Aug. 11th, 2008

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The boss took a much-needed day off today, so I'm looking at another 6 hours of screwing off at work.

I've really been trying to meditate faithfully every night. I'm kind of scared about it now, though. I'm reading Supernatural by Graham Hancock. He compares shamanic initiation experiences, faery visitations and alien abductions - states that the experiences are all the same type of communication with extra-dimensional beings, but our perceptions of how they look & what they do changes as we become technologically advanced. When I close my eyes, if I start seeing phosphenes & feeling lighter or weightless, I immediately leap back into normal reality & start looking for aliens. Hate aliens.

Then there's the dream I had about having my eyes ripped out. The more I try to remember it, the more I see a vulture or buzzard of some kind, including the bright yellow eyes and beak. I was wearing a soft dark-blue dress or robe of some kind... I had a similar one this morning - me in the blue gown & I saw a large bald-headed bird swooping down on me, I raised my arm over my eyes & it grappled onto my forearm & went for my face with its beak. I could feel the heat from its body & smell the strange feathery dusty musk coming off it. It was heavy and the more I tried to shake it off my arm the more it grappled onto me - I tried to grab its head but it was slashing my hand with its beak I decided at that moment that I would not hit the snooze button again.

I had a weird thought about it attacking me - I thought, 'buzzards don't attack live prey so I must be dead'.

Just for the record, I had no music playing when I fell asleep, and I hadn't been fighting buzzards in WoW before I fell asleep, either... Last thing I fought last night were Scarlet Monastery guys.

Now I know (after some research this morning) that buzzards/vultures are generally non-aggressive & their feet are more suitable for walking than gouging someone's eyes out. Not that dreams take realism into account, but maybe now that I know these things, buzzards or vultures won't attack me in my sleep.


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