Aug. 30th, 2011 01:01 pm
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I think I need more Port-Au-Prince. I've been sitting in a hospital all morning, just got home, and all I could think about while I was sitting there was how much I wished I had brought the PaP sample with me. I missed it.

But I came home & put Bohun Upas on, just because I wanted to give it another chance instead of dismissing it out of the bottle. Now that I'm wearing Bohun Upas... it's got a very Opium-like quality, and isn't too masculine on me at all. I know I've said this before, but my own scent is kind of like that creamy smell that high-quality paper has when it burns. Opium is one of the few true perfumes I can stand to wear, and it smells like pure unbridled lust when combined w/my own body chemistry. Bohun Upas has that same aura, with something sharp and absolutely delicious underneath it. It's a familiar scent, too, but I can't quite place it. Tuberose, maybe? Not milky enough to be orris. Vetiver? Hrmmm... It almost, but not quite, smells like good Nag Champa incense. Oh Gods, what is that smell? I want to say clove, but it's sweeter. Maybe it is vetiver. Whatever it is, it smells the same as Kashmir by Led Zeppelin sounds. Yes, I think I could wear Bohun Upas regularly.

I got some good news - since I'm taking FMLA leave, my employer pays into my insurance for up to 90 days, so I don't have to pay an outrageous COBRA to keep my benefits. Which is awesome, and saved me $880. Fuck, we need some socialized insurance in this country, because if that's the cost of keeping me & my husband covered for one month - without my job & the Union we would not have health insurance. Especially not at almost $900 a month. Can you imagine, $10k a year for health insurance? Holy crap.

Ah, no, bergamot! Or is it palmarosa? Fuck!

edited for content

The Bohun Upas settled down to a very nice, lasting, sandalwood scent.

I couldn't figure out the backnote of Bohun Upas, but its success out of the bottle prompted me to put some Cthulhu on once I got out of my shower. On me, in a cloud around my head... it's eye-watering and nose-burning. It's very clean, very sharp and ammoniac. Smells absolutely caustic. I may need another shower unless this shit settles down really quick.

some time passes...
Ok, now it's just green & soapy. Not quite green & soapy enough to be Irish Spring anymore, not quite as eye-watering... but still yucky.

Alas, the Elder God does not smell good on me :P
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In my quest for some decent sandalwood oil, I stumbled upon something called Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

My house, my purse and I are all very stinky right now. I don't know if it was wise for me to open all 8 of the little teeny bottles of perfume oils in rapid succession of one another. It smells kind of like a bleeding dragon collided with a polecat doused in cinnamon & bathed with Irish Spring soap. And cheesy dog farts, but that didn't come out of a little sample bottle, that came from Chelsie's butt.

Here are my initial impressions:

Port-Au-Prince is heady with cloves, maybe vetiver. Kubla Khan is weirdly spicy & musky, and tantalizing.

Bohun Upas smells like a man. I really wanted to like Bohun Upas because it is a poison tree, possibly the other tree from the Garden of Eden, the one the Bible never talked much about... but nope, smells like a man's leathery sort of cologne. Not bad, but too many people automatically assume I'm a bull dyke as it is.

Malice, Bloodlust, Serpent's Kiss & Fenris Wolf all smell alike to me - all like dragon's blood. Which, don't get me wrong, I lurv me some dragon's blood, but I can't differentiate between any of them beyond 'omfg dragon's blood!!!!!111!!!1!'

Cthulhu smells like Irish Spring and something minty. Not exactly watery or oceany, or anything like what I'd imagine the Horror From Beyond the Stars to smell like. Just Irish Spring & mint. It will probably become an offering to a not-so-Elder God. Hades likes mint.

