Oct. 6th, 2011 12:00 pm
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Sometimes wishes do come true.

Today is the first day since my surgery that I can honestly say I feel good.

Nothing hurts.

At least, nothing surgery-related hurts. My eyes are killing me because yesterday I watched about 10 hours of Mythbusters, Auction Wars and Penn & Teller's new show, which is basically Mythbusters, only a sucky version because it's Penn & Teller and not Jamie & Adam. We have a projection wide screen tv that Rob's mom gave us, and that thing kills my eyes, but I couldn't read or mess w/the computer much at all yesterday, and I definitely couldn't embroider, so it was tv zombie day. So now it feels like someone tried to repeatedly pull my eyes out of my head.

We did get another Deadwood from Netflix, so that was also thrown in. I wasn't sure if I'd like Deadwood. I like Westerns, but Western series have been kind of meh for me. The only 'Western' series that I've really enjoyed was The Lone Ranger, and I was 5. It had intelligent horses. I liked the Lonesome Dove books, the mini-series was good... but the actual made-for-tv series was just tedious. I hated most of the characters by about the middle of the first season, so it became one of those things that Rob watched & I barely paid attention to.

Deadwood, though, is good. The story line is relatively simple - it's basically a retelling of the history of Deadwood, S. Dakota; but characters are complex, and there's a good mix of humor, drama and action in every episode. The last couple we've seen revolve around Al Swearengen's kidney/bladder stones, and I am thoroughly sympathetic to that. I even figured out exactly what was wrong with him when his symptoms first appeared. Rob kept saying it was the clap, but I'm like, noooo, he's got a blockage. Swearengen has surprised me - he was set up to be the villain in the first couple of episodes, but he's become a very likable anti-villain. He commands a lot of loyalty from his employees/friends/henchmen, and I've loved to see the relationships develop, especially between Al & Dan. It's not often that you get to see actual male friendships evolve. There is a lot of dick-waving between Al & his rivals, primarily Al and Bullock, but it's respectful dick-waving - and I think they just love to fuck with each other. I know I really should despise Swearengen & the other brothel owner, Cy Tolliver, because they are abusive to the whores, but my brain has willingly suspended judgment on that aspect of their characters.

We've been savoring it, one episode a night with dinner. I know it's another canceled series like Carnivale and I will be soooo pissed off when we get to the last episode.

It looks like today may end up being another rainy day, too :)

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Aug. 29th, 2010 01:51 am
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Mah toof hurts. And my allergies are acting up. It's runny-nose allergies, too, not stuffed up congested allergies. I suppose that can be considered a blessing, because if my sinuses were stuffed up it would probably make my tooth hurt more. It hit me last night at the Luxor - I think something in their A/C set it off, but it's still pretty bad tonight. My throat's sore & itchy. My ears itch.

I spent the past week at the Luxor learning about their night audit processes. They've got a couple of problems w/their 'room and tax' revenue that need to be fixed. Apparently their NA has been complaining about it, but nothing gets done. I'm usually able to get things done, so on Wednesday that's what I've got to do. Scream & holler, "Fix it! Fix it!" to the right people. /sigh

The last time I was promoted to night auditor, I honestly wanted the job. I worked hard at changing the 'face' of the night audit position, worked hard on building the business relationships, making it more transparent... Will & Harley have tossed a lot of that out the window because they just don't give a fuck. I don't want to go back into the audit, honestly, but it's job security. It'll be mine as long as I want it. I just have to remind myself that I'm not emotionally invested in it this time around. I can quit whenever I want. The shift is a serious pain in the ass, though. I don't know how I did it for 5 fucking years. It's not so much the graveyard as it is the 10 hours.

Been watching Torchwood on Netflix. It's a fantastic show, but I'm a little creeped out. It says a lot about American broadcast television that I find a regular ol' gay man to be weird. Usually, in sit-coms & stuff - Will & Grace f'ex - the gay males are over-the-top flaming queers. Affected manner of speaking, exaggerated hand movements, uber-feminine, catty, etc. Capt. Jack Harkness is not (ok, he has made a couple of catty remarks about certain relationships, but I think it was more to provoke a reaction than it is innate cattiness). He's GQ, but he's just a regular guy (if a little eccentric, but being immortal probably does that to a person). John Barrowman, the guy who plays Harkness is gay IRL, and apparently got turned down for the part of Will in W&G because he didn't act 'gay enough'. Seeing his character & the relationship with Ianto, who is also a regular guy, is a little discomforting. Seeing him fully kiss another man - especially the guy who played Spike on Buffy - was almost embarrassing, like, "OMG I can't watch this!" It doesn't help that Barrowman is good-looking in that plastic fantastic Tom Cruise way. He doesn't look quite real. I mean, human beings just don't look that handsome. It's unnatural. Even if he was straight, it'd still be unnatural. Rob's having trouble coping, too, but moreso because it was Spike, not necessarily because Harkness is openly gay.

