Apr. 19th, 2014

perzephone: madness takes its toll. please have exact change. (exact change)
I did feel better last night, having taken the 50mg of Zoloft instead of 25. My stomach was fine. So this morning (well, it's noon now - I'm up past my bedtime as usual), I skipped the Zoloft. I'm going to try the 50ng again when I get up.

Rob & I watch The Walking Dead (much like almost everyone else who has AMC or the internet). The season finale was amazing. I loved the Governor, but I can honestly say this last episode was my favorite. Rick, Daryl, Michonne & Carl were so confident, so assured, when they walked into Terminus. Even without their weapons, none of them faltered or had to look at each other for confirmation of their words or actions. It made me think of the term from Stephen King's Dark Tower universe: ka-tet. Each one of them has gone through a unique and powerful rebirth, and come out the other side as strong individuals - but together they could take down mountains. Rick's right - won't the Hunters/Terminus feel stupid when they find out?

(Just now, looking it up, of course I'm not the only one it occurred to, lol.)


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