What's truly amusing is that none of the oils I picked out for my sampler involved sandalwood in any major way. Kubla, Bohun or Port-Au-Prince might have some understory sandalwood. I was hoping for some Black Lace because I wanted to see what, exactly, castoreum smells like. Alas, no Black Lace available in sample size (which are apparently called 'imps'). Their customer service person contacted me & asked if I had a replacement in mind - I just basically told them I was looking for something similar to Black Lace w/bay rum or tobacco flower, and I'm thinking Port-Au-Prince might be the substitute on that. According to the site, P-a-P has sassafras (clove-ish spiciness) and bay rum, so there ya go.

I'm probably going to have to investigate these a little more once the ripe melange of eye-watering funk subsides, which probably means until after I take another shower. I've since added some kind of orangey dish soap to it. Yum.

Went to the cardiologist today, my stress test came back normal. Blood pressure is good, too. So now I'm going to go make myself some chorizo & eggs. Rob's got a colonoscopy tomorrow, so he's on a clear-liquid & Jell-o fast, which means I'm trying to avoid things he likes. I've got chorizo for lunch & an eggplant lurking in the fridge for later. Fried eggplant is teh bomb. I wish the stores here would carry green tomatoes - fried green tomatoes are even bomber.
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I've come to the conclusion that I like commissioned artwork.

Behold my latest acquisition - my treat to me with a small portion of my tax return:

I lurv it and I've actually worn it three nights to work now, which is rare for me to wear any jewelry past a few hours.

It's copper, with silver claws and a mother-of-pearl crescent moon. Each claw has a phase of the moon in it, with a leather cord. He solders all his jump-rings closed, too. He was very patient w/me through the design process. Because I'm not an artist (and I have done nothing with metal since 10th grade metalshop class (and yeah, I took the class so I could tell people I was going to "M-M-M-M-Metalshop!" \;;;/)) I don't know anything about the practical usage of something like mother-of-pearl being subjected to high heat. All I knew was that I didn't want the moon to be silver, and I was inspired by his enameled 'Blood Moon' pendant.

SplendidFish on etsy is where the artist, Corbin, peddles his fantastical wares. Most of them are from found and recycled things he's gathered from here & there. Honestly, for his time, the quality of workmanship and small details, his prices are too low! Wtf is up w/artists undervaluing themselves?!


Jun. 24th, 2009 11:03 pm
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Rob & I spotted a cougar today at the grocery store :D Cheetah-printed blouse over a tiny - and I do mean tiny black dreass & everything. I turned the corner in the water aisle & got a full thonged moon because she was getting water from the bottom shelf. It just so conveniently happened that we needed stuff in the exact same aisles as she did... fancy that!

I kind of wanted to tell her she was in the wrong neighborhood though. I mean, we kind of live in a ghetto/barrio. She needs to be shopping at a Vons in Summerlin. I don't know though - maybe there's too much competition in Summerlin. Or maybe she was slumming it.

Ah well, it's all in good fun. Me & Rob are probably too old for her anyway.

Agh! Want!

Sep. 3rd, 2008 12:43 pm
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Cthulhu F'taghn!
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I'm having one of those days where I feel like I'm getting absolutely nothing accomplished. They are giving me waaaay more responsibility here than I want, but I'm too new to say no. Either that, or it's some kind of fiendish test... Let's see how much work we can pile on the new chick before she cracks...

I would like some new earrings. I would like one pair w/an otter, and one pair w/a dolphin. You'd think it'd be fairly easy, but honestly, most of the stuff I've seen online is just crap. So I'm considering something that I normally wouldn't. I'm thinking about getting some supplies & attempting to make my own earrings. My main problem is the little silver animal charms. All the stuff online looks like crap because they seem to be getting all their danglies from the same suppliers or something. Gah. Metalsmithing is definitely NOT my forte. Been shopping on eBay. Scary.

At least today we had cake.
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I wish I could remember which comic did the bit about Mike Tyson sticking his dick in the butter dish.

I have been to Sears, Ross, Mervyn's, Target & Wal-Mart and managed to find one pair of serviceable black slacks and a decent blouse. Are navy slacks just completely out right now or what? All I'm trying to do is find 'business casual' clothes for the possibility of working for the DA's office. I have suits, I have jeans/t-shirts/broomstick skirts, but nothing in-between. And I don't want dressy skirt outfits because if they end up having me climbing around the backs of computers it's awkward.

