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It's a mud puppy!

She wouldn't let me get any good action shots - before grabbing my camera from Rob through a gap in the sliding glass door, she had been running, leaping & sliding in the huge puddle. Once I had camera in hand, it was all still-lifes.

More puddles behind the cut

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Beautiful torrential rain. Loving it completely.

We had fog this morning! The weather cams on top of the Stratosphere tower were just showing a field of fluffy gray clouds where the Strip normally is, with a few glowing spots from high neon signs underneath. Absolutely gorgeous!

Of course, no living human in Las Vegas knows how to drive in fog, but there were no accidents this morning, either :)
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It is currently 64ºF. Granted, it's 3:30am, but still, that's kind of chilly for the beginning of October. It smells of rain outside, and something colder and whiter on a mountain somewhere to the west of us. I get the feeling it's going to be a nasty winter.
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One of my favorite things about living in the high desert is the weather, moody and fickle as it is.

Right now, our backyard is being rained on by a cloudless sky.

I know the leading edge of the raincloud is somewhere behind the porch roof, but standing on the edge of my porch looking straight up into the downpour, it's clear and blue.

As I've written this, the cloud has passed over our house and it's stopped raining.

Thank you, Great Mystery, for that brief visit.


Aug. 8th, 2010 06:27 pm
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Big thunder and raindrops the size of peas.

Thank you, Great Mystery!


Jul. 28th, 2010 03:59 pm
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Thank you, Great Mystery, for the rain we had this morning. I slept in beauty.
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Thank you, Great Mystery, for the rain you have sent us today :)
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Thank you, Great Mystery, for the brief squall of rain and the fine night.
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So, now I've built up this entire sleazy relationship with Bowling Shirt Retro Guy. Does anyone know of any places in Vegas that cater to the retro tiki lounge scene kinda guys?

Edited due to weirdness... Every time I click on Post or Update Journal, I end up w/a photo of some woman. Weird.

I just needed to say thanks to the Great Mystery for sending rain. I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention & didn't know it was raining today. I've been, uh, busy...
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Thank you, Great Mystery, for the rain last night.
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Thank you, Great Mystery. The rain has been wonderful.

Got a perm on Sunday. It's not quite what I wanted. I don't know why I keep trying perms - they never work. My hair is just not perm-friendly. At least it didn't fry my hair - even w/out conditioner tonight, it's really soft.

Everyone at work is on some kind of diet right now. I, of course, am not. I think I've finally given up. I will just be fat. I mean, it still ends the same way - healthy, unhealthy, fit, unfit, we all die in the end. Being fit does not give you immunity from death. There are 27-year old athletes who die in the middle of basketball games & shit. I don't want my body to look like it just came out of the showroom when I die. I want to be a case study. I want the mortician or coroner or whoever finds me to recoil in horror & exclaim, "Oh dear God! What the Hell happened to her?! We weren't trained for this kind of thing!"
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Thank you again, Great Mystery, for sharing the rain with us.

Chelsie just came in from outside - she's soaked. Got up on the couch & tried to burrow her way under Rob's knees. Hee hee.

More Rain

Feb. 5th, 2010 09:34 pm
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Thank you, Great Mystery, for yet another night of rain.

Rain Again

Jan. 27th, 2010 06:57 am
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Thank you, Great Mystery, for letting me wake to soft darkness and the sound of falling rain.

Rain, Rain

Jan. 22nd, 2010 07:32 pm
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Thank you, Great Mystery, for another day of rain. The desert flowers will be amazing and tonight we all sleep in beauty.

I haven't seen rain like this since Rob & I drove to New Orleans. Four days straight of rain - in Vegas. It's cold, though - 39º - but it's not windy, which is nice. The forecast has rain slated for tomorrow, too. Mt. Charleston is anticipating 15" or more of snow before the storms leave us. Even though I hate snow, I know snow on the mountains means spring run-off.

Most people are probably not pleased with the rain by now. The m.i.l. is definitely not happy - her garage is leaking. Heh. Our back yard is one solid mud puddle with islands of dog poop here & there. Charming picture, innit?
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Thank you, Great Mystery. Three days of rain in a row is a rare joy.

Ahh, Rain

Jan. 18th, 2010 11:19 am
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Thank you, Great Mystery, for sending rain to us today.

I have also coined a new term - puppy-whipped. Chelsie has Rob completely puppy-whipped.
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I can't help but feel that I am at least partially responsible for this wind storm we are having. I was pushing very hard the other day to prevent it from snowing, and I had the feeling that what I was doing was working, despite all the people wandering around going, "OMG, I hope it snows!!!"

I probably should have just let the weather do what it intended to do and not given it the incentive to take its wrath out on me this evening by waking all the goms up, among other really creepy shit.

Rob picked me up from work and took me to the grocery store. After the grocery store, we went home. I distinctively remember pushing the remote control to open the garage door. We then waited in the car in the garage for the garage door to close. We do this because we don't want to let Chelsie out of the car before the garage door closes. So we got out of the car, gathered up the groceries, and it wasn't until I was picking up the last bottle of water that I noticed a package from on the garage floor. It was a fairly thick package, figure about 1 1/2" thick. I asked Rob if he had brought it in from the mail. He looked at the floor, took a minute to see what the hell I was yammering on about, and said, "No. Did you?" I'm like, "I haven't been home all day, when would I have brought that inside?" Even though I knew it was probably my Access 2007 for Dummies book, for some reason I didn't want to bend down & pick up the box. Rob picked it up & put it on the garbage can, where we both stood and stared at it. He finally said, "You better open it". I'm like, "I'm not gonna open that, you open that!"

It's the weirdest fucking shit I've ever had happen to me, and I've had some weird shit happen around me and to me. How in the fuck did the box get in our garage? All the doors were closed and locked, there were no signs of entry, the garage door was intact and didn't look as though it had been tampered with, and I even went outside to confirm that there was no way the package could have gotten in the garage & ended up where it was. Even if someone had managed to push the garage door away from the sides of the wall, in order to push the book completely inside the garage would have involved pushing it around a corner formed by the wall & the seam of the garage door. I could see someone wedging it there, but not successfully pushing it inside. The garage door is extremely heavy & can't be opened from the outside, not even a little bit (that knowledge freaks me out sometimes, so I try not to think about it too much - you can't manually open it from the inside, either).

The only plausible solutions we've arrived at involve the possibility that Rob forgot to close the garage door when he left to pick me up from work, or, an invisible UPS man from an invisible UPS truck slid the box under the door as we were coming home.

I was cleaning up the kitchen about 15 minutes ago, and someone knocked three times on the kitchen window, loudly and sharply. It was the sound of knuckles on glass. Of course, there's no one in the back yard. The dog heard it & went apeshit, I heard it. All I could think about was, "Oh Gods, she's back", thinking about whoever it was that knocked on the back door that one day. I didn't want to go out in the back yard, but of course, I've seen too many horror movies & I know the rules - me in my husband's flip-flops, my big ass coat, armed with a dog quivering behind my knees and a flashlight, went to inspect the back yard.

Nothing but the neighbor's palm tree and a bunch of trash blowing around.


Dec. 7th, 2009 06:59 pm
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Thank you, Great Mystery, for the rain you have sent to us.
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Rain again, complete with thunder and lightning.

Thank you, Great Mystery, for the monsoon :)


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