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I originally logged on because Rob was telling me about a new ghost-hunter show involving a panel of experts like a psychologist, a scientist, a skeptic & a few more. These folk went to N'Awlins & were invited to a closed Voodoo ceremony, and they all became horses. Rob said that even the skeptic had no explanation for the experiences they had - no rational, explainable, scientific excuse or anything. One of them said something to the effect of "You can't understand it unless you experience it for yourself." 

I wish Rob had the foresight to tape it for me, but oh well. It's only topical because I'm currently reading 'Urban Voodoo', a book written by some guy who makes Aleister Crowley seem politically correct and humble. He pretty much said the same thing - also that more & more, the African Diasporic spirits are calling people cross-culturally, not just because Their pool of potentials has broadened, but because They are getting desperate for the attention. (He mentioned a book, one of the original cyber-punk novels called 'Count Zero' by William Gibson(?) that's about a time in the future when the lwas get into the internet and start wreaking Their own special brand of havoc... I'm gonna have to get ahold of it - I've been delving into cyber punk more & more thanks to Neal Stephens' 'Snow Crash') Anyway, I'm one of those typical white folk who heard the call... and ignored it. Mainly because, well, They want more from me than I can give. I probably will never have a time in this life where I can give myself over to the life of the spirit, especially not a public life of the spirit. The whole reason I even pulled Urban Voodoo off my shelf is because I'm weaning out my collection of Ars Magicka to sell off or give to Jody. It's been at least moderately entertaining, if nothing else.

Anyway, it's just that time of year - Autumn, Samhain rolling around. I start thinking to myself that I could answer the call, bring the spirits back into my life, complete the prophecy... but then again, maybe I should just let sleeping Gods lie.
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