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Well, we went to the indoor swapmeet & walked the whole thing. I did get Rob's pwesent - a quite Goth mantle clock w/the Grim Reaper presiding over time. Ran into Jamal who used to sell leather coats - his son has a booth there now. We also met the coolest Burmese python at the swapmeet. He's about 10' long, and acts just like Ed. Wanted his chin scratched, liked to be petted, wanted to investigate all the new people standing around admiring him. He's amazing - whoever owned him previously socialized him completely, and he was in very good health. The reptile guy had him out & was just letting him roam the floor a little - a good sized crowd gathered & the snake was completely unfazed. He even took time to climb up the display case (well, he used it to prop about 1/3 of his body up) so he could see eye-to-eye with me. Had this huge head & beautiful eyes. If $350 fell outta the sky right now Harry would be coming home w/us tomorrow. I have never met a Burmese with that kind of disposition before - usually they're grouchy and like to bite. I'm a little apprehensive about ever actually owning a snake twice my height. Ed could probably do some damage, but if a snake twice your height manages to knock you down & you can't unwind them, well... either you're dead or someone ends up hurting the snake to make it let go.

It was kind of weird, but Rob was making a concerted effort to talk to people. Talked to the pet shop guy, visited w/Robert Knight, who sells knives, we visited w/a guy selling guitars - he was pretty cool. He also makes custom wardrobe cabinets for stage use & amps & stuff like that, was a former roadie, just a nice ol' dude.

Then we went to the doc for Rob's test results. He's been fearing the absolute worst-case-scenario, involving pancreatic cancer or something equally fatal (diabetes can be symptomatic of both pancreatic & colon cancer), and found out that nope, he's just adult-onset non-insulin-dependent diabetic. Which is pretty fucked up all the way around. I may be a foodie, but Rob loves food, moreso now than ever because I keep introducing him to new things to eat & adding techniques to my somewhat limited repetoire. So now, well, it's pretty much low or no carbs. And since I can't torture him by eating bread in front of him, I'm on his diet, too. No more fast food, no more convenience food... it's all home cooking or salad bars :P

All of this has made Rob examine a lot of his views about life, death & what lies beyond. He's trying to find something or someone to believe in. I finally told Rob that I'm embarrassed to express compassion in front of him. I've been trying to pull more of Bear's energy to me - less of the chaos of Coyote. I've also been analyzing my Morbid Fascination w/death. All my life I've been drawn to death and I can't explain why. I'm still frustrated over not being able to become a mortician. I would have much rather spent the last two years learning how to care for the dead instead of caring for dying PCs. As a result, I've done much reading and research and examination of death, dying, the funerary traditions of the world, beliefs about the Afterlife, the cosmogony of death, how death (oooh oooh ooohh MMORPG - StarGate Worlds!!!) began... I've even died before and lived to tell the tale. Because my beliefs of reincarnation are not strictly adhering to the rules of Buddhism or Hinduism, I've got a lot of unresolved questions about ghosts. I believe there are ghosts, but I'm not sure why there are ghosts. I also haven't quite gotten the population thing figured out - have more people been born right now than ever lived on earth & where are the new souls coming from?
I've also learned, through the Guedde and Baron Samedi, the Muerte and Coyote and Anubis, Persephone & Hades, Kalmia, Hel and all those Cthonic deities, that death, the Great Equalizer, the Ultimates of Ultimates, is ultimately funny. Death is the greatest practical joke ever created. Skulls have wacky grins for a reason. One of my favorite parts of the Dead Like Me series was the intro - all these Grim Reapers going about their daily lives. I like to see skeletons doing absurd things, like golfing or sitting slumped over computers or on those 'Position Wanted' posters. It's befitting. Yes, there is grief, and the recently dead folk do deserve respect and the maintenance of their dignity, and there is great power in death, but it's also freakin' hilarious. Death is always smiling because he 'gets it'. Unfortunately, Rob doesn't 'get it'.