I'm having problems dealing w/my own reaction to it. I mean, I'm bi, for Gods' sakes. I've had several gay male friends over the years. I've seen men kiss other men in person (and do quite a bit more, too). But watching it on t.v. hits me in the sensibilities & makes me feel like a prude.

In other news, I'm working on getting a wonderful Yule/birthday present for Rob :D
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I got a Netflix subscription & so far it's working out fantastically. Love Torchwood, love it, love it, love it. Rob's motored his way through four seasons of Doctor Who, the Sarah Connor Chronicles & The Dresden Files. Now we're looking for new stuff to watch when we're done w/Torchwood.

For those of you who watch Dexter religiously... does it have graphic scenes of animal abuse or killing? I ask this because of Rob. Seeing animals being hurt or abused in t.v. & movies freaks him out. Watching The Men Who Stare at Goats was touchy - fortunately the goat just tipped over & that was that (other than that scene, it was a great movie). I'd hate to get into Dexter only to have him flashback to being a kid & doing horrible shit to a bunny or something & Rob having a panic attack over it.

Anyway, if you know let me know... it's a serial killer 'thing' which is why I ask...
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So, in an effort to save some money, we cut off the cable t.v. Still got teh internets, still got the cable phone because our phone connection is also our modem & cutting off the house phone seemed like too much of a hassle. Just no cable t.v. Turned it off Monday.

In hindsight, already, this was not such a great choice in money-saving methods. Rob's going to lose it soon. He's extremely dependent on that constant background noise and movement. I could live without it, but he's driving me nuts & it's only been like, 48 hours. He's been trying to use the oh-so-awesome digital tuner converter box thingie, and there are a few channels out there actually doing non-cable digital broadcasts. Mostly in Spanish. But, the digital connection is less than ideal, and the sound is skipping. For me, I barely notice it, but Rob is a serious sound-queen. The skipping dialog & music makes him almost enraged. So we've been watching Spanish t.v. with glitchy reception and skipping dialog, and Rob's pissy about the whole thing. When Rob gets to a certain level of frustration, he loses all ability to do anything for himself. Popped The Crow in when I finally got the Windows Media Player to work & it just so happened that the DVD had active content on it, which popped up a Fair Use message. Rob read it aloud to me. All he had to do was click 'Cancel' and the box would go away. Instead he sat there, impatiently waiting for me to finish cooking dinner so I could click a fucking button on his mouse. I don't know if it's some kind of passive-aggressive reaction he's having when he gets like that, or if his parents were the type of people who always took any little task away from him when he couldn't complete it to their satisfaction, but the helpless act makes me angry. I'm going to have to get to the bottom of it, because I tend to take shit away from him or I don't even bother to ask him for help, mainly because I abhor his constant bitching and procrastination.

For the past two nights, I've been trying to get a DVD movie to play on Rob's computer, which was formerly my computer. When I got it, it had Sony VAIO's Media Centre. There's software on that pc that allows you to plug in an actual video-tape-recording camera and edit the film and make movies. When I got it, it would play movies as well. Now, for some unknown reason, it wouldn't play a movie. It had InterVideo 5 on it, along w/Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and QuickTime. Would not play a DVD movie on any of them. So I downloaded the VLC player, the DivX Player, installed codecs, you name it. After much codec hunting, I got sound but no picture. I had hopes when the players would display the FBI warning screens, but then it would either stay on that screen or fade to black. I got it to a point where, with the VLC player, I could watch the movie, hear the background noise, but the main sound track was just gone. VLC is a little too complicated for me. I tried switching all the output settings, using the equalizers, all the bells & whistles included on VLC, including downloading some codecs for it. Sound is still fucked up. Unlike my husband who throws his hands up & pouts when things don't work exactly like they're supposed to the first time, I will figure out a problem like this. I figured if I was able to get a VoIP phone to actually work when I was surrounded by techs who couldn't, then I could figure out a way to make my stupid computer play a simple movie.

