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I've had snakes on and off my entire life. Mostly on. I always feed my snakes live prey, and I've never had any problems because of it. Ed and Nessie are both well cared for, incredibly healthy and companionable pythons. I do not expect my snakes to behave as anything besides what they are - predators. Specifically, ball pythons are 'lie-in-wait predators'.

Sometimes, though, I do feel bad. I have to feed the cute mice to the snakes first, otherwise I end up with pet mice and rats. I give them to Jody, Jamie or Miranda because they are rodent people. I like mice and rats & other rodents enough to find them cute, and they are physically clean animals, with soft fur; they do have personalities; they are trainable - but to me, they smell atrocious. It doesn't matter how many times a day I clean out their habitat, they just stink. Back in the day, people used to call external tumors 'mice' because of the odor that emanates from that type of tumor or cancerous sore. My mother's breath had that mousey odor after she got lung cancer, and no matter how many cigarettes she smoked or how many times she brushed her teeth would that odor subside.

Tonight I had to give Nessie the world's absolute cutest mouse. It was salt & pepper - gray, black & white. with brown eyes... and a black patch around one eye. Usually it's the fawn-colored mice & rats that give me the biggest heartaches, but this mouse was a freakin' pi-rat. In my world, it is possible to be too cute to live.
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I don't know exactly how it started, but over the past year or so, snapping a towel at Chelsie's head has become a game. I think it may have started as me playing bull-fighter with her, waving the towel as she charged. But it degraded into me fending her off with said towel. Of course, this has consequences, one of which is that anytime you have a towel in your hand, she thinks it's an excuse to maul you.

I just learned of an even greater consequence. A few minutes ago, I was making a cup of tea & half-assedly flapping the towel at her, and I hung the towel on the fridge handle. So, out of the corner of my eye I see her slinking behind me to grab the towel off the door handle. I turned around & 'No!'ed her, & she stood there, in half-slink pose, looking at me like, "I wasn't doing nuffin..."

If she grabs the towel on the fridge door handle in just the right way - she'll open the fridge door. If that dog learns how to open the fridge door, next thing we know, she'll be sitting on the couch surfing internet beastie porn & drinking Rob's beer in the middle of the night.

We should have gotten a nice, dumb yellow lab.
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What a weird question. I mean, it's an animal. It's not intentionally trying to hurt your feelings if it doesn't want to be petted or snuggled... it just doesn't want to be messed with.

Chelsie's a snot sometimes, but she's a dog. I'm not saying that animals don't have emotions, but I think that their motives and drives are a Hel of a lot different, and simpler, than humans. If anything, it's easier for a person to hurt an animal's feelings. I just hurt Chelsie's feelings because she's pushing my hand off the mouse & closing my keyboard tray, telling me it's bedtime, and I shoved her away. So she gives me the most butt-hurt look in the world & walks away w/her head and tail down. It's very pathetic - but if I was an alpha dog and I shoulder-checked and snapped at her, she'd have the same reaction.
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We got visited by a large blue-green wasp today at work. It's a mystery as to how it got in - we're at the end of a hallway, in a basement, with no doors or windows to the outside world.

It was quite alarming - and quite pretty, though. It didn't look like a native, but apparently they are found all over America. Altough we batted it around a little, Soley took it outside in a plastic cup & it flew away, so no permanent harm done.

Looked kind of like this:

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Choose an animal that you think most suits me, for each category (unless you absolutely have no idea what to suggest). Reply in the comments. Repost as you see fit.

You don't necessarily have to connect it to animals you know I already love; just animals you feel I'm most like.

1. primate (non human)
2. feline
3. canine
4. ungulate
5. rodent/lagomorph
6. reptile/amphibian
7. mythical creature
8. marsupial
9. fully aquatic animal
10. arthropod
11. bird
12. non-animal (plant, object)
13. microorganism
14. other mammal
15. dinosaur/extinct
16. random choice

My Chocolate Tres Leche cake was a phenomenal hit :) By the Gods, though, that was a lot of chocolate.
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Chelsie caught a pigeon today :) Rob said the pigeon was acting kind of sick - it was slow to take off & flying low & unsteady. Chelsie took about half its tailfeathers & had it cornered, but was just laying in the back yard watching it. When Rob went out to see what she was doing, Chelsie came running over to him & the pigeon managed to fly up to the roof.

