Nov. 22nd, 2008


Nov. 22nd, 2008 09:03 am
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This morning I am being treated to banner ads here on lj... they say, "Shop Smart Shop Amazon". Of course, because my husband is the world's biggest fan of Bruce Campbell, I keep thinking it should say, "Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart". Gah! I shouldn't even know that line, let alone be so indoctrinated that I feel mildly irritated at for fucking it up.

I have a bad sinus headache, too. Either that or it's caffeine withdrawal because one of my co-workers has been slipping us all decaf when he makes the coffee. He didn't believe that 'decaffeinated' meant they used a chemical process to strip the caffeine from the coffee, he thought it was just a marketing ploy. Wth, man?! Here at the house we brew two pots - one decaf for Rob & one caff for me.

Coffee, elixir of life itself. Ahhh.

Chelsie lost another toof last night - it's one of the back pointy molars. Her agitation & chewiness & biteyness stepped up a notch the last time she lost a toof, & these past couple of days she's been pretty obnoxious, to the point where she had Rob in tears yesterday. "She keeps biting me, she doesn't like me, I don't want to be an ogre and have to be mean to her to keep her from biting me..." I made Rob take her for a walk yesterday, so for an hour & a half he made her do laps around the park. Normally he lets her sleep all day so when I come home she's the Dog From Hell. Rob always asks me, "Is there anything I can do for you?" so now I have an answer. Walk the damned dog. (we also went out & bought some Bitter Apple spray for our hands, some dog repellant for the stucco outside & some potty training spray for an experimental dirt patch in the back yard. I sprayed Bitter Apple all over my hands & did notice the hand-biting decreased, but the foot-biting increased. Today, I'm spraying it on any exposed skin I happen to notice being chewed on.) She seems a little calmer since she lost the toof, so I'm hoping this may be a signal of toof loss. I gave her an ice cube after she lost the one last night - she thinks ice cubes are a treat, and they're definitely cheaper than the actual doggy ice cream.

Damned Dog

Nov. 22nd, 2008 08:07 pm
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So I started cooking dinner, which is steak, green beans & peas. I put the steaks on the stove & came back out to my computer - and Chelsie started barking at me. While spoken in Doglish, the meaning was quite clear. "Bitch, get back in the kitchen!!!" I tried to ignore her demands, but the sad truth is that I did have to go in there & flip the steaks at some point. Since I could not imply that I was following orders, I went in the kitchen, flipped the steaks & barked at her, "Go lay down!"

My bark is bigger.

In other news, Obama is restarting the WPA:

Obama's Economic Recovery Plan

For those who are too young or unaware of American history, the WPA (Works Project Administration was a New Deal project started during the Depression by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It basically created jobs - beautifying overpasses with murals, planting trees, building dams (like Nevada's Hoover Dam) to provide power to poor parts of the nation, improving roads, you name it.

It's not that bad of an idea, but Obama should give credit where credit is due. The idea is not exactly new.
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WoW is teh awesome!

Zane & Baby Blizz Bear


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