After a night and a half of Rob acting completely helpless I paid for a Windows Media Player plug-in. Now it plays the damned DVD movies, and we can watch them on the big-screen t.v. (which is also fucked up, something involving the convergence chip). I uninstalled everything else, including the software that came w/my VAIO for alleged DVD movie playback.

I really couldn't go to bed on time because I was just worked up about his pissy mood tonight. I didn't want to go to bed at the same time as he did because I didn't want to lay down next to him for any length of time. Now, however, my pills are kicking in & I think I can catch 5 or so hours before work.

Beware: TMI )
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I just saw a Trojan condom commercial that had someone miming putting on a condom.

I think that's the first time I've ever appreciated anything I've seen a mime do.

Oh, and E likes my tattoos :)
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1. Bold the names of guys you'd definitely shag.

2. Italicize the names of guys you might shag after a little persuasion.

3. Leave the guys who don't do anything for you alone.

4. Put a question mark after the guys you've never heard of.

5. Strike the guys you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.



1. Dr. Gregory House (House M.D., tv)

2. Chandler Bing (Friends, tv)

3. Jack Bauer (24, tv)

4. Jason Bourne (The Bourne Identity, movie)

5. Westley (The Princess Bride, movie)

6. Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean, movie)

7. Rusty Ryan (Ocean’s 11, movie) -
Brad Pitt disgusts me, no matter who he's playing

8. Fitzwilliam Darcy (Pride and Prejudice, tv, book and movie) ?????

9. Danny Ocean (Ocean's 11, movie)
No to both Frank Sinatra and George Clooney

10. Commodore James Norrington (Pirates of the Carribean, movies)

11. Ardeth Bay (The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, movies)

12. Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, tv)

13. Mr. Big (Sex and the City, tv)

14. Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, tv)

15. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly, tv; Serenity, movie)

16. Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean, movie)

17. Aragorn (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, movie)

18. Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd, movie)

19. Balian de Ibelin (Kingdom of Heaven, film)

20. Rhett Butler (Gone With The Wind, film/book)

21. Pauly Shore (actor, film)

22. Alan Cuming (actor, film) ????

23. Xander Harris (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, tv)

24. Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal Rising, movies) 

25. Seeley Booth (Bones, TV)

26. Legolas Greenleaf (Lord of the Rings, Movie)

27. Angelus (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, tv)

28. Marcus Cole (Babylon-5, tv) ?????

29. Richard Sharpe (Sharpe's Rifles, etc., tv)

30. King Monkut/Chow Yun-Fat (Anna and the King, movie)

31. William Riker (Star Trek: The Next Generation, tv & movies)

32. El Mariachi/Antonio Banderas (Desperado, movie)

33. The Sundance Kid/Robert Redford (Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, movie)

34. Maximus (Gladiator, movie)

35. Imhotep (The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, movies)

36. Captain Hook/Jason Isaacs (Peter Pan, movie)

37. Benedict/Kenneth Branagh (Much Ado About Nothing, movie) ?????

38. Byron, Babylon 5 ?????

39. Kasumoto,(Ken Watanabe)- The Last Samurai

40.Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies), Forever Knight tv

41.Riddick- Vin Diesel. Movies

42. Dr. Daniel Jackson. Stargate

43. Brian Kinney (Queer as Folk: US version) ??????

44. Jim Halpert (The Office: US) ?????

45. Leroy Jethro Gibbs (NCIS) ????

46. Jack Donaghy (30 Rock) (If he really was an alien, as in the hulu commercials, with a few extra appendages... this would be bolded)

 My 4 - what's funny is that I don't even watch these shows (except for Farscape) - Rob watches them :P

47. John Crichton(Farscape)/Col. Cameron Mitchell (SG-1) - Ben Browder

48. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard (SG: Atlantis) - Joe Flanigan

49. Ronon Dex (SG: Atlantis) - Jason Momoa

50. Tyr Anasazi (Andromeda) - Keith Hamilton Cobb

Sorry, but the dark meat is sorely underrepresented on this list... ;)

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Even though Star Trek has been coloring pop culture for about what, 30 years now, it's still just a television program. (Oh, and a sci-fi book series). I enjoyed The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, but I never could stand the original series or the first few movies. I think William Shatner is a horrible actor & the only thing he's ever done that I've appreciated is his WoW commercial - which I appreciate more for the WoW-ness than William Shatner-ess. Voyager and Enterprise are just tolerable for me.