(An aside: I don't think Wiccans 'get it' either. Yes, it's a relatively young and unorganized religion, but there is little or no speculation about the nature of the soul or where you go when you die in Wicca. The Summerlands are sort of a version of the western Christian Heaven. It's as if no one ever gave much thought to what happens once you cross the Veil. Some Shamanic traditions pay far more attention to the soul than to the life it supports. In some threads of Nordic faith, the soul is nine-parted. They have rules and regulations as to who goes where when they die. Wiccans know there is a Veil, and things can cross over it, but they focus far more on this side of the Veil than the other.)

We didn't get a whole heck of a lot else accomplished. No voter registration, no walking shoes or socks, no yoga pants... But we did get out of the house & Rob did get out of his own head for a few hours. I've also got a fridge full of veggies, yay. And we met Harry, which made the day worth it all on its own.
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So, went out & got new phones. Sprint's been pestering us to renew our contracts & they've been sending us teasers, so we took the bait. Of course, we got the absolute cheapest models available (hooray for student loans!), but they're both flip-phones w/cameras. Rob has taken photos of my ass bending over a grocery cart, the floor of the grocery store, the inside of his nose, and his penis. I have taken two photos of him & the whole time I was trying to take the second one he was whining at me to not take a photo of him in his underwear. I've got to get a really good shot of his penis & make it his caller ID photo :P That way, whenever he calls me at work & a coworker asks, "Who's calling you?" I can just say, "Oh, some dick!" Or I can bemoan, "This prick won't stop calling me!" (Snork)

Fed the snakes earlier this week, and they're still looking for food. I swear, even though reptiles have very small brains, they are not stupid. I made my sausage & cabbage tonight & the whole time we were eating, both Ed & Nessie were staring intently at us. Like, "Oh sure, you guys eat but you won't share!" Nessie watched me walk by w/the empty plates & he was kind of looking down at the plates & then he looked up to me like, "Hey, bring me some seconds there, honey." They're weird but I luffs them.


Mar. 11th, 2007 08:53 am
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Ok, so I've become a cutlery snob. Got myself a Henckels butcher block set. Lovely, sharp, sturdy blades. Every single one of them (except maybe the sharpening steel) can slice through tomatoes like a hot knife through butter. As we all know from t.v., the ultimate knife test is being able to slice nails, pennies, tin cans and finally still be able to slice a tomato. There is no way in Hel I'm going to subject these knives to that sort of abuse. I got a three-knife sushi set, too. Love it. I've only used it to cut raw unfrozen chicken, though. It's a wonderful thing. So Friday at the Indoor Swap Meet, we descended upon the 'As Seen on TV' booth & I bought the Vidalia Chop Wizard. Debbie had gotten one for her birfday, & I tend to trust Debbie's opinion on novelty kitchen ware. She said it actually works. The lady in the ASOT booth said you couldn't be a wimp about it, you have to slam the lid down. So this morning I quartered & cored a nectarine & Wizard-Chopped it into perfect little cubes. The gadget doesn't seem that sturdy, but I saw no bowing or warping & the thing is pretty freakin' sharp. I thought to myself, "Wow. I could make potatoes o'brien! Can't eat them for another 45 lbs. or so, but I could make 'em!" I found myself gazing intently into my open fridge, looking for other vegetal victims. Maybe I will chop some up for dinner tonight.

After the Swapmeet Friday afternoon, we hit the Meadows Mall. Right around 6pm, we were in the food court & Metro walked by w/a dog. They started checking behind the restaurants, so we decided maybe it would be a good idea to clear the area. When we walked out, Metro literally had the place surrounded. The cops were escorting people out of Sears & there were cops standing around with shotguns. Rob & I fell asleep on the couch before the 10 o'clock news, so we never found out wtf happened. Bomb threat? Armed robbery? Murder? Unknown, all is unknown.

