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For the small things...

Nikon’s Small World Photomicrography Winners


Aug. 25th, 2009 12:06 am
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I just realized...

I can embroider Cthulhu!

(I'm currently working on the Cheshire cat from Disney's Alice in Wonderland D )


Jul. 19th, 2009 10:06 pm
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I went shoppin' today, and found out, much to my eternal joy, that embroidery supplies are still really cheap! It's only .37c a skein (at least at Joann's)! I got a baggy of 105 skeins for $11, which was awesome, plus about 10 other really pretty colors, some floss spools, gold-plated needles (I know there is some arcane reason why embroidery needles are gold-plated, but I'll be damned if I know what it is), hoops of various sizes, a stitch puller, and heat-transfer pencils.

I scored some sidewalk chalk, too.
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I got a cute little embroidery kit today (I could not, for the life of me, find any sidewalk chalk except for some 3-D stuff in funky colors). It's got retro patterns in it like a hula girl, cherries, funky cats & a tiki statue. It's also got electric guitars, a skull, a heart w/a dagger through it. It's very cute.

I started thinking, though - I could get some plain cloth bags & embroider runes, ceremonial magic sigils or Vodou veves on them & sell 'em on e-Bay. You can embroider with all kinds of stuff - ribbons, metallic flosses, foil threads, fishing line (which comes in some funky colors & even glows in the dark), horse hair... In other words, if it's stringy & can be pushed through fabric, you can embroider with it. I used to do embroidery when I was a little kid, but I kind of lost interest in it along the way. I've got an embroidered pair of jeans & Robert at my job asked me if I did the embroidery myself - which, no, I didn't, Lane Bryant did it, but it made a huge lightbulb go off in my tiny brain. I very well could have embroidered those jeans.

It's hard to find embroidery pattern books anymore. People have gone to cross-stitching instead. It's the same principle, but a different technique. Personally, I think embroidery is a little more free-hand and versatile. I embroidered a million pot-holders when I was a kid. One had pumpkins & black cats on it & I gave the cats fishing-line whiskers. Not the most practical potholders, but they were decorative. I gave them to one of my teachers. At the time, I didn't know how to make patterns for them, but now I do, which means anything I can trace w/a heat-transfer pencil, I can embroider. Something embroidered with the serpent priestess of Minoa, anyone? Or Tarot card designs on Tarot cloths?

My biggest hurdle is trying to remember the stitches. Ack!
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I don't really see anything wrong with me.


At least, not on the outside.

On the inside, it's all Seether music and old age fighting over mah soul.
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And this! Want! It has clockworks!

Noadi's Ark - she's awesome!

ZOMFG! Kelpie!

But... the price, ack!


Apr. 4th, 2009 03:07 pm
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I got my Harbor Seal today :D

Thank you, [info]moonvoice,  for your timely shipping and careful packaging. Plus I have more Australian stamps to add to my collection.

Take care of yourself & enjoy your new home!


Feb. 13th, 2009 08:46 pm
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Ok, I'm not an artist and I don't have a creative bone in my body... but someone is selling rocks painted with chevrons & swirls and pillows with buttons sewn on them for several hundred dollars each.

I could be artsy at those prices. Do you think anyone would buy pillows from me if I sewed buttons on them & did a little embroidery? I think I can remember how to embroider. And I could definitely paint shell patterns on rocks - there are a whole bunch of rocks in my backyard & I have a tube of black oil paint that might not have dried out yet.

Ashes & Milk

I do like the ceramics, though, especially the ones painted with birds.
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The first ten people to comment in this post AND repost this meme in their own journal get to request a sketch on the topic of their choosing from me!

I can't promise that it will be recognizable or good, but I can doodle, so wtf, why not? They will also be small sketches so I can post them in my journal.
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Your result for What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test...

Non-conformist, Visionary, and Independent

15 Abstract, -12 Islamic, 3 Ukiyo-e, -1 Cubist, -4 Impressionist and -24 Renaissance!

Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which exists independently of what may appear to others as visual realities. Western had been underpinned by the logic of perspective and an attempt to reproduce an illusion of visible reality. It allowed the progressive thinking artists to show a different side to the world around them. By the end of the 19th century many artists felt a need to create a 'new kind of art' which would encompass the fundamental changes taking place in technology, science and philosophy. Abstract artists created art that was diverse and reflected the social and intellectual turmoil in all areas of Western culture.