So seriously, my world would not be much different than it is now without ST in it.

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I've been on the pill for a loooooong time (we're talking on & off for 22 years, more on than off - the 'offs' were because my prescription ran out & I couldn't get into the gyno in time, or a break here & there because a doc wanted me to try different pills, that kind of thing). I like not having much PMS and it has controlled my face breaking out a lot. However, the kind I'm on now, Lo-Ovral, has a high androgen index, and one of the side effects is increased body hair - and scalp hair loss. I've never been an exceptionally hairy woman to begin with (gratefully thanking the indigenous Canadien part of my genetics for that!) but the hair loss from my head hasn't slowed, and the Rogaine did nothing. It may have actually accelerated the process... I tried the pre-natal vitamins, but it kept upsetting my stomach & then I read the contents a little more thoroughly - 167% of my daily recommended dose of zinc, which is fairly toxic - and too much zinc can also contribute to hair loss. So I threw those motherfuckers out. 

I'm kind of mulling over the pros & cons of taking a break from the pill... I can always start it again if my hair loss doesn't change - or if it gets worse.  I can live w/cramps - I have no qualms about ibuprofen or Tylenol - my liver already hates me, and my back hurts 90% of the time anyway. 

I hate hate hate having acne.

In other news, I managed to bring a Druid up to level 30. On a PvP server, no less. The highest I've ever gotten one before is 30, and the highest toon I've ever gotten on a PvP server is 20 - they're mainly just mules for Rob, since he does seem to enjoy the pain & misery of PvP combat. W/my other Drood attempts, I get Cheetah form & that's where they sit until I delete them, lol. She's a Feral Dr000d, and I am enjoying just bounding from one enemy to the next. I also lurv to run down Alliance and eat them. I'm finding that I can deal w/PvP as long as it's on my terms. I'm not a happy camper - I kill, I take care of business & I move on, no need to hang around & make an ass of myself. 

Last weekend, DeathNote came to an end... the ending was horrible. Now it's starting over & me & Rob are having serious doubts about how worthwhile taping it is. Especially now that we know how bad the last episode is. I like the Shinigami, though :D
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When I first saw The Oblongs, I was horrified and appalled and couldn't get past the credits. For some reason, at the Excalibur, someone (probably Enrico) was watching it in the break room and I had no where else to go, so I ended up watching it. I am now fairly well hooked on it. The humor is soooo black. I wish there were more than 13 episodes. I'm probably going to have to get the book Creepy Susie & 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children by Angus Oblong.

The main Debbie is having a birthday party, to which the Valley kids are not invited, & Milo (I think it was Milo, my head was in the dryer) said something about them having booked every pony for miles around. Helga says, "Oh, man, I love barbecues!" I fucking died.
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During my last class on Ecology, I learned that certain parasites can affect the behavior of their hosts in order to further the parasites ability to breed and complete its lifecycle. The most notable affects fish - the parasite causes the infected fish to behave in ways that make the fish more vulnerable to predatory birds. The parasite needs the birds to host its final developmental stage.

I just read an article (Return of the Puppet Masters about the toxoplasma virus transmitted by cats. It's estimated that approximately half the human population is infected with it. It tends to make an infected person, male or female, more self-reproaching and insecure. However, men become jealous & paranoid and defensive while women become more open-hearted and outgoing. If a person is badly infected - usually an infant whose pregnant mother passed the toxoplasma to them or someone w/a compromised immune system, they can develop schizophrenia. Now, rats w/a toxoplama infection become less sensitive to the scent of cats - and rats are an important host for the toxoplasma's life cycle. The cat passes the virus into its feces, a rat ends up eating something infected from the cat, the rat becomes less wary of cats, the cat eats the infected rat and the toxoplasma life cycle continues.