We probably have a dead pigeon up there now... but the other pigeons will clean it up for us.
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I've had random songs running through my head all day. I only have to hear a song a couple of times (if I like it, anyway) and I will have it pretty much memorized. It's a blessing and a curse - I could pick up a tune quickly when I was in high school band... but then I'm stuck with this crap filling my mind for the rest of my life. I probably have more of my brain dedicated to song lyrics than anything else, which means I can't remember simple math, but I can sing the Ladybug Picnic word for word after not hearing it for like, 20-some-odd years. Or the Kookaburra Song - why we learned the Kookaburra Song in kindergarten in California, I have no freaking idea, but I still know the damned song (thanks, Moonvoice, btw).

Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree
Merry merry king of the bush is he
Laugh Kookaburra, laugh Kookaburra
How gay your life must be

Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree
Eating all the gumdrops he can see
Stop Kookaburra, stop Kookaburra
Leave some gums for me

Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree
Counting all the monkeys he can see
Stop Kookaburra, stop Kookaburra
That's no monkey, hey, that's ME!!!

I've also been pissing & moaning about my spectacular lack of creativity lately.

I was trying to confirm whether our feisty black, brown and white birds are actually mockingbirds (they are, probably the Northern mockin'bird, Mimus polyglottos) since I've been calling them mockingbirds without actually knowing that they are mockingbirds. I don't even know how I determined that the birds are mockingbirds in the first place. I must have heard or seen it somewhere without fully absorbing the source material. Mockingbirds are called mockingbirds because they don't have original songbird material - they mimic other birds' songs and sounds they hear in their environment... like car alarms. This blurb I found on 10,000 struck me as personally funny: "It’s been theorized that this species has more brain matter devoted to song memory than most other birds do."

I'm like, great, I'm a bird-brain.
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I hear about this every once in awhile. I've also seen things on t.v. & in person, too.

I honestly have very few feelings one way or the other about dietary preferences. Much like sexual orientation, to each their own. If you want to eat veggies, eat veggies. If you want to eat meat, eat meat. Personally, I think that choosing a diet in the name of politics or activism is stupid because eating should be something you do for your body, not for your ideals - but if you want your politics to dictate your diet, so be it.

With all that said, the thing that pisses me off about a lot of vegetarians and vegans I've encountered is that they are like missionary Christians. They want to push their politics onto other people - and in some cases, their pets. Moonvoice has heard wind of a vegetarian who has a sick ferret & a vet has suggested feeding it meat - but the vegetarian prefers to force their own dietary preference on their pet.

In the wild, most of a ferret's energy is consumed by actively seeking other living things to eat, and most members of the Mustelidae (the largest family within the Carnivora order) family are efficient and fearsome hunters - like wolverines and badgers. Yes, they can be opportunistic scavengers and they will eat berries and plants - but it is not a steady, primary diet. Ferrets eat meat. They are carnivores as nature intended them to be. Their bodies and digestive systems are designed to eat meat, their teeth and claws are sharp for tearing flesh. They don't have politics or morals or ethics - they have prey-drive and instincts.

When an animal becomes a pet it places a sacred trust in its owner to provide it care and shelter. House pets are especially vulnerable because in general they cannot survive on their own in the environment in which they live. To let an animal suffer from malnutrition because your politics and morals interfere with your ability to act humanely is absolutely appalling.

It's taken awhile for me to cool off enough to put my thoughts into digital form... and all I can really say is that out there is a God or Goddess Who loves ferrets - and hopefully He or She or It was paying attention.
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For Coyote...

1. What was your first exposure to the animal in question? What were the first emotional or symbolic associations you formed to the animal in question?

Honestly, my first meeting with Coyote was when I was watching the Bugs Bunny Show... Wile E. Coyote, Supergenius, is not too far off from many southwestern stories involving Coyote - trickster who tricks himself the most. I identified with Wile for some reason, maybe because I was a misfit & things never worked out right for me. And I fell down a lot.

