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Before the end of the summer, hopefully, I'll be getting a full hysterectomy/oophorectomy.

This is the best news I've had since I was 12.

That, and the return of Torchwood in July (although it's on Starz, which means I may end up selling the rest of my soul to Cox Cable), makes today a relatively decent day.
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I think the earth is trying to wipe Japan off the globe.

Earthquake, tsunami & now a volcano.

Shinmoedake volcano erupts

In other news, I hate when I over-sleep. Went to bed this morning around 10, my alarm went off at 4, I killed it & went back to sleep til around 6, woke up long enough to feel grumpy about how hot my bed was & then woke up at 8 with that "oh, fuck" feeling.

I dreamed, though, probably because I've been taking larger doses of Elavil to get over my daylight savings insomnia. Something about running into people I knew from high school but did not recognize.
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I've been continuing to watch the Reid/Angle horror unfold. Two commercials have been cracking me up, though.

Reid's got a commercial out about how Angle voted down mandates for doing background checks on childcare workers to weed out sex offenders.

Angle's got a commercial out about Reid stating that he wants to use tax payers' money to provide Viagra to sex offenders in prison.

How would she know that the prisoners who would be receiving Viagra are actually sex offenders? Did she do background checks on them?

Honestly, I think it's all stupid. I wasn't even going to vote because I'm an apathetic voter who only votes on issues in between presidential races, but I found out the mother-in-law is voting for Angle. I gotta cancel that shit out somehow.
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I have something in common with Johnny Depp. I read an interview of him & Tim Burton in Entertainment Weekly or some other rag laying around work. When asked what he thought of Alice in Wonderland in 3D, he replied that he can't see in 3D. Because he has a problem with his left eye & has no depth perception.

Kinda awesome. Irrelevant to anything, but awesome.
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Normally, I don't care about our local politics here in Nevada. I don't know who stands for what, or why. I didn't even know our current governor has been our governor for some time, now. I don't know what part of government governors serve in - House of Representatives or Senate or are those the same thing? I don't vote for people, I vote for bills. Raise room tax to 12%? Yeah, I voted on that. The last gubernatorial election? Sorry, missed it. Same goes for our Senators. I'm the average uninformed American voter.

This election year has been a little different. Rob & I haven't had a t.v. in the house for months, so at work in the break room I'm hit by a barrage of electoral advertising. Apparently it's our Senatorial election, and it's eclipsed our gubernatorial election. Namely, it's Harry Reid & Sharon Angle up there on the t.v., slinging mud. Every single Reid ad points fingers at Angle for being extremist and every single Angle ad points fingers at Reid for being, I dunno, too liberal or something?

I have had the news updates because of the internet, and I have seen a lot of Sharron Angle cutting her own throat. She stated that: "And these programs that you mentioned -- that Obama has going with Reid and Pelosi pushing them forward -- are all entitlement programs built to make government our God. And that’s really what’s happening in this country is a violation of the First Commandment. We have become a country entrenched in idolatry, and that idolatry is the dependency upon our government. We’re supposed to depend upon God for our protection and our provision and for our daily bread, not for our government."

I had to read it a couple times because I couldn't figure out why government assistance was in violation of the First Amendment & then my brain finally processed 'Commandment'. Ouch. Well, whatever else she stands for fell by the wayside for me. The minute anyone starts waving their religion in my face, they lose my vote. Every time I see one of her ads, I'm not paying attention to what she's saying about Reid - I just hear a voice-over of that blurb about the Commandment. Some people might think that if someone waved Paganism around in their political ads, I'd vote for them, but honestly I don't think I would. America should have a thick, rigid wall between church and state, and it doesn't matter what church is being waved around - the Catholic Church, Judaism, Islam/Muslim, Wicca, whatever. Don't stick your religion into your political agenda. Your platform may be related to your religious tenets, and sometimes that's a good thing, but I don't want to know about it when I'm deciding who I'm going to vote for on election day.

What I would like to see are ads that actually state what each candidate's platform is. Reid's website (Sen. Harry Reid) is, of course, more official than Angle's right now. It's got that '.gov' designation & looks like most other State of Nevada official websites. You go to 'Issues' & it shows support of healthcare reform & trying to keep Yucca Mountain free of nuclear waste, that kind of thing. It's neutral, which means it doesn't give a strong impression of how much he supports anything, and there's a lot of 'party line' on it - like a generic statements like: "While I am strongly opposed to illegal immigration and believe that our immigration laws should be strictly enforced, there is near-universal agreement that our system is broken and in need of reform". Of course, I haven't heard a damn thing about any of it with the t.v. ads.