But why would this virus initiate changes in humans? In women I can understand - a more warm-hearted woman would be more likely to be a cat person. So are suspicious, jealous men more likely to have warm-hearted and outgoing women in their lives, who are also cat people? Therefore providing the toxoplasma host with a warm bed & plenty of food and kitty litter? I just don't see suspicious jealous men being more cat-people than normal guys. Most guys I know are jealous, suspicious and self-reproaching, which makes me wonder if all the men I know have been infected by toxoplasma.

Apparently, many drugs used to treat schizophrenia can push the toxoplasma virus into submission - and a drug used to treat a toxoplasma infection can alleviate the symptoms of schizophrenia.

This whole thing was started by me wondering what else a Burmese python could eat besides rats and its owners. I went from the Burmese python diet (small rodents to large mammals, fish, lizards, other snakes, birds, small children) to wondering if ball pythons could be safely fed other types of meat - which yes, they eat birds, lizards and small mammals. However, a ball python fed chicken would be more likely to carry and transmit salmonella. A lot of zoos feed their big pythons road kill. Nice, huh?

Oh, and I was also trying to determine if in Buddhism, animals could be reincarnated as humans. They can, and humans can end up as animals. In the Tibetan Buddhism cosmology, a human soul is more desirable than an animal soul. Personally, I think otters have it easy. They crack open seafood on their bellies. I would so like to come back as an otter. I'm just not sure how badly I need to fuck up my karma to just end up as an otter and not, say, a cockroach. I'd say I'd like to come back as a pet dog or cat, but with my luck I'd end up a pit bull being used for dog fights, or a stray cat with no tail or something. Used to think I'd like to be a dolphin in another life, but the oceans are so polluted... ugh. I really wish there were some decent Buddhist resources here in Las Vegas to answer questions like this for me. "Pardon me, revered Master - how bad do I need to screw up to come back as an otter and not, say, a pit bull used in dog fighting?"

(Ok, an aside from Cash Cab - all the inside numbers on the roulette wheel add up to 666)
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Mini-Chthulu has been keeping Rob company during his anxiety attacks... as a result, I think many of Chthulu's plans for world domination have fallen by the wayside. Now all he does is sit on the couch & watch t.v.

I'm serious. Chthulu is now a couch potato. It's pathetic. He's got all the remote controls spread out in front of him. Rob left the t.v. on for him all day. I don't think it's good for the widescreen, but you shoulda seen the looks Rob was getting just for threatening to turn the thing off. We left him watching Once Upon a Time in Mexico & at some point this afternoon it was a war flick.. and now it's Ocean's Thirteen. Which sucks. It has George Clooney in it. But Chthulu won't let Rob change the channel.

It's too dark to use my webcam to photograph this. I really need to get my digital camera fixed :P
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Ran across a blurb about Mae West on rotten.com - she had an 'Adam & Eve' skit that got her banned from the airwaves. Of course, it was back in the 30's, so it's probably on the slightly corny side of old-fashioned humor today.

I was looking at her picture, & the thought occurred to me that if she was alive today, she probably would have gotten a nose-job. But it's cool that she lived in a day & age before everyone had to look the same in order to be considered beautiful.

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Well, Rob got bloodwork ordered by the new doc & his results were somewhat startling - his triglycerides are off the charts. 450mg/dll where 150 is the high side of normal. He is what the doctor calls 'pre-diabetic'. No more starchy goodness for him. Of course, it's also up to him to decide on what he wants to do about it, or if he wants to do anything about it at all.

This morning before I went to bed, coming home in the icy chill that is high desert winter, I started thinking about my birth day. I was born early New Year's Eve during a freak snowstorm. It sounds cliche, freak snowstorm, but believe me, any snow in Fontana is best defined as freak snow. Over 18" fell on the San Bernardino Mountains & Victorville got 17" over 3 days or so. The mini-blizzard lasted almost 5 days, ending w/snow flurries in Palm Springs. It's kinda funny because I had a difficult birth, breech & blue. When my dad first took my mother to the hospital, they almost sent her home because she was having 'false labor pains'. The only reason they didn't send her home was because it had started snowing outside & the nurses made the judgment call that it would be better for her to just stay in the hospital over night instead of driving almost 2 hrs home & possibly having to come back to the hospital in the middle of a blizzard. My dad went home after it became apparent that my mother wasn't going to make like a pinata any time soon, and he couldn't get back to the hospital until early on the 2nd of January.

