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Sep. 18th, 2004 08:59 am
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Jody called me at work last night to inform me that Miranda is probably pregnant. She's had a skipped period (well, she can't remember exactly when her last period was) & a positive EPT. She'll probably be going to the doctor next week for a formal pregnancy test, & then to the welfare office (of course... where else do pregnant women go? Yes, yes, bad Karma on me, phooey - I work at Child Haven, I know how pregnant women think. More of my tax dollars at work). So much for her school & her basketball scholarships. Jody doesn't even seem very happy about the prospects. She's got a new puppy (Andy) & she said that he was there to remind her that she just doesn't have the patience for puppies & babies any more. I didn't even think to ask her what Tom thinks about the whole thing. And Miranda's ex-boyfriend (who assaulted her earlier this year) is the father - he told Miranda "Just because my dad abandoned me doesn't mean I'm going to do the same to my baby." But he's already missed a job interview up at the ranch w/out so much as a phone call, so Jody's not expecting too much from him. I didn't expect it to be Miranda, I figured it would be Jamie first. Dane & Tina already have their kids, which everyone expected. Jody was surprised that I didn't guess Miranda was pregnant right off - I never really expected it out of Jamie or Miranda, to be truthful. They both seem so focused on school & work, & Miranda's still hung up on her dad.

Saw Jeff briefly this morning. I actually miss him. Ugh. Have weird thoughts about him on occasion. I ought to do a hex-breaker but it's kind of interesting to feel weirdly about someone. I haven't felt weirdly about someone since I was a teenager.

Sarah got her nipple pierced - I don't feel weirdly about her at all ;)

Still trying to plan this whole BodyWorlds shebang. Trying to get Ann down to L.A. for the day w/us. It probably won't work out - she's very wishywashy.

Been reading Dion Fortune's 'The Goat Foot God'. It's basically a companion to 'The Sea Priestess' & 'Moon Magic'. Instead of a disillusioned man assisting a woman to connect with the Goddess, it's a disillusioned man trying to connect w/his inner Pan. It's been pretty interesting. Has a crotchety old bookseller in it, one of those, "Are you going to buy that book, sonny, or do I need to stand here all day?" kind of booksellers.

Finally went to that freakin' diversity class yesterday morning. Talked Molly out of a breakfast comp - the Excalibur's food isn't so bad when it's freshly cooked. Anyway, I heard some surprising statistics...
1) Approx. 70% of the world's population is illiterate, & only 1% has a college education. So it's not just me, most of the world really is stupid.
2) Only about 1% of the world's population owns a computer. If this is true, where do all the people on the internet come from?
3) 70% of the world's population is not Christian. Woohoo, I'm not a minority anymore!!!

Autumn is definitely creeping in on us on golden paws... the light's shifting, that underlying chill in the air, Rob's in the rutting mood. Things are starting to slip around the corners of my eyes, just out of sight, little noises & shifty sounds around the house & night audit office. The Veil is slowly but surely starting to thin. I'm getting all happy inside as the days slip by.


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