People that chose abstract art as their preferred artform tend to be visionsaries. They see things in the world around them and in people that others may miss because they look beyond what is visual only with the eye. They rely on their inner thoughts and feelings in dealing with the world around them instead of on what they are told they should think and feel. They feel freed from the tendancy to be bound by traditional thought and experiences. They look more toward their own ideas and experiences than what they are told by their religious upbringing or from scientific evidence. They tend to like to prove theories themselves instead of relying on the insight or ideas of others. They are not bound by common and mundane, but like to travel and have new experiences. They value intelligence, but they also enjoy a challenge. They can be rather argumentative when they are being forced or feel as if they are being forced to conform.

Take What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test at HelloQuizzy

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My friend Lisa is spreading her wings She doesn't have a lot up there yet but she promises more to come.

I can tell you from experience, her dreamcatchers are substantial pieces of arty goodness - these aren't like, flimsy little keychain trinkets. Whatever nightmares you have are gonna get tangled up in one of these bad boys.
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Than just WoW and work... here, I'll prove it!

Finally painted my drum )

I've never worked w/oil paints. They're messy. I mean, that stuff gets everywhere, and I think I made a mistake because I bought 'turpenoid' instead of turpentine. Every time I reached across the drum, I left streaks of white or red or yellow behind. The snake is badly off-center because I had to erase my preliminary sketches once I started painting - I wanted to put down just a thin base of white to make the colors stand out more against the drum colors and the pencil marks smeared, so I had a metallic gray drum. Ewuch. Had to wipe the whole mess down w/'turpenoid' & then work it all off to get back to where I could put paint on it again. I am planning to go back and clean up the work, but I think it needs to set a little since every time I touch it I just smear it again. It was fun to sit in the middle of my kitchen floor & make a royal mess, though.

Meme Theft

Mar. 21st, 2008 10:42 pm
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1. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
Probably not. I'm aloof and standoffish and wait for people to come to me and they have to be very pushy about trying to be my friend before I even realize they've been standing there talking to me for an hour.

2. What is your most guilty pleasure?
Ok, I'll admit it. I like to drink Worcestershire sauce from the bottle. And pickle juice. And caper juice. If it's strong, salty and briny and used to store or season food with, I will sneak into my kitchen and drink it. I do it sneakily because well, it's kinda gross and I don't want Rob to lecture me about the sodium. I could be more mature and use a spoon for my stolen sips, but it takes too long & makes too much noise.

3. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?
I don't think I've ever honestly done this.

4. What is your biggest fear?
Becoming old and incapacitated and having my fate left to others who will keep me around because they are too selfish to let me go.

5. What's your favorite book to re-read?
Watership Down by Richard Adams

6. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?

Yes. Ask me 'how long has it been since you've been awake for 48 hours straight' in a week - I'm on day 5 of no Elavil.

7. Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex?
Their back - that V shape from shoulders to hips. Mmm.

8. Is there anything that made you unhappy recently?
I think it's just that time of year. The depression is back again.

9. Name a personal hero.
It's a group of people - the founders of NecroSearch, International.

10. You have 50 dollars in your pocket, what do you do with it?
Well, $30 of it goes into the gas tank. $15 for coffee at the court house next week, the other $5 probably gets stuck in the vending machine at the Excalibur over the weekend.

11. What is your drug of choice?
Currently caffeine. Mostly alcohol, though.

12. If you could keep any animal for a pet, what would you keep?
Gods, I really want to invite a bearded dragon into our home, and a red-tailed Colombian boa. We also met a puppy named Momo at a pet adoption clinic a few weeks ago. She was a Lab/Aussie shepherd mix. But the m.i.l. says no dogs, so Momo had to stay behind.

13. What is your favorite keychain on your keys?
Probably the one I have featuring art by Christos Achilleos - it's a demon embracing a woman & he's scratched her butt so there's a tiny trickle of blood on her cheek.

14. Do you have a motto?
You can't move away from yourself.

15. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 55, and find line 5.
For once, there is no book sitting nearby. The Sun magazine on my desk only has 48 pages. Ah, wait, here's one: "Psilocybe cyanescens is relatively easy to identify by its wavy brown cap, 3/4 - 1 5/8 in. (2 - 4 cm) wide." - from The Revised and Expanded Edition of Plants of the Gods: Their Sacred, Healing and Hallucinogenic Powers by Richard Evans Schultes, Albert Hofmann & Christian Raasch.

