Oct. 7th, 2008

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3 hours til puppy pick-up! I's excited! It's a pretty good sign that she survived her surgery this morning since the animal shelter didn't call us w/bad news.

Rob's having a bad day today... I truly hope having a dog around will help him. He just sits at home & thinks about his health & his fears. The Catahoulas are supposedly not a 'beginners' dog - they are highly intelligent (people complain about them opening doors), active and hard-headed, very pack-like and will fight for dominance with their humans, so Rob's going to have to be on his toes around her as she gets older. I could use the exercise, so I'm up for the twice-daily walks, even in Summer - she'll just have to wait a little later for her second walk :P

The Pagan Forum I frequent has been shut down for the past couple of days... I'm all annoyed about that, it seemed like an interesting community to be involved in. One of the moderator/owners had a mild heart attack last week & survived, so I hope nothing more serious happened.

She's Home!

Oct. 7th, 2008 06:52 pm
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New Dawg 01 New Dawg 01
She's looking at Ed
Snug as a Bug Snug as a Bug
Aint she purty?
I Don't Feel So Good I Don't Feel So Good
Please ignore all the crap in our den

Y'all are going to get so sick & tired of this dawg. I luffs her. Her one-ear-up-one-ear-down kills me. She's not feeling so hot today, and after she had a tour of the house she puked on the floor. Twice. She also peed on her brand-new bed. It's forgivable today. She seems gentle and timid right now, but she walked out of the clinic on her own paws (she's got webbed feet & does not protest at all when her paws are handled!) but she was absolutely, positively terrified of the cars in the parking lot. The animal shelter said she had been picked up as a stray, so she's got a good reason to be dodgy of vehicles. I had to gingerly pick her up & hold onto her to get into the car. I kept expecting her to get carsick, but she just stayed in my lap, & I finally put her on the floorboard so she could lay down. She kept looking up at me w/that one huge bat-like pointy ear & putting her nose on my knee - I was like, "You got some coyote in you somewhere?". Now she is just laying on her bed & snoring. She looks quite contented over there.

Rob tried a half a Lexapro today - when he came to pick me up he was uber-wired. He said he could see individual veins on tree leaves a mile away. I don't know if he'll keep trying the Lexapro or if he's just going to stick w/the Xanax.


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