May. 20th, 2014 05:20 pm
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Blogging does do one useful thing. I went reading back through my entries last night and discovered that,  back in 2011, Rob & I had the exact same conversation about my emotional depth. According to my journal, his reaction/response then was the same as it was a few days ago. I also had the accepting/changing discussion with myself. I can also see the upticks & downturns in my own depression. Rob said he thought a lot of my recent depression was because of my hysterectomy, but from my blog I could see that it was building up before my surgery, and that my surgery took place right around the time I was feeling like a failure for returning to the Excalibur.

I really need to find a new identity for myself that isn't so strongly linked to what I do for a living. Either that or I need to find a job that is closer to the identity I want to have.
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(Thank you for sharing, [personal profile] shinryou!
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Hmmm... one thing I do not see here on DW is a way to make a filter public. I don't know if it lacks the functionality or I'm just an blogger-tard. So I deleted a couple of filters, rendering those journals public - mainly my Dragon Cave dragon filter and one I had enigmatically titled 'General Pubic'.

There are a couple I am keeping - namely my porn & my health. If you read this & want occasional sex in yo' face, let me know. If you want to read about me pissing & moaning due to blood pressure woes, let me know that as well.

My job released a new edition of 'Policies & Procedures', with two pages dedicated to social media. I do occasionally like to act out in public, so no more listing my place of employment on there. I know it's probably archived somewhere, and if they want to dig, they can go for it. If you work with me & read this, you won't see public entries (other than extremely mundane crap) related to my job - sorry, no inter-office gossip for you. I'm also going to be removing my work association from my facebook profile.

For now, my morning plans consist of a nice cup of decaf and going to bed.
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I recently had to leave the wonderful world of Azeroth due to privacy concerns. Blizzard, in all its Activision-owned glory, decided that it was going to implement this interesting new social feature called 'RealID', which would link your real name to your online characters and battlenet account. It was supposed to make it easier to hook up with your 'real life' friends and family, organize guild functions, organize StarCraft/Diablo groups, all that & a bag o' chips.

I'm not a hard-core gamer girl, but I fell in love with WoW quickly and enjoyed playing it. As a matter of fact, I was a bit more dedicated to it than Rob. I was looking forward to Cataclysm reshaping the old stomping grounds and wanted a goblin rogue so hard. Then RealID came along & blew my pixelated universe to pieces. I'm pretty open about playing video games. I don't really care if my employers know I play them, and honestly using all those hot keys mapped to my keyboard improved my typing speed immensely. But I have a unique name. It's not like I'm Maria Garcia or something. If you know me & you Google me, there are only about 1300 results and I'm on the front page. Combined with my player realm and character names, you know exactly who corpse-camped you for 3 hours one early morning. With facebook, you now have enough information to track me or someone I know down. Hell's bells, thanks to a website that lists the salaries & job titles of public employees for Nevada, you can see exactly how broke I was in 2009. I don't want to become a target of IRL nerdrage, thanks. I dropped WoW like a hot potato (supposedly RealID is going to remain optional, but they've broken my trust in their motives - StarCraft is going to be linked to facebook, and I imagine the rest of battlenet will follow).

On livejournal, I've got posts where I'm trying to record my life story. Chances are, if you're one of the people I knew in the past, I don't remember your name or what you look like - unless I am related to you. I talk about my relatives frankly and without sugar-coating anything they did or said to me years ago. I bitch about my husband - most married women do, but my husband is fantastically thin-skinned, and he worries about my health enough as it is for me to not want to add the occasional bouts of insanity into which I plunge. After the WoW fiasco, when I heard that livejournal was breaking its own privacy options in order to let people cross-post not only their own, but other users', posts and comments to facebook, I didn't hesitate to leave them.

Now my only debate is... do I leave my livejournal as it stands, to slowly decay and lose coherence... or do I delete fucking everything?!?! 7 years is a long time, and that's a lot of blog to try and copy over to here. I suppose I could just copypasta it into a Word doc or something. I dunno. Have to see if I'm really that bored.
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My attempt at crossposting didn't work. Blegh.

30th Day of the 30 Days of Books Memes: What am I reading now?

