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We are crawling back to Blizzard... 2 months without WoW & we're shells of our former selves.

Of course, I set up fake IDs. Take that, future plans for RealID!

I just wish I'd thought about it before I deleted all our stuff.

Nerd Rage

Jul. 9th, 2010 02:40 pm
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I'm a bit flabbergasted.

A company actually listened to its player base. Either that, or a lot more people canceled their WoW accounts than anyone could have imagined.

Blizzard back-pedaled & said your real name would no longer be linked to your forum account at this time.

It's a small victory. It doesn't mean that Blizzard won't do something fucked up in the future, but for now, the customer won.

I deleted everything last night - all of Rob's toons, all of my toons. I handed out about 100k gold, handed over 3 fully-stocked guild banks...

Should I step up & tell Rob I may have fucked up & that if we do decide to go back to WoW, we'll be starting at square 1 again?
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Thanks to Blizzard's brilliant new RealID scheme, I have officially quit WoW. In fact, I will no longer buy or support Blizzard products or any of its games that run on

I know it doesn't matter to them one bit. Eventually, a company gets a few million subscribers and they no longer have to care about taking care of their customers.

In spite of the huge outcry against RealID, Blizzard/Activision has decided to push forward with this. Those who support or don't care about RealID's integration into are saying, "But it only affects the forums".

Well, about a year ago or so, Blizzard decided to link all of their games - classic Diablo, Warcraft I/II/III, Starcraft & World of Warcraft - together with IDs. I was ok with that. I use my same id to log into WoW or to log into In fact, it made everything a little more accessible & easier to remember my password, since I no longer needed a different one for Diablo: LOD. At first, was optional - if you opted in, you got a penguin pet. Fine by me, I'm usually down for free stuff. Then, it became mandatory to have to use I saw that one coming & didn't mind being an 'early adopter'.

Now, though, they're doing the same thing with RealID. Right now, it's optional. It's also only for the forums. With the release of Cataclysm, it will be mandatory for the forums. I'm sure down the line, it will be mandatory to use RealID to play the game.

What is RealID? It's an online identity. It links your real name with your e-mail, and from that, it links your real name & e-mail to your forum account and characters. RealID will display your actual name to a questionable 'community' of 11.5 million players - and that's just in WoW. It allows people to track all of your alternate characters and to see when you are online.

I don't always want people to see when I'm online. I don't want people to bug me. I also have a rather unique name - googling me would be easy to determine which of the few people who share my name is the gamer. It's not that I don't have an online footprint - I do, and that's not a big deal. What is a big deal is being stalked by vindictive players. Being griefed in real life.

I quit. Rob quit. We deleted all of our characters, gave the guilds away to random lowbies. It's over.
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I can't help but feel that if Blizzard sticks with their current concept for female Worgens, we will be overrun with furries.

Exhibit A:

Even though I'm not a roleplayer in WoW, I do occasionally prefer to play on role-playing servers. It cuts down on the general juvenile asshattery in trade chat. Most of the hardcore RPers only RP in 'say', which means only the folks standing nearby can see your conversations. Even though I don't get involved, I respect RPers and will banter when engaged. I've been sexually harassed a couple of times. I don't get into cyber, and some folks have proven themselves to be persistent and turn nasty when refused. I'm like, well, that's what the 'Ignore' button is for, and go on about my business.

In real life, as I've spent time in various forums and chat rooms, I've encountered role-players of various ilk. I've also gotten requests for cybering and what-not. I have encountered some furries, mainly because of screen names involving coyotes or bears. I've stopped using most of the 'bear' references in my screen names because I spent a lot of time being chatted up by people who thought I was into large, hairy gay men or who thought I was a large hairy gay man. But the coyote thing seemed to attract furries like it was the internet equivalent of fox urine or something.

I'm generally a tolerant and accepting person when it comes to sexual fetishes and weird ideas about one's origins. This is one of those lines where my tolerance & acceptance starts to wear thin. I have very little patience or understanding for furries or 'otherkin'. Personally, I think furries need to grow up. I find it hard to see them in a positive light, especially when their kinks bleed over into their daily life. To sit and chat with someone, believing them to be a fairly normal individual & then have them whip out 'yiff' is akin to having one's leg humped by a drunk fourteen-year-old in a dirty school mascot costume. It's really not fun or pleasurable, it's just embarrassing for everyone involved, especially when the fourteen-year-old is the only one who's not sober.

