Jun. 23rd, 2008

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We saved a few spiders over the past month or so and now they think they own the place. Rob's got three spider's living in his bathroom, I've had one on the ceiling in my room for a week or two... and there is an itty bitty teeny tiny fuzzy wuzzy spider living in Rob's keyboard. Somewhere under his Page Down button. Fortunately for the spider, Rob doesn't use that button often. I think a couple of egg sacks hatched in here somewhere - under the couch maybe? Who knows. I don't move furniture around and Rob doesn't do it when he vacuums either. Our house isn't exactly filthy but it's definitely dusty.

I had to put all the plants outside due to flies. I lost my sunflowers and tomato plant because they were not prepared to be hardened off to the immense heat we've been having. The hollyhocks and pepper plant seem to be doing okay. If the flies continue to increase, the morning glories are going to go out next. I stuck the box full of mandrake seeds out there, too - the potting soil had flies, probably just fungus flies but I can't live with swarms of gnats buzzing around my head. I can at least swat the flies, but poor ol' Ed can only lay there & shake his head when they get in his tank. I've got some datura sprouts - I'm going to have to pot them eventually, but it's going to be a new batch of potting soil, and I'm going to get some diatomaceous earth to mix in - and maybe I'll roast it just to be on the safe side. I lost a whole bunch of morning glories a couple of years ago because of snail eggs in the potting soil. That was a shocker, too - came out one morning to find teeny tiny itty bitty snails climbing the sliding back door where the morning glory pots were sitting - inside the living room, not outside on the porch.

I even tried a bunch of organic treatments - tobacco tea, dishsoap sprays, etc. None of it deters or kills the flies one bit. Blegh. Stupid flies, ruining my garden! I s'pose I'm just going to have to start all over again.

Ah well. Such is life. Jeff (the only person from the Ex who bothers to contact me at all, and only because I'm on his group e-mail list) sent me an e-mail today w/a bunch of 'Did you know...' things on it. I spent about an hour debunking about half the items on the list. I must be no fun at all when it comes to chain e-mails. It had stuff in it about oak trees not producing acorns til they're 50 years old (most oaks mature at 20 - 25 yrs - and the trees by the Government Center on Grand Central Pkwy are proof enough - that building is less than 20 years old & those little oaks are popping out acorns left & right), duck quacks not echoing, paper will only fold in half 7 times - I saw both those episodes of Mythbusters... another one was that Coca-Cola, Marlboro & Budweiser are the top three most valuable brands... I'm wondering how old that e-mail was because Marlboro dropped out of the top 10 around 2002 & Budweiser before 2000... Right now, yes, Coca-Cola is still #1, but 2 & 3 are Microsoft & IBM.

I'm tired and my knee hurts - I think I'm actually going to make it to bed on time tonight. 

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I think I'm on the downward slope again, being chased by the ol' black dog. Last night it was George Carlin, tonight it's bees. 

Jesus fucking Christ on a hopped-up chariot-driven pogo stick. 

Why can't I be bipolar? At least I'd have some mania to look forward to. 


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