I got an even nastier scare last night. Got a letter from the IRS. Not a check in a cheery little manila-yellow envelope, but a letter. My heart jumped into my sinus cavities & my left arm went numb. I finally got the thing open & read it... They can't direct deposit our refund check. Holey moley. Why couldn't they have just sent me the damned check instead of trying to kill me?

Rob's nephew's car is finally gone. Na na na na, way-hey-hey, goodbye!!!
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Went to LB with the intent of buying underwear & did just that - no more, no less, just underwear. Bought something new, though - boy shorts. Thought, eh, whafuck, I'm tired of sitting around the house in the same ol' nighties. A girl in line ahead of me had the cutest messy short haircut dyed in muppet purples, blues & pinks.

We finally went out for to Red Lobster for our belated anniversary, only instead of dinner we did lunch. Rob doesn't care for lobster much, says he likes shrimp better, but at least he tried lobster for real before passing judgment. I can understand, too - I love the rich, buttery sweetness of lobster & Rob is not highly into rich, buttery foods. Says once he gets enough lemon on there to cut the buttery flavor, all he's tasting is vague seafood lemon flavor. But still, his lobster was better than mine - he just got the steamed tail & I went for the Margarita Lobster combo, which had tomatoes & basil in a light white wine sauce. (High in calories, high in fat, relatively low carb intake - got the veggies instead of potatoes). My lobster was grilled and delicious, but his was just lobster the way nature meant us to eat it - steamed & flavored w/its own juices. My platter had grilled scallops, too, and I'm finding that scallops are outclassing crab legs as my second most favorite seafood. So after our day of shopping and eating everything covered in butter & lemon (lobster, crab, scallops, shrimp - all in the garlic butter sauce... some garlic butter sauce went on Rob's garlic mashed potatoes... he then dumped it on his plate accidentally & ate rice in garlic butter... so I started helping him sop it up w/my grilled carrots, yellow squash & broccoli... garlic butter on my shirt... you get the picture), we came home & I modeled my boy short set for Rob.

He really likes it on me & I don't look as hideous as I thought I would. They definitely look better than say, a thong. Shortly after I put them on, I was bent over the couch & the rest is pretty much protein packed afterglow.
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A note to my self: avoid grocery stores on the Solstice. Especially at 5 o'clock. 5 o'clock seems to be a bad time to shop anyway because the lines are usually absolutely enormous. But 5 o'clock on the longest night of the year was just downright creepy.

Why do people always ask me things in grocery stores and department stores? I wasn't even in my Excalibwhore uniform. I was looking all scraggy in my jeans & baggy green sweater & leather coat, my hair sticking out from my ponytail... Rob's got his 'oh-my-Gods-I'm-in-a-grocery-store' dumbfounded gape on... and suddenly someone's asking me if I know where the fresh cranberries are. I'm like, 'Uhhh... usually they aren't fresh - usually they're in bags'. The woman proceeds to tell me, "Yeah, fresh cranberries!" She roams off once she realizes that I'm clueless but hunts me down to tell me, "They'll have them in stock tomorrow!" Ok, well, I'll be sure to run down to Smith's first thing to get them... Then, we're in the soup aisle & some old hacking coughing woman is picking my brain about the evils of soup in metal cans. She apparently 'can't do metal' & absolutely has to eat her canned soup out of the plastic microwaveable cans. I'm like, "Well, that sure narrows your choices I guess" & then she tells me she never eats canned soup, but she's too sick to cook any from scratch. "Gee, that's too bad. Good luck, there." Finally, over picking through Smith's limited meat selections & this woman who literally only comes up to my boobs starts asking me about the prices on the meat stickers... Which is about the fifth time I've been in Smith's over the past month & had to explain to some stranger the regular price vs. the 'Fresh Values' price & what, exactly, the price-per-unit means & why is it even relevant. Now, our Smith's is ghetto. It doesn't even stay open 24-hours. There are usually homeless folk roaming around on cold nights, just trying to stay warm. Whatever, I can deal, I know how to tell people, "Sorry, I only carry plastic" & they leave you alone. But tonight there was an unusually large proportion of space cadets roaming around in there. People just stopped in their tracks, staring aimlessly, blankly, into space. You could tell they weren't comparison shopping because they were looking through the shelves, not at them. Even our checker spent more time mumbling, 'Remember to tell people Merry Christmas' than interacting w/her customers - and usually the blonde lady is pretty swift. She finally finished her Merry Christmas mantra & said it fully out loud to me, which caught me off guard because I had kind of gotten caught in her personal loop.

