Oct. 30th, 2008


Oct. 30th, 2008 10:13 pm
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I'm starting to think Chelsie had a rough beginning to her life. I'm getting the strong impression she may have been thrown from a moving car. She just does not like being around cars, more so running cars. She also strongly prefers the back seat & just kind of lays back there. If you try to pull her into the front seat she freaks out, especially if the window is open.

She has nightmares, too. Just a few minutes ago she was sleeping on the couch & jumped up suddenly & ran barking at the front door. It wasn't like she woke up, looked around or cocked her ears before leaping off the couch - she looked like she was still asleep when she started barking. There's no one out there, no car drove by, no neighbors moving around, no wind... and nothing moving around to make my hair stand on end. Granted, dogs are far more sensitive, but she seemed freaked out & was more than willing to climb shaking into my lap.

It pisses me off sometimes what people do to dogs & cats out here. They just dump them in the desert, basically leaving them to the elements and the coyotes. I don't know what goes through people's heads... "Oh, we'll toss her out of the car on the highway, another car'll hit her, it's guaranteed to be a quick death" or maybe, "yeah, we'll just drive him out to the desert, he'll do fine or someone will come along & pick him up", even if it's an old dog that's never had to scrounge a bite of food in his entire life, or a pampered declawed house cat.

Gah. Need to stop before I start freakin' crying.


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