The area in California where I started my life is closer to the deserts of Arizona than the beaches of Los Angeles or the redwoods of San Francisco & coyotes were common to hear at night, off in the not-so-distant distance, laughing & calling one another, riling all the neighborhood dogs up. Even though coyotes were seldom seen in western Washington, there's still Coyote in the Northwestern tribes' tales... Coyotes always had the reputation of being child-snatchers & pet-eaters. When I was 5, we had a dog that was a German Shepherd-coyote mix - Spike was the only dog I've ever met that could actually squeeze himself under a couch when frightened by a thunderstorm - and he could climb up a vertical piece of plywood like a ninja. There was no fence or rope that could keep Spike in the yard if he didn't want to stay.

For me, Coyote has always made me feel at home. When I see a coyote cross the road in front of the car, or see one in the ditches or washes, or hear them at night, I know I'm where I belong.

2. What nonfiction books have you read about this animal? Have you watched any documentaries about this animal? Did any of these provide more depth of information than the others? Did any of them conflict on the facts they gave? If so, how could you go about finding which ones are more accurate?

From the time I was a little kid, I spent more time in the zoology section of the library than anywhere else (except maybe the occult section). I wasn't just interested in horses like other little girls, I ran the gamut from marine biology to paleontology to theories about how animals would evolve in the future. There was a book I read about coyotes that I've been trying to find ever since... of course, I can't remember the title & the book must've been written in the 60's... it wasn't exactly a 'children's' animal book but it had illustrations & larger print... maybe a 'young adults' book about coyotes? I read & re-read that book time & time again. I've read what are probably the most iconic 'coyote' books, God's Dog by Hope Ryden & The Coyote: Defiant Songdog of the West by Francois Leydet, and I've got Track of the Coyote sitting on a bookshelf somewhere.

To naturalists, coyotes are not much of a mystery. I just read a book, The Daily Coyote, that kind of pissed me off. A woman moved to Oklahoma & ended up adopting a coyote puppy - and she's pretty stupid where even basic dog behavior is concerned. Even an experienced dog owner would probably think twice about raising a wolf or coyote (at least, a good dog owner - Jody is the exception), but this woman apparently only had ever really been exposed to her pet cat. She was terrified of the coyote even as a puppy when he attempted to bite her, and fell apart when he did seriously latch onto her & when he tried to pull dominance tricks on her. I kept having to remind myself that just because I was raised by huge hybrid dogs (Huskies, Malamutes, Spike, etc.) didn't mean everyone has been. Even now, at 8 months, Chelsie is only about 65lbs. but she is quite capable of biting the shit out of me - and I throw her on her back & shake her like a ragdoll when she tries to pull rank.

Coyotes aren't as much of a pack animal as wolves, but they do have a similar dog-like pack hierarchy, even though their packs really only consist of the mother, father & pups from one or two litters. The female is the primary den builder, the male provides food during whelping... coydogs are quite uncommon in nature unless someone has a captive coyote dam or sire, mainly because a stray male dog does not have the instincts to take care of a coyote bitch while she was pregnant (not to mention that the female coyote would be more likely to lead a male dog into a pack of other coyotes for dinner) & a female dog would be more likely to be eaten by a male coyote. Coyotes aren't pure carnivores and their threat to livestock is highly overestimated - it's more common to find trash in a dead coyote's stomach than lamb or calf - and they love watermelon. Northern & Eastern coyotes are larger, with thicker fur & heavier builds, and there has probably been some hybridization between coyotes & timber wolves. Southwestern coyotes are smaller, thinner & rangier, with lighter coats. The biggest difference between a wolf & a coyote, other than the sheer size of wolves, is that coyotes have a pointy narrow muzzle and enormous pointy ears. Coyotes, mainly because of their size, fall prey to mountain lions, wolves, feral dogs, large eagles & ravens, bears... and because man can't stand the idea of competition or trespassing, humans.