But, we made it home alive & are well-fed now & about to settle down with M. Night Shamalamalan's <i>Lady In the Water</i>. He's ok, even for a Scientologist.

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Picture this: Rob, totally naked, running around w/a scythe. 

Not one of those plastic 'Hallowe'en Experience' scythes, but an honest-to-goodness antique scythe. Complete with rusty blade. 

And my scrawny, pot-bellied husband happily running around naked with it. Except for flip-flops. 

Needless to say, we went shopping. I ended up buying a 6' long commercial glass display case to renovate into a snake tank. A student loan in my hands is a dangerous thing...  and my knees are killing me! I definitely got in my 10,000 steps today.
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"Treasure life. Don’t abuse your bodies & souls. Don’t do anything to stop it. And the next time you see some racy girl screaming her lungs out while playing three cords on an out-of-tune guitar, know that I’ll be there in spirit cheering her on. Thanks for all the beautiful noise."
- Craig Lee, 1956 – 1991

Deep peace of the running waves to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the shades of night to you.
Moon & stars always giving light to you.
- Traditional Gaelic blessing

The day of death is when two worlds meet with a kiss; this world going out, the future world coming in.
- Josef ben Abin

From one darkness
Into another darkness
I soon must go.
Light the long way before me,
Moon on the mountain rim.
- Lady Izumi Shikibu

Desire is half of life; & indifference is half of death.
- Kahlil Gibran, Sand & Foam

And remember that when you’re attracted to someone, that person becomes an angel, a real angel, not one of those harpists you saw last night. And sometimes that person will be an angel of death. Sometimes an angel of life. Whichever you choose, treat the magic gently.
- Brooks Caruthers, Forbidden Acts

Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf.

- Rabindranath Tagore

Without fear there is no courage.

O! Lament, let all delight in this fragile form we borrow. Just a dimming in the light til we cast it off tomorrow.

- The Azrael Project


- Seen on a t-shirt

Faith is not knowledge of what the Mystery of the Universe is, but the conviction that there is a Mystery, and that it is greater than us.
- Rabbi David Wolpe, Making Loss Matter

After death, we remain, our actions placed beside us in heaps.
- From an ancient Egyptian text, circa 2100 b.c.e.

Tempestuously she turned her back to the windy shore. 
There, looking at the open sea with tearful eyes. 
With grief in her eyes, she addressed her native land:
 “Land which begot me, land which brought me forth, 
I am abject to abandon you like a runaway slave!”
- Catullus, Poem 63

(Ok, some weirdness from the Land of Rob: He's reading over my shoulder, because he hopes that eventually I will type something about him. Then he asks me what 'day' is in Spanish. I replied 'dias', so he says, "So it's Dias de los Muertos", & I said, "Actually, I think it's masculine - Dios de los Muertos". He says, "Hey, at least I didn't say "Day-o's o los Dead-o's") 

Obviously, I've discovered text formatting in the 'rich text' mode. Annoyingly enough, it won't let me switch to left alignment without changing the whole freaking thing. Anyway, I've really got to quit screwing around with the rest of the internet & do some school crap. 