If it hadn't been for the snowstorm, my mother would have gone home & endured a horrible birth, possibly dying in the process. And I wouldn't be here today. So I started wondering to myself, Who is to blame for the storm? And why? Why was either my mother's or my life so important that a snowstorm had to be engineered to ensure my or her survival? It snapped power lines, collapsed roofs & impeded traffic, but no one died... It was just a freak snowstorm. Now, it could all be pure coincidence, but it's one of those things that makes me go, "Hmmm..." And it kinda pisses me off. Sure, a freak snowstorm can be whipped up so I can be born live, but can I ever win Megabucks when it's over $1 million?

I feel bad sometimes because when people are really down, even to the point of contemplating suicide, I never have any encouraging words to offer them. Never can say, "Hey, life is worth living, you don't know what you'll miss out on." All those things to cheer people up & steer their minds away from the pain & suffering that is every day life. I can bolster a person's sense of self-worth, I can inflate egos, I can instill confidence and self-esteem... but I could never work at a suicide hotline. For me, the people calling would be like a suicide tip line. I could take notes on all the plans, survey their potential success rate, choose a suicide plan that best fit my needs and possibly save 15% or more in the process (snork, I kill me). "Hey, call me back after you try it so I know whether it worked or not!"

We were watching ST: Voyager earlier & it was the episode where the doctor got kidnapped by a medical facility. They had a drug that was being used to prevent arterial aging & it was also used to cure a virus or disease. The arterial aging patients were basically wealthy people whereas the virus was an equal-opportunity infectious agent. The medical facility operated kind of like an insurance-run company where so much of the drug was allotted to each level of patients. Well, the doctor didn't like the fact that the drug was being used freely on the one level w/the wealthy patients & was being withheld from the really sick patients, so he ended up giving the main administrator a dose of the virus to coerce him into changing the allottment policies. I looked up at Rob & said something like, "HMO's suck!" because that's what the episode makes me think of & he replied, "What, Holographic Medical Officers?" It was truly a classic one-liner coming from Rob, & I Rofl'd all over the place.
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Comment on this post, and I will...

1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must post this in your LJ.

It was a beautiful morning this morning. I walked out of the castle into a cool, damp breeze that felt like an early February morning on Malibu. I could almost smell the ocean. It was drizzling a little. The clouds were low and misty on the mountains and where the sky could be seen in gaps through the clouds, it was a sublime color of blue.

I needed to be welcomed back into the world that way after the night at work. Thank you, Great Mystery.

On an aside, I saw Pink's video for her 'Hello, Mr. President' song or whatever the title is. Yanno, Ellen Degeneres called the president the other morning - I think she was interviewing one of his daughters. Anyway, Bush didn't know who Ellen Degeneres even was. Somehow, I don't think Pink's efforts will have much of an impact.
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Read a headline today in the dailyrotten about monkeys defenestrating some government official in India. For some reason I've never looked up what 'defenestrate' means - it sounds dirty, though. Or painful. Actually, it sounds like a combination of dirty and painful. And whenever I hear it, Beavis & Butthead start laughing in my head. "Huh huh huh, you said defenestrate, heh heh heh".

All it means, though, is to 'throw someone or something out a window'. Monkeys chased some poor gov'ment guy in India out the window of an upper floor of a gov'ment building. Ouch. It does give this not-so-dirty word a lot of possible applications, though. You could defenestrate a television, for example. Or defenestrate a cow. Or your kid. Or someone else's kid. "I defenestrated my neighbor's kid soooo hard!" It comes from an architectural term - fenestrate, which means 'to have windows'. My computer is fenestrated. (snork!) Something can be defenestrated, to - if you remove windows from it. "I installed Linux & now my computer is defenestrated." The root, fenestra is bastardized Latin - the Romans borrowed it from possibly the Etruscans & the French got a hold of it & turned it into fenetre (w/a caret over the last 'e').

