Apr. 26th, 2014

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I think I am slowly but surely becoming an atheist.

Not out of any sense of Science vs Religion, or the Big Bang vs Evolution, more along the lines of it just not holding any importance. Rob & I have pretty much stopped celebrating any holidays, I don't go out of my way to wish anyone a Happy Anything... I'm just not active in my faith.

Actually, I think I'm an Apatheist - I just don't care.

(Apparently, Apatheist is a real 'thing'. Huh.)

I've also been wondering why I have such a hard time making friends with people I'd like to be friends with, and only people that I dislike want to be my friend. What kind of person am I? I know I can be almost impossible to get to know, I talk less & less on a daily basis (so people tell me I'm a 'good listener'), I'm not forthcoming with info on myself (except here), and I don't hold any particular interest in the lives of anyone around me. But when I am interested, I ask all the right questions.

I know much of my mistrust for my fellow humans is based in abandonment. Does mistrust stand that much in the way of a fulfilling relationship with another person?


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