Feb. 22nd, 2008

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Last night I asked the Goddess Oracle & the Medicine Cards "if Coyote is leaving me, who will come into my life to guide me?" in pretty much those exact words.

From the Goddess oracle, I got Brigit. In the book, for Her description it states, "fear not, for I will guide and protect you." in pretty much those exact words.

From the Medicine cards, I drew Dolphin. As most people know now, dolphins often 'guide' ships and aid drowning sailors (and stupid people who don't pay attention to warning buoys).

I think Coyote may be sticking around awhile longer. Just to laugh at me when I ask stupid questions.

It got me thinking, though - I've never worked with Brigit, and I left Dolphins behind when I quit being New-Agey/Occultist and started becoming more Wiccan/Pagan/Ceremonial. It was right about the same time I left unicorns and dragons behind, too.

Dolphins have kind of emblamized the whole New Age movement for me - dolphins and aliens and channelers, oh my! But music about dolphins has been helping me sleep for the past 24 years, and I am still deeply and fundamentally connected to the ocean. I am also trying to reconnect to the original spirit of my spirituality, that connectedness that I had when I first started exploring the notion that our souls are greater than we can ever imagine. In ancient Greece & Rome, the dolphin was seen as a psychopomp, and was often connected to Dionysus/Bacchus and also Aphrodite/Venus. And for some reason, the Romans depicted Proserpine (Persephone) surmounted by dolphins. In ancient Crete, the Dolphins were Gods, and in Greece a shrine was devoted to a God of Dolphins (probably Dionysus). In the Medicine cards, dolphin teaches us how to use our breath and 'manna' - spiritual energy or chi.

I certainly have absorbed more knowledge about dolphins than Brigit, lol.
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Hey, it's raining out there!


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