Angle's site (Sharron Angle for US Senate) looks soooo amateur by comparison. The first thing you see at her site is an unflattering picture of Reid and when you click past it, it's full of Reid-bashing. Just lovely. Tells me so much about Angle. It looks like a mySpace page. Those 'friends of Sharron Angle' aren't doing her any favors. Clicking on 'Issues', the first thing I see is Repeal and replace Obamacare. Obamacare? Honestly? You used that on your webpage? I think that allowing people to purchase out-of-state insurance is cool, but I haven't heard a single ad on t.v. mention it. Of course, I also haven't heard that Angle supports coal & oil-based energy. Coal's time is over. I like being able to bear arms, but I think gays should be able to marry, so that's another point for and against - neither of which I've gotten from t.v.

Based on the websites alone, I'd have to go for Reid. But if I was gauging my vote off the t.v. ads, I think I'd probably try to find the candidate whose name I didn't recognize & vote for them instead.
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A piece of my childhood is being auctioned off to the highest bidder:

Roy Rogers Museum Auction

I loved that place when I was little. It was originally in Victorville, CA - the only good reason to stop over in Victorville, hah. I vaguely remember a restaurant nearby. Of course, for me it wasn't so much about Roy & Dale Rogers as it was about Trigger & Buttermilk :)
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I don't have kids. I don't like kids. But even I can see this for being wrong. Someone seriously needs to stop what this motherfucker is doing.

Normally, I'm a rational human being. I can understand, to a point, not stepping on cultural toes. Circumcision is a touchy subject because of the trampling of traditions and what-not, and as a Pagan I'm supposed to be all PC about my opinions on the whole thing. Politically incorrect as it may be, I abhor nonconsensual female genital mutilation in all its forms (if you want to carve up your own vagina, that's between you and your girly parts, ladies...) and I loathe the societies that practice it and the extreme methods of male circumcision that are out there.

However, this has no cultural amnesty in my eyes. This so-called doctor, Dix Poppas, a pediatric urologist working at Cornell University, is a butcher and a sadist. What's worse are the parents putting their daughters through this. I mean, what the fuck are they thinking? Does anyone actually think little girls compare clits in gym class or something? I've been in a lot of womens' locker rooms over my lifetime and never once has any woman or girl spread her lips apart & asked me, "do you think my clit is too big?" I've never asked anyone else, that's for damned sure (ok, yes, for me it's because I think my clit is too small, kind of like my nipples, but that's beside the point). Boys may very well do that... but girls? Huh uh.

Someone should hog-tie him and use his methodology on his penis. Sans anaesthesia. Maybe throw in his ears and fingers for testing purposes.

"Can you feel this, motherfucker? How about now?"
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In WoW's trade chat, for some reason, there's been a lot of talk about child molestation. I've learned over the years of playing WoW that trade chat isn't actually for trade at all. It's the gaming equivalent of 4chan's /b/. It's full of trolls trolling other trolls. Unlike 4chan, though, I pay $15 a month for the endless entertainment that trade chat gives me. Chances are, the people busily typing away at what they would do to kids in their windowless vans are trolls and not actual molesters and rapists. They're just trying to get a reaction out of the people reading trade chat. Like any other breed of online troll, the best response is to ignore them completely, and WoW provides its users with an ignore list to do just that. My one complaint is that my WoW ignore list only has 50 slots on it and half of those are usually filled up with goldfarmers and the other half with perpetrators of the 'anal [insert ability or achievement name here]' game. If enough people report the person who states they enjoy luring children to their house, Blizzard will no doubt ban the troll - something I wish they would do with the anal offenders.

At any rate, Rob raised an interesting question regarding the trade chat trend. Are written accounts of child molestation, sexual abuse, etc. illegal & considered child pornography at all? I've read a lot of books and online accounts, and even written my own, about sexual activity being engaged in or being done to minors. Granted, I've never seen a printed published magazine centered around text accounts of sexual activity involving minors, but a good example would be all the V. C. Andrews' books. That woman had issues. Her books made good porn that I could get away with reading in school, but damn - serious issues going on there.

Most of the legal definitions of what constitutes child pornography seem to focus on visual, and occasionally audio, depictions of sexual acts involving minors. There are some cultural differences for tolerance levels - what is acceptable teen reading (manga & whatnot) in Japan could be considered child pornography in other countries (what's weird is that I found a fairly indepth article about this dated in 2004 that states depiction of adult genitals, pubic hair & intercourse is prohibited in Japan, but the depiction of children's genitalia is not strictly regulated - which is why Shin Chan gets away with running around nekkid all the time. Japan does have laws against child porn, though). If a producer alters a photo of an adult engaged in sexual activity to appear to have the body of a child or teen-ager, is it still child porn? Then there is intent - things like nekkid babies in diaper commercials aren't considered child porn, even though someone is probably whacking off to it every time it comes on their television.

Ah, this was what I was looking for: In the United States, the Telecommunications Act of 1996, signed into law in February 1996, makes it a felony to knowingly transmit "obscene or indecent material" over the Internet or on-line computer services if the material may be seen by children under 18.