3. Have you encountered any fictional books, movies, or television shows starring this animal? If so, how realistically was the animal portrayed? If the animal was anthropomorphized (talking animals, animals with human societies), in what way did the process of anthropomorphism bring the animal closer to human ideals? Were the animals shown as friendly and heroic or mean and villainous? How do you think these depictions color the way our culture views the animal’s natural behavior? How do you think these depictions may have colored your own view of the animal’s natural behavior?

Wile E. Coyote was close to the mythical Coyote, but very far from a real coyote, and even as a child I understood that. A coyote in the wild would not have been obsessed over a roadrunner. In fact, a coyote would have looked for easier prey long before resorting to Acme products. The coyote in popular imagery is often shown wearing a bandanna & howling at the moon, icon of the Southwest and interior decoration, but Coyote is not nearly as popular in fiction as say, Wolf or Raven. In Carlos Castaneda's books, he mentions that Mexican diableros turn themselves into coyotes. In Native American myths, there is Coyote and there is coyote. While they are the same, they are also different. Coyotes rile up the camp dogs & steal food left to smoke & dry, Coyote riles up the camp women and steals fire...

4. When your research into an animal brings forth a fact that conflicts with your current view of it, how do you react? For instance, if you associate wolves primarily with strong, friendly family bonds, how did you react to learning that brutal harassment and killing occur within wolf packs? (If this fact is new to you, research the history of the Druid Peak pack of Yellowstone and the killing of a wolf called Number 40F.) Did this knowledge change your opinion of the animal? If so, how?

I appreciate every new thing I learn about coyotes... they live on the fringes of our cities. The harder we push them, the more they adapt to surviving alongside us. They get onto subway trains & into banks in major cities, they harass the emus out at Bonnie Springs' petting zoo... One night, in the middle of a busy metropolis, I heard all the neighborhood dogs barking. To be a shit, I went outside & howled into the night. I got the surprise of my life when I heard that yipping song coming back at me, not just one lone voice far off in the distance, but several - and quite close. It shut me the Hel up. I accept that yes, sometimes coyotes do kill livestock and sometimes deterrents aren't affective - no matter how many dogs & motion-sensor lights a rancher might have cannot always prevent a hungry predator from taking an easy meal. I know coyotes carry rabies & parvo. I know that yes, they do pose a threat to pets and small children left unattended. Animal behavior never surprises me or disgusts me, especially when it's an animal who is pushed to the limits of its natural habitat & forced to deal with unbearable pressure and stress on a daily basis. In the same light, the behavior of humans never surprises me, either, because we are animals, too. It does disgust me because supposedly we know better and we do have the ability to overcome our instinctive urges to destroy.

5. When you think of the animal, do you only focus on traits you find admirable? Are you able to objectively admit to and face the things about the animal that may be disturbing, repulsive, or uncomfortable to reflect on? Do you think you can find a way to assimilate your knowledge of the animal into a more holistic view, resisting the urge to romanticize or vilify?

I pretty much answered that question in the one above it.

6. Do you see this animal as being somehow “better” than other animals? If so, why? Does this view come from an emotional reaction or from objective observation? Even if this animal is your personal favorite, are you able to appreciate the uniqueness and importance of other animals?

Yes, I do favor coyote above other wild dogs. I like the idea that since my dog is mostly Catahoula Leopard Hound, she most likely has some coyote in her - and it's very clear when she eats carrots & watermelon. Coyotes, because they do spend a lot of their time solitary, have to be clever to eat, and they are more opportunistic and adaptable than other wild dogs. Wolves bore me. But I don't compare animals with one another. No animal is 'better' than any other animal, no animal is 'worse' than any other animal.

7. What is the relationship of humans to this animal? Are you able to put aside any anger and negative feelings (even if it may be justified) to come up with constructive ideas on how humans can better coexist with this animal? Are there any actions that you can initiate yourself that may help this animal and its habitat?

