Jul. 11th, 2008

Gray Day

Jul. 11th, 2008 10:02 am
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I am hoping for thunderstorms this weekend. Last night leaving work we could see thunderheads off in the distance - one even looked like a horse & rider. Today it's kind of overcast. I work in the basement of an office building, with no windows on the outside world, but it's humid in here & the quality of lighting even feels gloomy and gray. I'm just glad I don't have to spend the day in screening, lol. It was freaking hot up there the other day, and it's much more humid today. I think I'd probably just pass out.
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I don't have stereoscopic vision, and I've been looking at these two photos for a loooong time (well, like a year) now, and I still cannot see whatever it is I'm supposed to see that will make me shit bricks. I've seen a couple of these that actually worked for me because they were poorly done (like a tyrannosaurus coming out of the fog) or not relying on optical illusions (one where there's some guy peeking in a window) but these two have me stumped. The secret of the black & white one is that it looks like someone's hanged themselves from a tree, but I don't think that's honestly what it is. If I blur my vision a little I can almost see like a cheshier cat in the center, but I'm just not satisfied w/my interpretation. 

Yeah, if you're wondering, I can't see anything in those pattern posters, either. The random repeated shapes just stay random repeated shapes. You should see me taking the vision test at the DMV.
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Thank you, Great Mystery, for the lightning and thunder... and I'm beginning to hear rain plinking on the metal vent of the chimney. 

Thank you for the beautiful night.


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