Nov. 16th, 2008

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I got a silver 'un tonight!

Thank you, Great Dragon Cave Gods, for answering my prayer earlier today. I will continue faithfully clicking other people's eggs & hatchies.

It has a beautiful glow!

In other news...

Death Knights are terribly overpowered & I am terrified of the nerf bat. Rob & I ran Scholomance last night by ourselves, him at 61, me at 59. We only died maybe 8 times, mainly because neither of us bothered to get health potions & we kept standing in poison clouds. There is this spell called Deathgrip. A shadowbolt snaps out, grabs your target & pulls it to you. Everyone has macros that yell 'Get over here!' when they cast Death Grip set up, ala Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. My macro says 'Come to daddy!' I wanted to make it say 'Kirstie, come to Daddy!' but it was too creepy even for me, hah. I'm thinking of setting one up for when it's just me & Rob running around that says, 'Yoink!'. We pull a mob & play keep-away with it while taunting each other, "I stole your (insert mob name here)!" The DK mount is just awesome, but it screams when you summon it & that is getting old fast. Sounds like a horse caught in a burning tin shed.

Chelsie had some of our pizza & chicken wings last night & got an upset tummy. I feel like an absolute heel because I can't feed her any goodies today - that belly needs a rest. After what happened in my bathroom this morning & what happened on the living room floor this afternoon I need a rest from that belly. She eats everything - green beans, lima beans, brussel sprouts, broccoli, lettuce... not a big bread eater, though. We keep calling her the Atkins dog - meat & green leafies only. Anyway, I wish I could just give her some Pepto-Bismol or something. The food thing bothers Rob, too - his mom fed the dog he had when he was a kid pretty much nothing but tablescraps, including chocolate & coffee. He's still kicking himself in the head because their dog died of pancreatic/liver failure - they basically poisoned her through ignorance. My folks could have had the same thing happen - we never knew grapes were poisonous to dogs, but I don't think our dogs ever actually ate any grapes - they mostly rolled them around on the floor & squashed them.

I know Chelsie's upset about the whole not-feeding thing. She's so good while we're eating now - she goes & lays down across the room & tries to amuse herself w/a chew-toy until she sees that we're done eating. If we take too long cleaning up the dishes, tho, she starts barking at us. She goes & sits in the kitchen & waits for me to put her tidbits in her bowl. So tonight, she probably thinks she did something horribly wrong & we're punishing her. I keep trying to tell her I don't have time to clean up sick doggy mess again tomorrow morning, but I don't think she has the vocabulary yet. I don't think she's got anything serious - I'm paranoid about parvo - she's still playing & being obnoxious in between nap-attacks.


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