If I decided to roll a female Worgen, I can just imagine the inevitable result. I'd be standing in the Auction house some day, shopping for upgrades or recipes or what-not, and all of a sudden I'd get a tell of, "Yiffypop sniffs under your tail curiously". My response would be something akin to "Plaguedog rips Yiffy's freaking head off and stuffs it down his throat, and pisses on his twitching corpse!" I could foresee that scenario replaying itself in infinite variations, all the way from the starting area to lvl 80 raids. Rob doesn't see it happening, & he brings up the Tauren female, who are basically anthropomorphized cows, but they are the fat chicks of WoW. No one would admit to being attracted to that particular lumpy arrangement of pixels (except me, because I dig chicks with hooves & horns and hips).

I don't know why furries skeeve me out. The feeling I get from encounters with them is a lot like how I feel when I've met people who are into infantilism. They've got issues & are dealing with them in a very wrong way. If you want to have sex with animals, why not just find an accommodating pet of some kind? Why feel it necessary to take a perfectly good squirrel or something & give it human features? If I feel the urge to have sex with a dog, I'm going to go have sex with a dog, not pretend to have sex with some guy in a dog costume.
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Rob & I haven't gotten into the 'Massive Multiplayer' aspect of WoW too much, mainly because Rob is a poor sport. He is extremely competitive and throws a lot of emotional investment into the outcomes of certain events. Like receiving loot, winning duels and surviving PvP battles. Want to watch a grown man instantly turn into a 7-year old retard having a melt-down? Beat Rob at PvP. He has thrown his keyboard and controller at the computer many, many times. He takes everything anyone says in trade chat personally. He can't handle friendly banter, let alone not-too-friendly banter. Nerd rage doesn't even cover it. Sooo, we've been a guild of 2 since our first days of WoW.

Usually, Rob or I would take a high-level character & run the other's lower level characters through the dungeons. It's been sort of stale for us because Rob's got mostly 80s and mine are either extremely low level (like a lvl 3 priest) or are teetering on the brink of being a high-level, where a solitary lvl 80 toon has trouble running a poorly geared lvl 70 through the lvl 70+ dungeons. Since the random dungeon finder came online, it's been an interesting new chapter in my WoW experience. I've been running instances in groups with other players with appropriate level toons for the dungeons in question.

I've been learning some things. I can't heal as a Resto Druid worth shit. This is partially due to my gear - Rob is a loot whore & will work at getting good gear, no matter how much honor or little rocks he needs to collect or whatever. Patches are the bane of his existence, because just when he finally builds his last set for his last toon, the next tier gear comes out & all his shit is obsolete. My toons wear whatever I pick up or make. They are always grievously under-geared. I can multi-task fabulously for healing but I can't juggle a stupid tank, clothies who stand in AoE range and DPSers who don't watch their own life bars - and manage my mana at the same time. As a poorly-geared Feral Druid, I can do fair to middling DPS and swap between off-tank or off-heal. As a poorly-geared Shaman, I can't do anything except resurrect people when we wipe.

Earlier, I was in a lower-level dungeon w/my poorly geared Shaman, who is now creeping up on lvl 69. The dungeon was for 60 - 65. The other 4 players in the party were 60 - 63. It was quite an illuminating experience.

1) Green clouds are bad. Do not stand in them. Two people died after we downed a boss because they stood in the green cloud.

2) If you are wearing cloth, be you a priest, mage or lock, do not stand where an enemy can hit you. You will die. Our priest kept dying & then saying, "WTF just happened?" - wasn't it obvious? You are a priest, you are in cloth, you are standing in the middle of the fight. You died.

3) If you are a clothie, do not stand within range of an enemy's AoE. You will die. Once again, our beloved priest got downed by a boss's AoE. Once again, he asked, "WTF just happened?" I told him, "He killed you - killed you with fire!!"

4) If a message comes across your screen that says something like, "Boss is charging his lazers" - back the fuck up or hide behind a pillar or something. Don't just stand there. You will most likely die.

5) If you are a tank, especially a level 63 tank in a group with others of similar or lower level, and some of them are caster-classes, please let them replenish their mana. I'm sure someone out there is mightily impressed with your 7-minute instance runs, but your casters are crying for mercy.