What all this boils down to is that Rob is well within his rights as a concerned and upstanding member of the Azerothian community to report people spamming trade with talk about child molestation.

Of course, Rob isn't doing it because someone has to think of the children, but because Rob is an asshole.
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If It Was My Home
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The Iceland volcano with the unpronounceable and unspellable name has me thinking about mini-ice ages.

At least I'm not the only one.

NC Media Watch article

The last time this volcano had a serious eruption, it lasted more than a year, and it did have an effect on global weather.

Volcanoes are my favorite geological entity. I'm slightly geeky about them. Moving to Washington three days before Mt. St. Helens went postal was what kicked it off, but I get all giddy whenever I hear about Pinatubo or Merapi or any of the others out there blowing their tops.

But, c'mon. How can I not be geeked up over Eyjafjallajökull? The ash plume can be seen from space. It spews fire, smoke, ash, lava... and lightning.

It's just fucking awesome.
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The first memories I have of big news as a child were Elvis dying & the Jonestown incident. I heard about serial killers a lot, too. Ted Bundy & the Hillside killers, mostly, but also BTK, and later there was the Green River Killer and the Nightstalker. There was still talk of the Manson murders and the Zodiac killer in the early to mid-70s (especially because my family lived in southern California).

I call the years of my early childhood the Season of the Wolf.

Looking back, even with all that going on, my parents were not inclined to stress the whole don't talk to strangers ethic on me. None of that be home before dark, either - during the summer time my friends and I would still be yard-hopping at midnight. Maybe it was because the serial killers were interested in grown women and there were no strings of missing children at the same time. It might have been because I was a naturally skittish kid. I also think it's indicative of my parents' relative disinterest in having a child, or at least my mother's disinterest - my dad wasn't home much.
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Federal Marshals Shot in Downtown Vegas

This shit went down right about the time I would have been getting to work. But I stayed home because of the dog. Most of the roads around where I work are closed off. I guess they're looking for/worried about another gunman.

Universe, if you wanted me to stay home today, you could have just given me a case of the 'fuck-its'.

We've got an appointment at the specialist hospital at 12:30pm - they've got endoscopic equipment. I'm just worried, with the amount of time that's passed (about 24 hrs) since she ate the pin that it's going to have moved into her small intestines & it's going to require invasive surgery. It's all wait-and-see right now.
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For the small things...

Nikon’s Small World Photomicrography Winners
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Ok, amidst much eye-rolling, I'll bite.

Yes, back in the 80s, in the dawn of MTV... the video for Thriller was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen in my entire life, all 10 years of it at that point.

But, honestly, I liked the duet he did with Paul McCartney - Say Say Say.

And Ben.

Give me a break, I was like, 5! That movie tore me up worse than Ol' Yeller.
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The Pagans are Coming!

The article isn't that long or insightful, but the comments... I'm still laughing.
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This is just awesome. Seriously.

When Good Octopi Get Bored
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You wanna know why all us Americans are being forced into the digital television age?


Television advertisers want to put widgets on the t.v. that will help viewers interact with their products in a web-browser like environment. T.V. stations want to add things like stock tickers, weather widgets, you name it, into their broadcasts to keep people from surfing channels in search of more indepth or on-demand content. CBS has the sports report on it & you need weather? No need to change the channel, just look at the sidebar or pop-up panel activated by your universal remote!

Can you imaging pop-up commercials? You're sitting there, watching a show & bloop - pop-up tampon ad!

Yeah, I'm a little peeved at this whole thing. The US Government says 'yes, we're converting all televisions to digital' & 'you've got to pay for the box that will let you view the new, improved t.v. stations'. Granted, in order to watch t.v. in the first place, you have to buy a t.v. - but nothing says you can't go out & buy some $10 b/w thing with a dial on it at someone's yard sale or swapmeet.

Squids Rule

Dec. 3rd, 2008 10:38 pm
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This one's got elbows:

Magnapinna Squid Caught on Film
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Ok, yes, I do have my pure geek moments. We subscribe to Popular Science, & they've been talking about this Large Hadron Collider thing for months. They're hoping to recreate the Big Bang.

What I find strange is that scientists are talking about multiple dimensions and time travel as being possible - not just plausible, but possible. I am intrigued, excited and terrified, all at the same time.

It's this quote from Paul Tipton that sums my terror up: "Humans have never learned something and not used it"
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Yanno, I try to avoid being the average American idiot. I try not to foster stereotypes and preconceptions about countries that are not America... but I'm getting the honest impression that you just cannot trust anything made in China. This story has been out since last November, but I sometimes shop at the Chinatown mall & the Indoor Swapmeet, which is full of Chinese imports...

Not-So-Recycled Condoms Used in Hairbands

I haven't been wearing my hair in a ponytail since I started going bald, but just to be on the safe side, I cut open a few of my ponytail bands... all braided elastic, so I'm good.

I hate getting cum in my hair, especially from someone I don't know who's in a country far, far away.


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