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It's coming to an end, the old year. I can feel the cycle winding down, the Earth growing quiet & still.

Read 'Black Light' by Elizabeth Hand last night. Its the counterpart to her 'Waking the Moon'. 'Black Light' is about Dionysus. I was thinking to myself last night, after drinking a glass of blackberry wine & giving a pomegranate to my Goddesses, given the choice, I would free the God. I would be of the Malandanti. Of course, it's not like my serpent priestess isn't a consort of Dionysus. If I had lived in ancient Greece, I would have been a maenad - I would have eaten the pomegranate, drank the poppy wine, and torn a man to pieces with my teeth and nails during the grape harvest festival.

... if you go back far enough and long enough, you will see only two faces staring back at you from the darkness: the hunter and the mother.

I think I figured something out about the rise of Christianity. It wasn't all about fearing a woman's power... They had mothers back then, too - some were devouring sows, Medea and Cybele & Cerridwen, crones to be feared, and some nurtured their sons and daughters, Isis among women... everyone has a mother & it's a familiar & comforting symbol, even when She is the Black Sow. No, I think men feared (and still fear) the Hunter and the Hunted within themselves. They took the Stag, the He-Goat on the wild hill's way, and turned Him into a shepherd - someone who runs from the wolves because he has no weapons to stand against them. He still had to fulfill his ancient role - he still had to run and die and be reborn, but it was no longer the poppy-maddened women wearing fawn-skins chasing him down & ripping his throat open. The chaos, the divine madness, was stripped from the rite and he instead went willingly to a common criminal's death. He was no longer the Hunter and the Hunted, the God come to Earth - he was a common man, sober and filled with regrets. And somehow that was a more comfortable archetype for men to relate to than being filled with a God's infinity and knowledge of His own impending death and resurrection.


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