For some reason, people hate coyotes. They want to destroy coyotes, erase the animal from the land. They are seen as vermin & pests. They are reviled and some of the ways people go about trapping and hunting coyotes is stomach-turning, to say the least. I've seen some of it first-hand. Traps that are designed to snap around the dog's muzzle instead of a leg. Can you imagine having your face cut off or crushed, mangled, to such an extent? To wander, suffering in intense pain, prey to infection and gangrene and starving? I've seen huge pits of slaughtered 'downer' cattle & sheep where the piles of bodies are laced with traps & snares, an abbatoir with no other purpose than to lure coyotes (and other scavengers) to their deaths - and that's a Hel of a thing to encounter when you're 8. Muzzled or toothless coyotes are used to condition dogs to hunt & kill coyotes. Coyotes are still hunted from pick-up trucks & light planes. When the Fish & Game or Agriculture Dept. sanctioned hunters find a den of coyote pups, they dig them out & crush their skulls. At the Indiana Coyote Rescue, a coyote in a pen was shot in the face by someone - she lost her eye. Boy, that was great sport, wasn't it?

Honestly, coyote could probably peacefully coexist with us. We feed them with our garbage dumps & by leaving small pets outside unattended, we built teeming cities with plenty of hiding places, and we are largely diurnal. Unfortunately, people can't live peacefully with other animals. There is no solution.

8. Is there anything else you can do to learn about this animal, objectively and for its own sake?

If I was the enterprising sort, I could go out into the desert & observe coyotes in the wild. I could move to Indiana & volunteer at the Coyote Rescue. I could pick up some more of the books I saw on, even some of the ones written about how to hunt coyotes - hunters are very observant of their chosen prey's lifestyle.

9. After learning as much factual information about the animal as possible, can you think of any ways to express your more emotional, personal, and spiritual connection to it? How can you integrate the scientific knowledge you’ve gained and your emotional connections in a way that is honest, healthy, and rewarding?

I think I do pretty good. I'm blessed by the virtue of not being a romanticist. I'm a practical person. I see in coyote a lot of qualities that I possess, but coyotes are wild dogs & I'm a human bean. Coyote-with-a-capital-C and coyote came into my life at a time when I needed some crazy wisdom, the ability to get out of traps & snares even if it meant chewing my own leg off, the ability to eat poison & not die, the ability to survive on the fringes & take from other people only that which was absolutely necessary to my survival & not a bone more. I also needed to learn to laugh at myself & occasionally get an anvil dropped on my head when I wasn't paying attention.
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This is just awesome. Seriously.

When Good Octopi Get Bored
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I've always wanted a sea creature in my totem pole. I think otters are fantastic - they know the importance of play-time & can turn even the most serious business into a game.

Strangely enough, as Coyote leaves my life, I think Seal is entering it. I've been having dreams about seals & dreams where I am a seal. I get the same sense of playfulness from Seal as from Otter, but Seal seems calmer, more centered and tranquil, while Otter is constantly busy.
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Thought & Memory are Odin's ravens... Hugin & Munin or something like that... someone's writing a book called Thought & Memory and of course I always think of Odin when I see the title.

Anway, I am full of thought & not so much memory. Friday after being fired, I was waiting for Rob to come pick me up. I probably looked like a bag lady - had my purse, a bookbag, and two plastic grocery bags with my personal belongings from work. It was sprinkling rain & there's really no place to sit & wait for someone by the RJC... I found a service ramp across the street next to the secured parking lot & plopped down to play Tetris...

I heard a 'caw!' echo across the buildings & looked up to see an honest-to-goodness raven fly overhead. It was huge. At the time, it seemed like the most important thing in the world - for those few seconds of watching the raven fly past the building behind me and out of my view, my social self-consciousness of being thought of as a panhandler, my lost job, my future security, all gone - all that mattered was that raven.

It's nice to have little moments like that here & there.
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Awhile back, maybe even a year or two ago, I had a close encounter with an unidentifiable insect. I hang my robe on a tack in the wall by my bed. One night, I took my robe down & saw something... it might have been a vinegaroon, but it seemed like it had more legs & less hair. It fell off the wall & onto my carpet, but by the time I had called Rob to come look at it, it had disappeared. I just had this image of something long, flat & with many, many legs.