Went to an art supply store for the first time in a looooong time today. Picked up some oil paints, turpenoid and some brushes, a mixing tray and a very cool purple Sharpie marker (If I could get away with it in this world of 'blue or black ink only', I would write everything with a fine-lined purple Sharpie). So now I have more stuff to sit up on top of the cabinet next to the papier mache supplies. Eventually I'm going to paint my drum. Eventually.
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Just in case no one looks at other people's friends lists, I have to do some bragging here.

This chick is incredible: Pia Van Ravenstein @ deviantart

I love her totem art, but I'm finding myself drawn to the Wandsuna series that's scattered across her gallery. They're compelling and disturbing all at the same time. I also really like the true-to-life herons - they're like Audobon, only better because they capture the birds' spirits instead of just how they look so birdwatchers know what they're watching. She is extremely prolific, so there's always something new over there. This is her actual website.

I also did something I'd almost never do... I commissioned a piece from her, which is featured in my newest icon :) It arrived today, and it is even more detailed in real life - the lines, the patterns of the hairs on the bear, little spirals & separate dots and color strokes. I was mostly curious to see what someone else who barely knows me would come up with... she saw a cardinal, which are the red feathers encircling the mammoth. I'm working on that. For some reason, all I think about when I see red feathers is my continuing battle with my period, but maybe there really is a little red bird somewhere in my totem pole, lol.


Dec. 6th, 2007 03:53 pm
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Saw something as I was fading away to sleep this morning. I was sitting there, looking at my drums as they are spread all over my room. Fretting about that class. I've been reading the textbook for it - it's just a spiral bound Word doc, really, but oh well. It's very dreamy & contemplative & seems like it should have been written by a middle-aged woman wearing a purple mumuu (I have no clue how to spell mumuu... mumu? mummu?) but the instructor is a middle-aged man (Joshua Levin). Anyway, I have been in the habit of drawing a card from the Goddess Oracle deck periodically & of course, the same ones pop up, over & over again. Last night it was Kali, & in the lexicon of the Goddess deck, her theme is "Letting go of the old so the new can enter". I asked Kali what exactly am I supposed to let go of, what lesson am I supposed to be learning, & saw instead, one of the drum heads with a red stylized snake spiralling around it. I realized when I woke up, since the snake had a definite triangular head, that it was a rattlesnake & the tail kind of popped into my brain, & when I went to the website where I got my drums (very cool website, btw) that it's a rattlesnake so it wants to be on one of the rain drums.

Funny, it's supposed to rain tonight. It rained the other day.

But now, I've got conflicts - I want to put a sunflower in the center. And a snail. I think the sunflower & snail are going to have to go on a different drum, though. I sketched the basic idea out in my little notebook, so I can remember. The snake had a yellow bar on the back of its head, & its rattles were yellow. It spiralled out from the center of the drum, clockwise. I think it had a solid black line down its spine. Very bold primary colors that stood out nicely against the creamy white of the drumhead.

Anyway, now I have to find out what kind of paint or dye I can use on goatskin drums and actually paint it. I am not artfully endowed, but Saturn is going into retrograde this month, so maybe I can take advantage of the lack of restrictions in my life.

Sometimes, it's good to know that people are still out there on the other end of teh internets.
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So I commissioned an art piece from the fantabulous Moonvoice. I is excited ::happynekkidpagandancing:: I also managed to stiff someone at work $100 so I am currently on suspension pending investigation. I gave out a buttload of change last night, and usually when it comes to non-posted cash, I am an ace at finding it. I could not find it, so the only thing I can assume is someone gave me two $100 bills that were stuck together. Oops. I go in for my 'due process' interview on Monday. Ah well, I didn't want to work a swing shift on a Friday night anyway. I read a chapter in my CompTIA book & took the quiz, and started work on my business proposal, so I can't say this day has been unproductive.

Two Words.
'Nuff Said.

1. Where is your cell phone?
My desk.

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend?
In Reno.

