Feb. 3rd, 2008

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Well, I've been trying to draw a tarot card of some sorts every night, or every few nights... I've come to the conclusion that, while beautiful, The Druid Animal Oracle deck just doesn't do it for me anymore. I did a brief reading, just to see if I was on the right track. I didn't get anything at all from it. Of course, Air Dragon showed up, reversed. And Otter showed up - telling me it was okay to play if I wanted to.

Last night, I drew Eireen (aka Pax) from the Goddess deck I've been messing with. Her message is basically the same as Otter - relax, know you're protected, take some time out & smell the roses, take a nap, take a bubble bath, you are a child of the Universe... and I was okay with that. So two cards are telling me to stop & take a deep breath. The other card I drew was from the Medicine Wheel oracle cards, & it was Hawk. In that deck, Hawk is telling me to not only expect a sign from the Gods, but to make sure that I stay aware so I'll know when I see it that it's the sign I was waiting for.

It made me think of this joke. Every day, a man walks to work & prays to God. "Dear God, please let me win the lottery today!" He tries to be a good person, he keeps the Sabbath, he does charity work, and day after day he prays, "Dear God, please let me win the lottery today!" Well, one day as he's waiting for the bus, he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around & God says, "Hey schlomo, buy a ticket already!"

It brought me to an interesting question. Would I recognize a sign from the Gods if it hit me over the head?

The answer is 'No'. A God needs to come up to me with a sign & hit me with it while yelling loudly, "Here's your fucking sign already!" I am not a great reader of oracles or omens. The wind blows because it's windy, it rains because hey - we're on the leading edge of that storm system that dropped 13' of snow on Oregon, a feather blows across my path because a pigeon lost it earlier. If I started looking for signs and oracles and omens I'd be beset by so many that I'd end up w/ADD.

Black Horse & the Cherry Tree was on the muzak when I walked into the hotel this morning - it's a sign!

It started raining while I was at work - it's a sign!

The wind started blowing - it's a sign!

My left knee started hurting - it's a sign!

A feather blew across my foot - it's a sign!

There were bubbles in my tomato soup - it's a sign!

The n button on my new keyboard sticks - it's a sign!

You get my point. I also started thinking this morning, while looking at an amazing flat-bottomed cloud (it's a sign!) over the mountains - what am I waiting for a sign of? A sign that I actually do have the job at the DA's office & I'm not just getting my hopes up? A sign that I am getting back on the right spiritual track? A sign that yes, I was just put here to help one man not fear death? A sign that I am finally a fit vessel for the Gods to use? A sign that the Gods actually exist? I think before I start trying to look for signs in everything and anything, I need to develop some perspective. What sign am I waiting for? Do I need a sign?

On another note, the mint flavored Three Muskateers candy bars are the bomb.


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