6) If you are a tank, do not pull everything in the goddamned room if your casters have no mana. You will die. They will die. We will all die. Everyone will die except the enemies. They will point and laugh, and probably tea-bag you.

7) "OOM" and "Mana" and "Out of Mana" and "Need Mana" all mean the same thing. Stop pulling enemies.

8) If your casters are replenishing their mana, do not run into the next room, around a corner, completely out of the line of sight, and pull every single enemy on your way into said corner. You will die and the enemies will come looking for the rest of us.

9) If you are a mage, hunter or another tanking class, let the main tank attack something first, unless they specifically ask you to pull an enemy. Once engaged in battle, attack what the main tank is attacking. Do not attack something from another group. Do not attack something from the same group & then run towards the healers, bringing the wrath of legions upon their poor manaless souls.

10) Accept responsibility for your actions. If you are a clothie & standing in the middle of a fight or within AoE range and die, do not blame the tank for not holding aggro. Get the Hell out of the way. Stand back - your spells are ranged for a reason. If you are a class notorious for out-aggroing tank classes, and you out-aggro the tank, don't lead the enemies to the healers - save them and feign death or ice block, and don't blame the tank if you didn't let them attack first or if you chose a target the tank was not attacking. If you are a tank, and you run around a corner pulling every enemy in the room and die alone, do not blame your healers or casters - they were getting their mana back.

11) And please, even if a group wipes, come back to the dungeon :)
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I love the new random dungeon finder, especially for lowbies.


I fucking hate Maraudon!!!!!

Die, Maraudon, die!!!! Pointy stick stab!!!


Feb. 15th, 2010 07:56 pm
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Rob scored me a bronze dragon mount today :D

Our guild message now reads: Dragons. She'll pretty much have to.

I also caught this beauty around 2:45am this morning:

I really need to do some homework, but... dayum. A bronze dragon and Arcturis?!
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I would post this on fb, but there are people there that I try to avoid in WoW...

I just made 300g on a PvE server by selling eggs.

I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow morning & check my PvP AH mule's mailbox.

Egg money, egg money, I love me some egg money :D
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Zane is finally a level 80, bitches!

I just want to go around waving mah dick at people.

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Just when I thought I might be able to get bored and step away from my computer... (at least until Diablo III, anyway...)


Flight comes to Azeroth!
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Well, the computer I use at work is infected w/some kind of virus... and I think I broke my foot the other night. I just noticed tonight because Chelsie stepped on that foot & it hurt like a bitch. I took my shoe off & the whole top of my foot is bruised & there's a broken blood vessel in there.

I do not want to go to QuickCare on Christmas Eve. Or Christmas, for that matter.

Speaking of Christmas, I got a plush talking Murloc from Rob. I got him a throw blanket that has a pocket on the top for a remote control & one at the bottom for his feet :)

I will post pictures of my murloc so y'all can see what the heck it is. He only knows one word, tho... "Mrglglglglgl!!!"

Rain, Rain

Dec. 15th, 2008 09:56 am
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Thank you, Great Myster, for the morning rain, and thank you for not making me wake up to snow. Rob's mom is getting snow - thank you for giving it to her & not me!

I played hooky today :P The Feast of Winter's Veil started in Azeroth, and I felt the need to attend.
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WoW is teh awesome!

Zane & Baby Blizz Bear
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I got a silver 'un tonight!

Thank you, Great Dragon Cave Gods, for answering my prayer earlier today. I will continue faithfully clicking other people's eggs & hatchies.

It has a beautiful glow!

In other news...

Death Knights are terribly overpowered & I am terrified of the nerf bat. Rob & I ran Scholomance last night by ourselves, him at 61, me at 59. We only died maybe 8 times, mainly because neither of us bothered to get health potions & we kept standing in poison clouds. There is this spell called Deathgrip. A shadowbolt snaps out, grabs your target & pulls it to you. Everyone has macros that yell 'Get over here!' when they cast Death Grip set up, ala Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. My macro says 'Come to daddy!' I wanted to make it say 'Kirstie, come to Daddy!' but it was too creepy even for me, hah. I'm thinking of setting one up for when it's just me & Rob running around that says, 'Yoink!'. We pull a mob & play keep-away with it while taunting each other, "I stole your (insert mob name here)!" The DK mount is just awesome, but it screams when you summon it & that is getting old fast. Sounds like a horse caught in a burning tin shed.

