Jul. 14th, 2008

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I don't normally dream about my mother. Usually, when I dream, it's about work. Saturday night, aside from waking up holding my breath (no, it's not sleep apnea, I think my lips were sort of glued together because I woke up w/my cheeks puffed out w/air but it wasn't being exhaled... it was kind of funny in a weird way, waking up suffocating because I drool in my sleep & the drool dried like Crazy Glue or something, lol), I had a strange and disturbing dream. I dreamt I was a little kid, maybe 6 or 7. I was in the hallway of a house, next to a closet w/three sliding doors (one on each side & one in the middle, like the one I have in my room, only these were dark cheap panel doors instead of heavier white laminate). It was dark and shadowy in the house, like the power was out, and at the end of the hallway was a little toy robot, one of those w/feet that move over one another, & it was making little toy robot sparking sounds. I was absolutely terrified of it though because no one had touched it - it had just started walking down the hall, and when it tipped over it righted itself and went around the corner, and it was just marching back and forth in the hall. My mother was getting her coat out of the closet, she had her purse and her shoes on, and she was going to the store. I couldn't close the closet door when she had put her coat on - something kept pulling the middle door back open. I'd close it, it would slide open again. I was clinging to the closet door & yelling at my mother by her name to help me close the door & she told me she didn't have time for it, that she needed to get going, that I was wasting her time. I could hear other things moving around in the darkness of the house, and I had the impression that other things had come alive, toys or just things... and something in the closet kept opening the door, and my mother left me there, alone.

It freaked me out & I woke up, (and after making sure my closet door was firmly shut because there is a cucuy in there) I laid there kind of pissed off at my mother because, well, in my childhood there was never anyone to make the monsters go away. I always just had to deal with the things my imagination conjured up. If there was a monster in my closet or under my bed, it was my monster - no one ever came into my room with a flashlight and reassuring words, I never got to crawl into a warm bed with my parents when the red eyes would chase me down the hall. When I had poltergeist incidents, and things did move or break without me touching them, no one ever tried to explain it away - instead I got in trouble for doing it on purpose. I know I had another disturbing dream last night, but I can't remember what it was about - just the darkness again. It might have been about aliens, mainly because the book I'm reading now is comparing alien abductions to shamanic initiations. I've got a thing about aliens...
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Today my toilet decided to go silly-bonkers. Every year around this time, the Las Vegas Valley Water District 'aerates' the water, probably to help keep the sediments from Lake Mead from wreaking havoc w/the treatment plant. As a result, all the extra air pressure in the system makes our toilets flush by themselves and run constantly (yeah, so much for drought-condition conservation, right?) A week or two ago, I flushed the toilet & the little hose in the tank flipped out of the pipe & began spraying water out from under the tank lid. I managed to stuff it back in, dried up my bathroom, bitched about it to Rob & went on w/my merry business. This morning, about 5 minutes before I was getting ready to leave, my toilet tank asploded again, soaking me and the bathroom in the process. I wrangled it back into the pipe (why do all plumbing problems sound sexual? 'I wrangled the spraying hose back into the pipe'... geez) & dried the bathroom as best as I could. I was just glad I don't normally put a shirt on til right before I go out the door (I spill coffee & peanut butter on myself a lot in the mornings - I don't gain coordination til after noon). So Rob came back from dropping me off, was in the bathroom himself, and heard water hitting wood... The toilet had flushed itself & I had never put the tank lid back on when I left this morning, so the little hose was just spraying water everywhere like a miniature fire hose.

This is the really funny part, though. Rob got up from the toilet long enough to make sure it was coming from my bathroom & not outside, went back to clean himself up & the water stopped. He went back into my bathroom, and the hose was neatly tucked under the bobber arm, filling the tank instead of my bathroom cabinets, almost as though something had done it on purpose. Like one of the household goms had walked by, gotten soaked & said, "That's enough of that already!"

Rob whipped out some of his handy-man genes & fixed my toilet, so hopefully tomorrow morning I won't get two showers.

It's still humid, and it drizzled a little today :)


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