Currently, I've got Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Fall of Atlantis at work, and Terry Pratchett's The Color of Magic in the bathroom. The Fall of Atlantis is pretty standard MZB stock. Lots of secret black rites and incestuous goings-on. The Color of Magic travels between my bathroom & bedroom. TCoM is actually painful to read for me right now because I want to bust out laughing on every other page, and my throat hurts, and laughter starts me off on a coughing fit. I don't know why I've avoided Prachett's books all this time.

My favorite bit, so far involves a seedy wizard describing his traveling companion to an infamous pair of scoundrels: ..."Let's just say that if complete and utter chaos were lightning, then he'd be the sort to stand on a hilltop in a thunderstorm wearing wet copper armor and shouting 'All gods are bastards'...". This is my style of reading. My inner Coyote is pleased.

In honor of my new journaling home, I'm going to make good on my 'free Tarot reading' promise. On Sept. 12, 13 & 14 I will perform short (meaning 3 - 7 cards) readings for my fans and friends. Formulate a question & either post a comment here, on the crosspost to LJ, or PM it to me. Let me know if you want me to share your reading w/the world or if you'd like a private response.

I have the following decks to choose from:

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot

Classic Rider-Waite - and I do mean Classic - I found one published in 1971 on e-Bay to replace the deck that mysteriously disappeared.

The Medicine Cards - more of an oracle, less of a fortune-telling thing

The Tarot of the Dead - since Samhain/Hallowe'en/Dia de los Muertos is right around the corner, I have to admit I'm kind of looking forward to getting to know this deck better.

The H. P. Lovecraft Tarot - I cannot be held responsible for anything these cards tell you. Io! Io! Cthulhu F'taghn!


Sep. 3rd, 2010 07:58 am
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Can anyone tell me...

Is Dreamwidth nice to casual bloggers?

Is there possibly a dragcave community on there?

How do they feel about porn?

Ah, never mind. Created an OpenID thingy at Dreamwidth, and lo and behold, they do have 2 dragcave communities for dragon spam.

Will explore, may decide to join. Sometimes I like to write.
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I've just recently started playing with custom filters.

For those of you who have experience w/custom filters, if I have a filter & it's 'public', but someone requests to be removed from it, can they still see it?

I'm probably going to start moving some of my archival posts around, so here is the 'starter list' of my filters. If you want to be on something or off something, just drop me a line.:

Sex Leg & Beast Wishes are sex-related. Beast Wishes is more specific, because some people may like my smut, just not anything involving my more specific smut. I haven't been too sexually active on here. Sex Leg is public, Beast Wishes is not.

Health (public) - is for my bitching & whining about blood pressure, Rob's myriad problems, doctors in Nevada, that kind of thing.

Dwagonspam (public) is just that - a filter for the Dragonspam2 community that won't clutter up everything so I can read my flist.

All Work & No Play (public) - that's for my work-related angst that isn't workplace specific.

Work - DA (not public) - that's specifically me angsting about my current job.

Work - Excalibur (not public) - specifically for my past whining about working for the Excalibur.

Spirituality (public) - it is what it says. Paganism, witchcraft, Tarot, shamanism, meditation, etc. & so forth.

Memes & Quizzes (public) - that's pretty self-explanatory

Madness Takes Its Toll - mental health, my depression, alcoholism, the crazies, etc.

Autobiography - that is for my 'life story' posts. Since I've done the RSS feed to facebook & I realized one or more people I'm actually related to are on facebook & myspace, and my facebook & myspace pages link to one another, well...

Nothing's going to be on most of them anytime soon, but like I said, I'll be moving past posts around.

New Filter

Oct. 17th, 2008 11:40 pm
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I created a new filter, mainly to protect someone. If you don't want to hear me ranting about my or my husband's health issues, general medical meanderings, surgery, etc. just let me know & I'll bump you off the filter.

Rob's anxiety seems to be largely medical-related, so I can relate. I'm probably never going to be a mortician, so I'm going to sell off all my anatomy & medical books the next time I go through my bookshelves - it's as much to keep him from feeding his paranoias as to stop reminding me of yet another broken dream.


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