Apr. 24th, 2014

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My fucking head hurt all night last night. Sinuses. All around my eyes & forehead. I couldn't look down because every time I did my head would start pounding. I feel like a complete drama queen about it, too. It's been so many years since I've had a migraine (thank the Gods for Beta blockers!) that I'm not used to serious head pain any more. I could barely function. Laying down didn't help, a hot shower didn't help, Benadryl & Sudafed didn't help, massaging myself didn't help, masturbation didn't help (actually, laying on my face made it worse)...

So I finally got up around 5 & put on some coffee, made myself some cereal & took a handful of Tylenol.

My headache went away. Whoda thunk? Food, caffeine & Tylenol for a sinus headache. I'm still congested & still have a lot of pressure in my face, but the pain is gone & since I've been sitting up, there's been drainage.

The mother-in-law is getting a new fridge & stove for her kitchen, so she's buying us a new stove & giving us her old fridge. I appreciate the fact that she thinks of us, and gives us her hand-me-down appliances, but it's a huge pain in the ass. Most of it is my fault because I am not the World's Best Housekeeper. I don't pull my stove or fridge out & clean under or behind them on a regular basis. In fact, I never do it unless something smells dead under there (and I'm relatively careful about food spillage/leakage so it's been 10 years since I've had to clean under the fridge or stove, and that was when we moved in). I used to have to clean everyone's houses when I was little, and honestly the #1 thing that is amazing about being a grown-up is only cleaning if I want to. Neither I nor Rob are hoarders, so it's not like we've got dead cats & feces piled everywhere, but yeah, our house is usually a mess. There's dust, and dog hair and cobwebs and books on every available surface. Our home decor is pretty close to Classic American White Trash. We've got hand-me-down or Wal-Mart furniture. Stuff is visible. Our carpet has random clean spots from cleaning up after Chelsie's sensitive stomach. We're debating on just ripping the carpet out & mopping the concrete slab because it's easier to clean the tumbleweeds of dog hair & dust bunnies. 

It's ok, though. It's our mess.


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