Rob's been in this shopping phase, but at least I don't have to hear about it for the next coupla years. We've gotten him shirts, pants, socks, underwear... he wants to start hitting the Hallowe'en Experiences for body parts... He's getting comfortable enough leaving our material possessions at home alone to where he wants to decorate again - right when I'm in a 'throw it all away' groove. It feels good to get rid of stuff. The other night I went through my closet & pulled out every shirt I never wear & dropped it in a 'SafeNest' clothes donation bin. My closet is a lot less packed w/out all that crap in there. Of course, if 'What Not to Wear' ever came to my house, they'd have to buy me a whole new wardrobe because I know my jeans & t-shirt thing would infuriate them.

So anyway, I'm gonna go warsh my face & brush my teef & we're gonna get outta here again - he wants to go to an antique store that may have scythes for sale. Don't ask...  

It’s best to be ruthless with the past. It’s not the blows we’re dealt that make us stronger. It’s the ones we survive.

Stephen King, Rose Madder


Dance, when you’re broken open.

Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.

Dance, in the middle of the fighting.

Dance in your blood.

Dance, when you’re perfectly free.

- Rumi

When we live, we live for ourselves. But when we die, we give to everything in the world.

W. Michael Gear & Kathleen O’Neal Gear, ‘People of the River’

There are times when even to live is an act of bravery.

- Seneca,  (48 b. c. e. – 65 c. e.)

The greatest blessings come to us through madness, when it is sent as a gift of the gods.

Socrates, Phaedrus

Say yes to life, even though you know it will devour you.

Stephen Larsen, The Shaman’s Doorway


Jan. 22nd, 2006 05:33 pm
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Just a note to doomsayers: The world is not going to end in 2012. And if it does, what exactly are you going to do about it? Quit complaining & start coming up with solutions please. You've got what, 7 years? Get to it. A lot can happen in seven years - ask the last Year King.

Went out & bought the recumbent bike. Haven't set it up yet. It was on sale at Wal-Mart for $108.67, a third of what Sears wanted. Pretty cool, even if I do say so myself. It's 9:30am, I have no idea what I'm still doing up & awake & wanting tomato soup. Been having some ghostie activity here, which is odd because, ok, nevermind, Candlemas is like, a week or two away. Duh. February 2nd, now I understand.

Put in an online application w/the County, see how that turns out. Got to run by Eastridge on Monday or Tuesday & get a business card to submit w/the test certificate to the county - they want the testing body's address & phone number, rotten bastards. Of course, Eastridge's typing certificate lacked this pertinent information. Stupid.

(Edited for content 03/16/08 - I no longer have a second lj, so I deleted the link)
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So, I called off work for the week - fuck 'em, let 'em find coverage!

Anyway, yesterday was mildly productive. Yes, we did play WoW for about 8 hrs... but I also went & took a typing test - 61 wpm, woot!!! Er, maybe it's Ding! Anyway, I've levelled up my typing skills quite considerably. Even LOA II at the county only requires 55wpm, as do most of the 911 dispatcher tests. We also went shopping for, get this, a recumbent exercise bicycle. They aren't as expensive as I had anticipated, most being under $300. Wal-Mart.com has one listed at $108.67 w/what looks to be like a comfy padded seat. So today, when we get around to it, we're going Wal-Mart hopping to see if we can find one on display & for sale. Hopefully they won't just have the expensive ones in stock.

It's funny - Rob is now worried about DVT, especially w/the insane amount of time we've been spending in our online world. I think to myself, yes, there are probably better things I could be doing. I've got shelves full of unread books, I could be reworking my interviewing wardrobe, I've got tarot cards that haven't been touched in years, I've got two letters in my purse waiting for replies, I haven't called Jody since Thanksgiving... but ya know what? I give up. This is pretty much it til I get bored w/WoW (and if we keep having to repeat the beginner quests, that won't be much longer). I'm just going to spend some time obsessed with playing a video game & let my life fall apart around me.

