truth from fiction. That I have and can use critical thinking, and that I'm getting better at it. I like that I have an intuitive understanding of how people communicate with technology, and how to make it easier to negotiate between the two.

I like that I can make connections and links between seemingly disparate concepts, that I can make analogies. I like that I can scrape away extraneous fluff to get to the meat of any situation.


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