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I love when people tell me they have a 'dark side'. It was Josh this time, mainly because he watches Dexter & somehow relates to the series. I then proceeded to tell him about some of the things I saw while working at Child Haven & the DA's office. Josh determined that he didn't actually have a dark side, he just likes movies/shows about serial killers & occasionally has violent fantasies that he would never actually perform. From a normal emotional standpoint, even I was disturbed by some of the things I saw. I think the worst of it was how the supposed good guys - the assistant DAs, the law clerks, the secretaries, the investigators, LEOs, etc. all acted towards not only the perpetrators of the crimes, but the victims as well. Compassion and humanity doesn't run deep in the legal system, at least not here.

I imagine if I had started my Zoloft while working for the County, I'd probably still be there, and I'd probably be one of the monsters, too.  

My dark side is that nothing humans do surprises me. Absolutely nothing. From the depths of depravity to the glorious heights of altruism, humans are just humans. We're capable of so much harm and so much help.


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