Jun. 10th, 2008

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One single pink & white flower... and another on the way :D I noticed the first bud day before yesterday - it was all tight and green. Yesterday, it was a tightly rolled-up flower. This morning it unfurled into all its pink and white glory.

The best flowers are always trumpet-shaped... and sometimes bell-shaped.

One vine has reached the top of the trellis. I've been having a problem w/the lower leaves turning yellow & falling off, so I looked it up & turns out I've been overwatering them. I'm going to need to get stakes for my sunflowers soon because right now they're acting like vines, crawling all over the pot they're in.

I'm attempting to bake coffee-flavored flan for the office potluck tomorrow. The first batch of caramel for the topping didn't make it - it seemed like the sugar reabsorbed the water and turned back into sugar. The second batch was perfect. The first 5 eggs got scrambled in the process of making the custard... the second I used the double-boiler method. And then I managed to pour about half a cup of water into the flan when I added water to the bain marie. Nice, real nice. Soooo, I'm hoping it'll still be okay. Otherwise, I'm making an early-morning trip to a bakery.

Morning Glory flower )


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