The other night I was looking at photos of a brazen pink centipede. Now, I always imagined centipedes to be flat, with somewhat short legs, never envisioning them standing upright on their multitude of legs. I saw something that looked like someone had smacked a cricket & a centipede together & went, "AHA! That was what I saw on the wall that night!" - a common house centipede. Other than the 'real' centipede we saw in Rob's bathroom, we haven't seen any more house centipedes, which is kind of sad because they're not poisonous & are supposedly a beneficial insect, devouring all other insects. Of course, we really haven't had much of a bug problem, period... just spiders. Most of our bug vs spider ratio problems stopped after we stopped spraying for scorpions (who were immune to all attempts at chemical warfare anyway).

Personally, I think it's kind of cute.

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1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me!"

2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and on and on...

Here are my interview questions from the lovely Moonvoice:
1. What's the best job you've ever had?
Hrmmm... Being the night auditor for the Excalibur was the best job I've ever had, financially & benefits-wise, at least for the first two years, before our deductible doubled. Seriously thinking about it, I only like my jobs for the first 6 months I'm working at them. Phone sex billing was fun - for the first 6 months. Costume photography was fun - for the first six months. I just asked Rob if I've ever had a job I really liked & he said that as soon as I finish training to do the job, I get bored & start hating it.

2. What's your top five favourite films?
Here's where I lose my indie street cred...
The Lion King
The Fifth Element
Shaun of the Dead
Watership Down
A Clockwork Orange

3. What if you are a vampire and haven't realised it yet?
Nah, I've been working a day job too long to be a vampire. I should have burst into flames on the first day. I can be a psychic vampire when I want to be one, but I'm usually pretty good at keeping my energy to myself & not leeching it off others.

4. What were you like as a teenager?
I was fucking horrible. My own behavior between the ages of 10 - 18 is a lot of the reason why I don't want kids of my own. If I'd been my own kid I would have killed me. I was angry & violent, depressed & moody, did whatever I could to get my hands on alcohol, I hated people (not that anything has changed there), I started fights, I bullied other kids, I'd fuck anything that moved, I was abusive to my nieces when I lived w/them & my sister, I was only nice to people if I thought I would get something out of it... I had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. But I was also very independent, strong and I was willing to take risks & experiment, and I thought I was creative & intelligent. I was also a lot more connected to my own spirituality and magic flowed like water through my fingertips.

5. What is your favourite memory of childhood?
Probably the infinite trips to the San Diego Zoo, watching my dad try to get a perfect photo of a sea otter. He would go back to the otter's pen several times each trip, & the otter might be posing for someone else, but the minute she saw my dad, poof - she would disappear into the water. She flirted unashamedly with my father.

And now for something completely disgusting...

I don't know why I like medical photos, or photos of dead people... I don't know why I mentally torture myself on occasion by looking nasty stuff up. I have a deep-seated fascination with the whole concept of teratomas, skin conditions, tropical diseases, plagues... and parasites.

On the pagan forum, there's a thread about creepy animals, prompted by a blog about the Top 5 Creepy Animals. Personally I found all the animals in the blog quite fantastic, but I love sharks, reptiles, squids & I've taken a recent liking to bees & wasps. The film of the fringed shark is really a must-see - it's incredible!

So other folk have posted their votes for creepy creatures, including a couple from me about vinegaroons & parasitic tongue-replacing isopods. But someone trumped us w/the African mango fly, also called the putzi fly or tumbu fly. Apparently, if this fly lays its eggs on clothing left to dry outside, the eggs hatch & burrow into people when the clothes are put on against the skin.

Imagine that - your undies, next to your tenderest parts, full of fly larvae, burrowing into you...