Chelsie had some of our pizza & chicken wings last night & got an upset tummy. I feel like an absolute heel because I can't feed her any goodies today - that belly needs a rest. After what happened in my bathroom this morning & what happened on the living room floor this afternoon I need a rest from that belly. She eats everything - green beans, lima beans, brussel sprouts, broccoli, lettuce... not a big bread eater, though. We keep calling her the Atkins dog - meat & green leafies only. Anyway, I wish I could just give her some Pepto-Bismol or something. The food thing bothers Rob, too - his mom fed the dog he had when he was a kid pretty much nothing but tablescraps, including chocolate & coffee. He's still kicking himself in the head because their dog died of pancreatic/liver failure - they basically poisoned her through ignorance. My folks could have had the same thing happen - we never knew grapes were poisonous to dogs, but I don't think our dogs ever actually ate any grapes - they mostly rolled them around on the floor & squashed them.

I know Chelsie's upset about the whole not-feeding thing. She's so good while we're eating now - she goes & lays down across the room & tries to amuse herself w/a chew-toy until she sees that we're done eating. If we take too long cleaning up the dishes, tho, she starts barking at us. She goes & sits in the kitchen & waits for me to put her tidbits in her bowl. So tonight, she probably thinks she did something horribly wrong & we're punishing her. I keep trying to tell her I don't have time to clean up sick doggy mess again tomorrow morning, but I don't think she has the vocabulary yet. I don't think she's got anything serious - I'm paranoid about parvo - she's still playing & being obnoxious in between nap-attacks.


Nov. 13th, 2008 04:27 pm
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As soon as the installation finishes, anyway. >:D

I was originally going to attend the midnight release at the local Wal-Mart, but I laid down for a nap around 9:30 last night. Rob woke me up at 11:30, and I was so warm & comfy in my bed that I just said, "Fuck it, we'll go in the morning". Walked into BestBuy, no line, no waiting - and they had the Collector's Edition!

Obviously, I called in to work today. I am a slacker & I don't care!
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Only 10 hours & 13 minutes til Wrath of the Lich King hits the stores!!!


Oct. 27th, 2008 02:01 pm
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Chelsie found her voice this weekend. She's been relatively quiet - aside from some whining & crying when locked in the bathroom at night. She's barked at me twice - once was almost too cute to bear, too - and Rob heard her bark at pigeons in the back yard. On those occasions, though, it hasn't been a string of barks - it's just been one bark. One single solitary bark. She has also growled twice, once at Rob, once at some kid in the park. Yesterday I had the front door open & she was watching the outside world & someone walked by the house & she actually barked at them - more than once. Someone else walked by a few minutes later & she barked at them, too. We praised her lavishly. She's gotten noticeably bigger in the few weeks we've had her, and she had her first bath - which she hated.

As for me, I spent most of the weekend playing WoW. It's kind of nice having classes this semester that just don't demand much out of me. There was a zombie invasion in WoW & all I've heard is people bitching about it. I freaking loved it, even though Ive spent most of the past couple of days running LBRS/BRD & Strat. Rob & I literally spent all day Saturday in Blackrock. It was cool, though, because I've never fully explored the place. We wiped in the bar, but oh well.

WoW Ow

Sep. 12th, 2008 12:29 pm
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This is almost too painful to contemplate:

The Diplomatic Route

That's what the LHC really did - it moved us to a slightly different quantum dimension in which Blizzard is allowing paid PvE to PvP character transfers.
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Oh My GodsI love it. It's freakin' funny. I'm so glad that being at work gives me the time to explore teh internets again... WoW is time consuming when I'm at home. I'd never have found this comic at home.

On the other hand, me & Rob actually managed to clear Zul'Farrak & complete the Divin-o-matic Rod quest last night - his lvl 70 Balance Druid (aka a Boomkin, which Rob calls a Doom Chicken, but in all honesty it's more like an OOMkin)and my lvl 49 1/2 Feral Druid. We've never been able to do that quest from start to finish before, even w/Rob & me at lvl 60-something as a Hunter/Rogue team.


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