Watched this thing on crocodiles last night - or more about a guy looking for fabled 20'-long 'monster' crocs. Most of them have been killed - but he still found a couple in the 18' range. Crocs live long lives - once they reach a certain size, their only predator is human. Takes a saltwater croc about 80 years to hit 20'. They showed some old footage of this guy feeding a captive crocodile that was about 20' long. He held a dead chicken at the end of a pole & dangled it above the crocodile just over his own height, which is 6'. The crocodile he was feeding just lifted its head up & snatched the bird from the pole. The croc didn't even have to lift itself up on its front legs to do it, either, so just this monster's head was about 6' long, if not a few inches longer. It could have eaten the guy feeding it whole, with not an arm or leg outside its jaws. Just one big bite - chomp! That chicken was a chicken nugget to that animal. Made the hair stand up on my arms. I started thinking about how much trouble golfers have with average-sized alligators on Florida golf courses... These things are only about 8' long & they eat golfers regularly. A person wouldn't have a chance in Hel if one of the really big crocs was intent on eating them. I kind of creeped myself out & came to the determination that crocodiles are one of the few creatures on earth that make me feel like potential prey. Rob's friend Ken felt that way about polar bears - said just the fact that polar bears were on the same planet as him made him nervous.


Aug. 15th, 2007 08:41 am
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Normally I find Billy Zane attractive - I like the sound of his voice & he's just plain man-sexy. However, this morning's Charmed has him running around pretending to be Robin Hood & w/the gods-awful wig he's wearing, he looks like Brendan Frasier in George of the Jungle. How humiliating.

Josh called again last night. May I reiterate. Urwargh.

They don't know who they're going to give the lead clerk position to - an actual lead clerk who just wants to change her shift, or to me because I wasn't technically a steady extra when the shift went up & the night audit position is technically of higher pay scale & therefore rank. Pam told me this morning, "We're going to do whatever the contract says, but right now we still don't know what the contract means."

I got a letter from Clark County yesterday - I scored 75.5 points towards the requirements for the Office Specialist position so I'm on the eligibility list for 6 months. Woot! I'm still not done w/my background packet for Metro. Part of it is listing all government & law enforcement positions you've ever applied for or put in an interest card for. It's overwhelming - I mean, this is my hobby. I apply for government jobs. It's what I do. Eventually, someone will die & they will run out of current employees to laterally or horizontally promote & I will be the highest scoring applicant and I will get a full-time job doing something inane in the country's infrastructure. I did run across some old letters of recommendation so I've filled in a few more blanks in my employment history, and another listing of addresses.

This whole time I've only kept my employment crap for about 10 years & tax stuff for 7. When we got robbed, because of all the identity-theft potential, I threw a bunch of stuff away because I was just holding onto it 'in case'. A word of advice: if you ever apply for a law-enforcement job in a major city, even if it's for an office assistant, keep everything. Just keep it in a safe deposit box or something.
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I really like the whole Happy Cows Come from California campaign. It's so goofy.

The stupid Metro background check thing, on the other hand, is definitely in the hate category. List all residences from the time I was 16 to the present. All employers for the past ten years (which I'm used to, but I have to include every job, including all the places I only worked at for 1 day)... all family members (that one's getting a little fudged because I haven't talked to anyone from TN for about 13 years & haven't heard hair nor hide from Penny since I was 18. Non-employer character witnesses. And then I have to do it all over again for the polygraph exam.

It's so much beauracratic bullshit. What happened to the 'Reduction of Paperwork Act'?
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Thousands of years ago, a group of humans not too far removed from their Cro-Magnon predecessors built monuments that still keep perfect time. They constructed pyramids perfectly aligned in direction... built dolmens with holes that let in the light of the solstice at the precise moment of its occurrence.

Thousands of years later, we have evolved into a bunch of apes who cannot tell time without assistance from some kind of digital device... and even surrounded by digital devices that tell us the precise time in atomic accuracy, we're still late for work.

Rob is watched Charmed this morning because Rose McGowan is running around in a tank top that shows her nipples.
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Went to physical therapy. I start out my session now with 10 minutes of walking on the treadmill. I'm supposed to concentrate on the whole heel-toe walking thing. I meditate while I'm walking. I chant the "Nam Myoho" mantra, one word per footstep. It's funny - I can close my eyes & walk at the same time, without the treadmill eating my toes or throwing me off the back. I concentrate on my breathing, one inhale per mantra, one exhale per mantra, so one breath for eight steps. I'm not really blocking anything out - I can still hear the chatter of the patients & gym-goers & the physical therapists & the assistants, the radio - two of them, both on different stations. But I'm not tuning in on anything except my footsteps and my breathing and the mantra.