3. Your hair?
Still wet

4. Work?
Not tonight!

5. Your father?
Long buried.

6. Your favorite thing?
Coloring books

7. Your dream last night?
Not remembered.

8. Your favorite drink?
Iced tea

9. Your dream car?
Monte Carlo

10. The room you’re in?
Brightly lit

11. Your pet?
Two snakes

12. Your fears?
Crocodiles, mostly

13. What do you want to be in 10 years?
Richer, wiser

14. Where did you hang out last night?
At work

15. What you’re not good at?
Most things

16. Eyebrow rings on the opposite sex?
Screams trendy

17. One of your wish list items?
More RAM

18. Where you grew up?
West coast

19. The last thing you did?
Typed >

20. What are you wearing?
Blue, white

21. Your life?
School, work

22. Your mood?
Waiting anxiously

23. Your car?
Rob's car

24. Your work?
It sucks

30. Your summer?
Long, hot

31. Your relationship status?
Married, dead

32. Your favorite color?
Malachite green

33. When is the last time you laughed?
Hour ago

34. School?
Four classes

Weird Urge

Nov. 11th, 2007 11:50 am
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I have a weird urge to make papier mache masks. A fox, a coyote, a bear... something else, who knows. Not being a talented or dextrous person, they would probably come out horrible, but I think when this semester ends, I will be on my kitchen floor making a mess. I can see the fox mask in my head, with red, black & white feathers instead of painted.

I got a little statue of Santisima Muerte. I need to get her some rose water & myrrh oil. I know that there's this cult surrounding her - the media says it's all the drug dealers & pimps & prostitutes who appeal to her, but she speaks to me like the Guedde. She's happy on my altar, there with a new lucky bamboo plant & Baphomet & Durgha.

Ugh, I am working all swing shifts this week. I hate swing shifts. I've got a noon to 8pm & those are the absolute worst. An entire day at work... I come in & the early morning people leave. Then the regular day people leave - and I'm still there. Then the afternoon people leave - and I'm still there. Then the regular swing shift people come in - and I'm still there. Blargh!
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So I was perusing the news this morning before going to work & there's one of Robert Mapplethorpe's photos in the sidebar. Well, I've never really looked at much of Mapplethorpe's photography beyond the pic on (which is of a man in chaps w/a bullwhip sticking out of his ass) so I google'd ol' Mapplethorpe. He did some really gorgeous work of naked and half naked men, and I love black & white photography, anyway, especially when it's of people. On the second page of google's image thumbnails is a black & white photo of five fat women. I was surprised because I thought Mapplethorpe only focused on men in his work, but like I said, I've never looked at much of it. So I clicked on the thumbnail & it took me to someone's blog posting about Leonard Nimoy - namely his photography featuring fat naked women.

I talk a lot about empowerment, negative body image stereotypes, media poisoning - I am a champion of the right to be a fat woman, but honestly I think Leonard Nimoy is a chubby chaser. I was intrigued and grossed out all at the same time. The photos aren't bad, really, but... look for yourself: The Full Body Project by Leonard Nimoy What the fuck is that one woman wearing on her head? It looks like someone threw a net muscle shirt over the top of her head. I do have to admit, I like the one outfit one of the women is wearing in this one - she's got a tophat on & this short, frilled dress, complete w/fishnets. And some of the tattoos are great... but I question the motives behind the scenery.

No I take it back. The photos are pretty bad. Especially after looking at his 'Egg' series. Leonard Nimoy composes pictures like William Shatner sings.

(On another note - I think Rob got me Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows for my Samhain present!)
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She photographs small dead things. I'm surprised that I've never heard of her before now, but I think her work is beautiful. I just happened to be perusing my Utne Reader & there was an article about her. She's Australian-born, but I don't know if she's still in Australia - a lot of her subjects are from the Sonoran Desert, aka home.

Brand New Dead Things


Aug. 11th, 2007 07:53 pm
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What the fuck is wrong with me? I think I'm either getting into some heavy pre-menopausal crap or I'm about to have a nervous breakdown. I saw this pic via someone else's account (you know who you are, mwuhahaha!) & am still struggling to not burst into hysterical tears. It took me by such surprise.

The Black Rabbit

I love the internets because I get exposed to all these fantastic artists. It's absolutely mind-blowing. My computer is full of screen-saver happiness. I'm going to have to join deviantart just so I can tell people how much I love them.


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