Jun. 28th, 2008

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I think I may have just performed a catch & release on a brown recluse. Rob was going to go rent 10,000 B.C. & he came back in the house & said there was a small tarantula in the garage, & it was preventing him from getting in the car. I went out there & there was a large spider on the wall, but it was dark brown and slick, not hairy as one might expect a tarantula to be. Its body was a little bigger than my thumbnail & w/legs it was easily bigger than a half-dollar. I trapped it in a plastic container & took it outside into the light so I could get a better look at it. It did have a dark splotch on its upper body... So there I am, holding this tupperware container w/a freaked out potentially deadly spider inside it, and I was seriously having one of those 'tail-by-the-tiger' moments. How'm I sposed to release said spider? Should I just throw the whole thing in the garbage? Haven't I traumatized this not-so-small monster enough already? Rob ended up popping the thing open w/a shovel & I proceeded to herd the spider into the neighbor's grass.

What kind of bothers me is that this is the second one of these spiders Rob has seen, although the first one was much smaller and by Ed's tank, which simply because it is old and wooden makes it prime recluse stomping grounds. I don't want to spray the house again because we haven't had a single scorpion invasion this year.


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