Just watched the last half of Cirque du Soleil's Corteo on the Bravo channel. It doesn't matter how many of the Cirque's performances I see, or how often I see them, they never lose their magic. The acrobats and dancers and musicians constantly astound me and blow my hair back. The control and grace and balance they have... while I bounce off walls, even when I'm sober.

A couple of things occurred to me tonight that I hadn't thought about. They were using a teeter-totter to bound into the air & they'd do flips & come back down. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head - just as amazing as the sheer ability to fly into the air is the ability to land on just the right spot on a narrow wooden plank. If they landed too far up the board or didn't land on the board at all, it would probably cause injury, not to mention throwing the timing for the whole act off. Later in the show they were using a safety net like a trampoline to jump into the air & be caught by performers on the swings above, sort of like a high-wire act in reverse. Once again, if the acrobat missed the net & fell to the stage below, the act would be ruined & the acrobat would probably be hurt. In an act like that, not only does the performer have to know and trust their own body to land on mark, they have to trust their fellow performers to catch them in mid-air as they are thrown back and forth between the swings.

After the acrobats left the stage, a man showed up with a ladder. Which he climbed, with no supports, no one holding the ladder... at one point he slipped between two of the rungs & I and the t.v. audience all made that sharp intake of air, that "Ah!" noise, waiting for disaster, until he flipped his body around the top rung and was on the ladder in the correct position again. At some point, an angel dropped from the ceiling and gave him a much taller ladder. Shortly after he began trying to climb the ladder & was dancing around on it, a man came up from a hole in the stage & said to no one in particular, "Excuse me, there's a big hole in your stage there." & wandered off. Of course, I and the t.v. audience were all waiting for the man dancing on the ladder to fall into the hole. They kept showing one older woman who was watching from between her fingers. They panned back over the stage & the lights illuminated the labyrinth painted on the floor, so all the hair on my body stood on end & I almost started crying, but luckily I was re-captivated by the man on his ladder, who never did fall into the hole, but instead got swept away by the ladder-giving-angel.

Ah well, I may not be able to fly, but at least I can cook. I've discovered this Mediterranean herb blend so I marinated some little steaks in it and Worcestershire sauce... I had some thick salmon filets, & I took some breadcrumbs & Parmesan cheese, blended them together with a little melted butter, lemon pepper and paprika & pressed that into the salmon & squeezed some fresh lemon juice over it, baked it for like an hour. Flipped it halfway through so the skin could get crispy & the fat could render into the meat. Sauteed some zucchini slices & fresh asparagus in lemon juice & butter. Yum yum. I'm sooo full of fish right now. Smith's has had fresh asparagus lately & it's cheap, too. I've noticed that fresh asparagus doesn't have that foul odor canned or jarred asparagus does when ya pee. It also has a spring-green flavor, and it's the best when it's still tender-crispy.

I get these urges sometimes, to just have Rob drive me out into the middle of the desert, where I can sweat and dance and cry out for visions. It would serve no purpose in the long run. Even standing in the middle of the living room & hollering, "Ok, spirits, sock it to me!" would work, but why stir things up? I spent many years shutting things down, why tease the entities-that-be? Guess I'll just sit here & watch Shin-Chan.
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Sitting here watching That 70's Show. Foreman, Hyde, Kelso & Fez are all sitting in the circle, smoking pot & Kelso's talking about a Russian death ray that's pointed at the White House. Now, the other three are trying to explain to him that it's just a story in a comic book, but Kelso ends up calling the White House to 'warn' them of this supposed threat.

Well, they all end up completely paranoid & end up destroying a vacuum cleaner Foreman's mom had ordered. It was actually a very funny episode the first time I saw it. Today I told Rob that I kind of felt sorry for the people who had to answer phones back then for various government agencies. There were a lot of stoned people roaming around in the 60's & 70's. I mean, yeah, me & Eric spent many a drunken evening calling people in the phone book who happened to be named 'Bud Weiser' or 'Jack Daniels', asking them stupid drunken things like, "Hey, do you come in 5 litre bottles?" Imagine a whole bunch of stoned paranoid people calling government agencies over a decade - that's the real reason pot & LSD are illegal.

In other news, Rob's mom faceplanted in her backyard today - we were supposed to go out for Mother's Day tomorrow, but she's got a fat lip & a black eye now. I went to physical therapy and got a haircut. Trimmed my bangs, anyway.


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