Oct. 27th, 2008


Oct. 27th, 2008 02:01 pm
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Chelsie found her voice this weekend. She's been relatively quiet - aside from some whining & crying when locked in the bathroom at night. She's barked at me twice - once was almost too cute to bear, too - and Rob heard her bark at pigeons in the back yard. On those occasions, though, it hasn't been a string of barks - it's just been one bark. One single solitary bark. She has also growled twice, once at Rob, once at some kid in the park. Yesterday I had the front door open & she was watching the outside world & someone walked by the house & she actually barked at them - more than once. Someone else walked by a few minutes later & she barked at them, too. We praised her lavishly. She's gotten noticeably bigger in the few weeks we've had her, and she had her first bath - which she hated.

As for me, I spent most of the weekend playing WoW. It's kind of nice having classes this semester that just don't demand much out of me. There was a zombie invasion in WoW & all I've heard is people bitching about it. I freaking loved it, even though Ive spent most of the past couple of days running LBRS/BRD & Strat. Rob & I literally spent all day Saturday in Blackrock. It was cool, though, because I've never fully explored the place. We wiped in the bar, but oh well.
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She ate her big soft floofy bed :P Silly dawg. The shot of her & my shoe is kind of blurry, but I was giggling at her position. We were getting ready for a walk! I bought her some ribs, too. (Of course, I'll get to share).

Smith's also had some big, beautiful, ginormous pomegranates, so I was finally able to toast Persephone, Ariadne & Medusa.. and Mama Muerte.


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