Jul. 10th, 2008

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Your result for The Mythological Profile Test...


You scored 50% Esotericism, 14% Power, and 90% Malevolence!

Also known as the tunnel worm, jumping worm or mountain stump. The tatzlwurm, a worm-like lizard about two to three feet long with two or four short legs, is said to be so poisonous that even its breath could kill a human. It is also said to be very agressive, attacking anything that moves. Rumored to live in the Alps, some say that it can jump two or three yards in one bound. Its scales are supposedly so thick that blades cannot pierce them.

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Yanno, I try to avoid being the average American idiot. I try not to foster stereotypes and preconceptions about countries that are not America... but I'm getting the honest impression that you just cannot trust anything made in China. This story has been out since last November, but I sometimes shop at the Chinatown mall & the Indoor Swapmeet, which is full of Chinese imports...

Not-So-Recycled Condoms Used in Hairbands

I haven't been wearing my hair in a ponytail since I started going bald, but just to be on the safe side, I cut open a few of my ponytail bands... all braided elastic, so I'm good.

I hate getting cum in my hair, especially from someone I don't know who's in a country far, far away.


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