Don't Look, It's Worse Than the Flogged Jesus Statue - and No, It's Not Photoshopped )

All I know is after learning about the tumbu flies, botflies, guinea worms, and so many more lovely creatures that live there... I don't ever want to go to Africa. I used to want to go to Africa... when I was younger & more innocent.
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There is no dog greater of heart or spirit than any other dog. Dogs are truly noble and have been with us since the dawn of our species. I love Aussie Heeler/Shepherd mixes - they are the best dogs on the planet. I am awed by sighthounds of all types, especially the antique breeds like Pharoah hounds, Ibizan hounds, Basenjis who can cry but cannot bark, Sloughis, Salukis... Salukis are the only dogs the Bedouins view as being 'clean'. Honestly, I like most smooth & silky-haired hounds. Weimeraners, Viszla, pot-bellied blue-tick 'coon hounds who bay with that great ringing song, harlequin Great Danes, clicky-toe-nailed Beagles, floppy Labs. I like dog dogs, dogs you can thump in the ribs and push around with your shoulder, dogs who lay their big heavy heads on your chest and look up at you with wide expectant eyes, cunning dogs who bring their leashes to you, stupid dogs who eat linoleum and tennis shoes, cowardly dogs who hide under the couch when it thunders but who bring you some guy's pants because he cut across the wrong yard, moondogs & lunatics who chase cops out of their own cars. All the dogs I've known I love & I love all the dogs I've known. They've tied their lives to ours since the beginning, skulking around the midden piles and birthing huts, braving the fear of fire to bask in its warmth, helping us hunt, guiding us through the snow, helping us protect our homes and livestock and families... what is there not to love about any dog?

Of course, my vote for the Champion of Dogs would be the one laying warm against my hip a few minutes ago, Chelsie chasing her dreams with twitching paws...

Squids Rule

Dec. 3rd, 2008 10:38 pm
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This one's got elbows:

Magnapinna Squid Caught on Film
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Things that are poisonous that one wouldn't normally think could even be poisonous:

Some shrews have poisonous bites

Male platypuses have a poisonous spike on their back flippers

And there are poisonous birds... the pitohui & ifrita from New Zealand
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I <3 bunnies!

Boing Boing Boing
more animals
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Hel, I voted, I did my part. What do I care about the rest of it?

1. Stop talking about politics for a moment or two.
2. Post a reasonably-sized picture in your LJ, NOT under a cut tag, of something pleasant, such as an adorable kitten, or a fluffy white cloud, or a bottle of booze. Something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.
3. Include these instructions, and share the love.

There is very little on the planet that is cuter than this.

I just called the cops on our next door neighbors. I was in my bathroom, cleaning up from dinner & heard a man yelling at or with two women. He yelled something like, "I'm going to beat the shit out of you...", one of them yelled something like, "You're gonna get hit"... They were outside their house screaming at each other, improving the neighborhood atmosphere & all that. At least they were still yelling when the cops got here so I don't look a complete loon.

Apparently, his teenage daughter had a party & got caught. Now Rob's all paranoid that they're going to make our lives a living Hel. If confronted I'm going to tell them the truth, "Yes, I heard you fighting, I heard physical threats and I called the cops. I'm sorry for embarrassing you but I didn't like the sound of things."

Eh, shit happens.


Oct. 30th, 2008 10:13 pm
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I'm starting to think Chelsie had a rough beginning to her life. I'm getting the strong impression she may have been thrown from a moving car. She just does not like being around cars, more so running cars. She also strongly prefers the back seat & just kind of lays back there. If you try to pull her into the front seat she freaks out, especially if the window is open.

She has nightmares, too. Just a few minutes ago she was sleeping on the couch & jumped up suddenly & ran barking at the front door. It wasn't like she woke up, looked around or cocked her ears before leaping off the couch - she looked like she was still asleep when she started barking. There's no one out there, no car drove by, no neighbors moving around, no wind... and nothing moving around to make my hair stand on end. Granted, dogs are far more sensitive, but she seemed freaked out & was more than willing to climb shaking into my lap.

It pisses me off sometimes what people do to dogs & cats out here. They just dump them in the desert, basically leaving them to the elements and the coyotes. I don't know what goes through people's heads... "Oh, we'll toss her out of the car on the highway, another car'll hit her, it's guaranteed to be a quick death" or maybe, "yeah, we'll just drive him out to the desert, he'll do fine or someone will come along & pick him up", even if it's an old dog that's never had to scrounge a bite of food in his entire life, or a pampered declawed house cat.

Gah. Need to stop before I start freakin' crying.


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