Monday is Rob & my 10th wedding anniversary. Gods, someone, anyone, please shoot me soon. But at least wait til after we go to Emeril's in the MGM that night! I will be enjoying the most expensive dinner I've ever had in my entire life. Then you can shoot me.
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We were just in Albertson's doing some brief grocery shopping, looking for birthday cards for the m.i.l., Miranda & a congratulatory card for Eric... from the next aisle over came the distinctive sound of breaking glass - it sounded like a fragile candle holder because it had that 'crunch' to it. It got really quiet in the section we were in, & this male voice says, "It wasn't me!"

Me & Rob laughed all the way home.


Sep. 3rd, 2005 04:42 pm
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I can buy thin tampons, I can buy cigar-thick tampons, but why can I not buy shorter tampons? Because they don't make 'em. You would think that manufacturers would realize that we're not using these things (one would hope) to pleasure ourselves, so why give us a 6" long piece of cotton wadding when maybe 4 would do just as nicely? With a slightly longer piece of string attached to it? If my inner bits are getting pinched & bruised, it makes me wonder how midget women fair?

And I try to be environmentally conscious, but the makers of paper applicators are even more brutal to me... they have this blunt wad of hard cotton that has to be manipulated inside, while the plastic applicators are all streamlined, with a rounded tip and smooth sides. Why can't the paper applicators come w/the same kind of tip, only in cardboard? Do the tampon makers think that we're all well-lubricated when we're trying to change these things out?

I get the feeling that tampons were designed by men who were ignorant of female anatomy.
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Here it goes... my kitchen timer is busily ticking off my 10 minutes... I really don't feel like typing right now, but here I am, typing anyway... Rob & I went to Borders today to find a new organizer for me to keep track of my shrink stuff. They didn't have anything, but they did have a very cool wall banner involving Ed & Al from FullMetal Alchemist. Next week, when we're closer to payday, I'm probably going to go get it. We've been trying desperately to get rid of knick-knackage, but damn, it's got Ed & Al on it. I've really gotten into that particular show. They also had some manga comics - FMA, Inuyasha, Trigun, a few others. None were as dirty as we hoped for. It was kind of neat because most of them, even tho they're translated into Engrish, read from right to left - in other words, the books are backwards. Even the covers open the wrong way.

My computer makes me feel stupid. I'm not good enough to use it. I finally got the adapter to hook a VCR up to the computer to download movies onto it. Rob fucked around w/the sound cables so I could get sound as well as video. So I managed to save an episode of Trigun on my hd (only 980mb!). Then my DVD recorder wouldn't, for whatever crack-monkey reason, record the movie onto the DVD. So I blew up & had to remove myself from the immediate proximity of expensive technological equipment, and at about 4 am. reloaded the DVD burner drivers. So I managed to dl the movie onto the DVD, and of course our DVD player wouldn't play it. It just sat there making grinding noises & flashing 'LOADING' at me. So now I think all I've got to do is figure out exactly what format our DVD player plays, because it's not MPEG-2.
Or if it is, it's not Windows Media Player MPEG compatible. I don't know, I'm not a programmer.

I don't want to go to work tonight. Yesterday I ate everything we had in the house in a sort of anti-dietary-suggestion snit fit. Carbs, carbs & more carbs.

I offered my m.i.l. my copy of Merck's Medical Manual & Rob happened to mention that I had ordered a replacement copy - so now the m.i.l. wants the new copy, not mine. There is absolutely nothing wrong w/the one we have, but she thinks we've got the plague or something. Cooties, I don't know.
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Someone on tribe is selling an antique baby casket... I saw the ad & said "Oooh!" like it was a classic GTO or something. And then I realized that I made a GTO-type "OOOOhhhh!" for a baby casket, and was mildly shocked at myself. It's even worse, tho - I really want it. Shipping would probably kill me - it's in San Francisco. I could probably have Ann go & pick it up for me, but I don't know if she'd want to hang on to it til either she comes to Vegas again or til I go to SF - like that's ever gonna happen. I don't even know why I want it, I just do. Rob says I can't have it, tho, because I can't tell him why I want it... mainly because I don't even know why I want it... or what I'd do with it, or where I'd put it... It doesn't even match my room's motif.


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