Apr. 12th, 2008

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Having to fast before a blood test is always uncomfortable. All things considered I did okay at work last night, running on no sleep and no food. I am fucking Night Audit Superwoman. Haven't done it in a few months, went in at 11pm instead of 9 like normal, half asleep, starving, took a lunch break & my two fifteens and still had all the audit work done w/almost an hour to spare. I can do night audit sound asleep & standing on my head.

Me & Rob have done a lot over the past year or so to change both of our eating habits - eating less more often, eating at regular times, etc. It does show - I'm hungry more often & it takes less to fill me up. Rob's doing fantastic with monitoring and controlling his blood sugar... Last night was fast night for bloodwork today. Rob came out from having his blood drawn, went outside & smoked a cigarette while he was waiting for me to finish w/mine - and proceeded to faint in the doorway of the lab. I came out from getting my blood drawn & there he was on the ground w/two nurses & some poor Mexican guy hovering over him, dabbing him w/cool towels & an ice pack. The Mexican guy managed to catch him & break his fall a little but Rob still managed to whack his knee on the wrought-iron chair arm before he hit the floor. Today I'm shopping for a medical alert bracelet for him because a couple of people were offering to call 911 & until I came out of the back no one knew exactly what was wrong with him.

Today is a day of sitting around & playing WoW since I am just whupped.
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Mmm, had lamb with pesto sauce for dinner. Mmm. I love food that baaaas. Or rather, food that used to baa.


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