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Namaste, Bitches

I'm homesick for a place I've never been

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Name:Rainbow Serpent Woman
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
Website:My Dragon Cave Wishlist
Just a dumpy lil' tattooed Pagan woman, trying to make sense of life...

I have an Associate's of Applied Science in Computer Information Techology, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I've returned to the world of hospitality.

I am interested in returning hence from hospitality and going back into computer science. Las Vegas is becoming more of a seasonal destination and my interest in pursuing a training position or something involving technical writing is growing. If I could figure out a way to combine my understanding of how people and computers communicate, my ability to write manuals and instructions, and my interest in green tech and thanatology, it would be my dream job.

I tend to define myself by what I do for a living, and not so much by who I am. I'm also beginning a battle against my long-term depression, and I know finding out who I am is a big part of that. So, here is my blog.

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adultswim, afro celt sound system, aleister crowley, altered consciousness, alternative lifestyles, animal totems, animism, ariadne, astral projection, ayida wedo, bdsm, bears, bibliophile, bisexual, bisexuality, body modification, bodyworlds, bondage, books, botany, buddhism, catahoula leopard dogs, cemeteries, childfreedom, clicking eggs, clive barker, coloring books, comparative religion, coyotes, creepypasta, crete, cthulhu, cybele, damballah, death, deathnote, depression, desert life, dionysus, divination, dogs, dragcave, dreams, eclectic paganism, edgar allen poe, embroidery, entheogens, erotica, esp, ethnobotany, fatal familial insomnia, fma, forensics, fullmetal alchemist, future lives, ghosts, h. p. lovecraft, hades, halloween, herbalism, herbology, herbs, herne, homosexuality, hoodoo, indigenous culture, insomnia, k t tunstall, karma, kosheen, kundalini, led zeppelin, literature, meditation, minoa, monty python, mopar, mortuary sciences, mst3k, music, mythology, necrophilia, new orleans voodoo tarot, occult, paganism, pagans, pantheism, paranoia agent, past lives, persephone, peter gabriel, philosophy, piercings, poppy z. brite, prince, psychic phenomena, psychoactive substances, psychotropic substances, pythons, qblh, random acts of kindness, reading, reincarnation, religions, robot chicken, runes, santeria, satanism, schizoid personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, seether, sex, shamanic drumming, shamanism, shamans, shinedown, sleep disorders, snail mail penpals, snakes, stephen king, submission, tao, tarot, tattoos, thanatology, the body farm, the dave matthews band, the doors, the wicked tinkers, theology, tim burton movies, torchwood, train, trance, venture brothers, vodou, voodoo, wade davis, zen, zen buddhism
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