Jul. 24th, 2008

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I went upstairs to get my lunch, and I passed a witch on the main floor.

How do I know she was a witch?

She was dressed in black robes & had a huge pentagram around her neck.

There's Pagan Pride and then there's just... well.

When I went to the City Council to have my psychic's license approved, I wore a suit. If you're going to be appearing in front of any type of governmental official, why not wear business attire? I mean, c'mon people. It's hard enough for us alternative religions to be taken seriously.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I guess it's not entirely limited to alternative religions... I saw some televised town-hall type meeting either yesterday or the day before where civilians were electing a judge & this one woman was wearing a wife-beater.
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and think to myself, "Why have I never heard of this before?"

Personal anthology: Osip Mandelstam
Take from my palms, to soothe your heart,
a little honey, a little sun,
in obedience to Persephone's bees.

You can't untie a boat that was never moored,
nor hear a shadow in its furs,
nor move through thick life without fear.

For us, all that's left is kisses
tattered as the little bees
that die when they leave the hive.

Deep in the transparent night they're still humming,
at home in the dark wood of the mountain,
in the mint and lungwort of the past.

But lay to your heart my rough gift,
this unlovely dry necklace of dead bees
that once made a sun out of honey.

— Osip Mandelstam (tr. Clarence Brown and W. S. Merwin)

A song came on the streaming radio by a group called, of all things, Persephone's Bees. I went 'WoW!' & read up on their bio, which mentioned the line from this poem. It's enough to make me cry at work.


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