Jul. 7th, 2008


Jul. 7th, 2008 12:42 pm
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I think writing about the Glendora Library was like poking my brain with a Q-Tip... This morning I dreamed I was shelving books in a library, but the books had no titles on the spines. Even though they had stickers where the catalogue info would be, the labels were blank. I somehow knew I was shelving them in the correct places. They were all leather-bound heavy books, too, with parchment-like paper and gold ribbons to mark the pages, and those little gilded bands on the spines.

Rob's sister & her husband are living here, now. We haven't seen them or talked to them since they came in on Friday. Rob's mom's been trying to get us all together for lunch one weekend, but we're going live here sometime in the next two weeks so my weekends are up in the air. It's fine by me - I don't relish the thought of going to lunch w/my prejudiced in-laws & their black son-in-law that they don't know is their son-in-law.

Jody called me Saturday - she's moving in w/Terry. I was going to give her a drum & a New-Agey book on shamanic drumming for her birthday, but I'm probably going to have to rethink that. I don't know all the details - she just left me a voice-mail. I never hear my phone ring. She's leaving Andy & her cat behind, I don't know if she moved out on Brad or if Brad's going w/her to Terry's (from the sound of it I don't think that's the case - Brad might be going his own way). I don't know how Jody is going to cope w/living w/Terry - Terry's always been less-than-understanding when it comes to Paganism of any color. Terry does have the horses, though, so Jody may be able to get out more & help Terry work with them. I do have a deep-seated longing to be around horses, but it's not bad enough to want to put up w/Terry. That and I'm pushing 240lbs right now which is unfair to impose on a horse. I do need to knock a few pounds back off. I ordered one of those Gazelle thingies - it's a little less obscene than Rob's LegMagic.

Gods, teh internets here is running so sllooooowwww today!


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