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Blessed Mabon, happy Autumn Equinox & have a good first day of Fall!

Wheat & corn, wheat & corn, all that dies shall be reborn!


Sep. 23rd, 2007 12:28 am
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Happy Harvest, y'all - gotta work tomorrow, so no drunken revelry from me tonight. :)
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Happy Mabon, all - may your harvest be bountiful and your fertile earth well-prepared for a winter's rest.

Giving y'all my love, in Darkness and in Light.
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Happy Autumn Equinox, Merry Mabon!!!

I hope everything everyone planted in Spring gave a bountiful harvest.


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My happy friendly LiveJournal format looks all funky for some reason... Oh well. I've decided that, aside from being a confirmed meat-eater, the only thing stopping me from becoming a Zen Buddhist is the fact that I like stuff. I particularly like my new computer. I decided, after 4 years of struggling w/that already-useless-when-I-bought-it Dell, that I not only wanted a new computer, not only needed a new computer, but I deserved a new computer. I love it. It's beautiful and powerful, like a sleek muscled racehorse... Well, ok, so it's a bulky silver box with the word "VAIO" in glowing blue on it (which currently has a Coop devil-girl sticker taped over it so the blue shows through in a strategic & amusing spot), but if I want to compare it with a sleek muscled racehorse, that's my metaphoric problem. So tonight's been the second night I've really gotten to break it in.

I can't win health-wise. Go to the OB/GYN, find out that my pussy's broken. "How can this be?!" I exclaim, "I haven't had unprotected sex w/anyone but Rob!!! And he hasn't had unprotected sex w/anyone but me in years!!!" So the nurse says, "Oh, it's not that kind of problem; it's stress, not sleeping or not drinking enough water or eating too much yogurt. Me, stress? Nah, can't be the stress ;) And we all know I get plenty of sleep, all 4 hrs a day. Problem: Every time I drink more water my blood pressure goes up - it was the cardiologist who told me I'd be better off heartwise if I was slightly dehydrated all the time... and I've been taking the doxycycline yogurt-free for 2 days & all I want to do is puke my guts up. So now I've got to call the dermatologist & see if he can get me a different antibiotic. Oh well, I probably will have to change my follow up appointment anyway. It's stopped working - I'm all spotty again. But last week I had no pimples whatsoever.

Finally finished writing to the Hula Rat... Rob's going back to work tomorrow night - finally!!! Maybe in a few months I can quit the day job! Of course, everything's changing there anyway, so I may be out of a job sooner than I think or want - I might get moved to a different department that can't swing the hours I can/can't work. Just have to wait & see.

I let Shirla do the audit all by herself Friday night - of course, she didn't get the system down til 4am & Molly didn't get her report til 6:40am. I told Molly that Shirla can do the audit, but she's slooooooooowwwww, and Molly said that's not my problem - as long as Shirla knows what she's doing, she'll get tired of getting nagged for taking too long & she'll pick up her speed. I just get the feeling that it's her passive-aggressive response of choice in reaction to my nagging - the more I remind her of the time, the slower she goes. Saturday I took an EO & let Alea babysit her for the rest of the night. I didn't get any phonecalls, so I guess they did ok... of course, I have no idea what time the system went down. I'll hear about all of it on Weds. I suppose.

Firmly entrenched in the mundane I muddle my way from day to day. I did get Ariadne the first pomegranate of the season on Mabon... and the second one is sitting on my kitchen counter like a huge barbarian ruby.


Sep. 22nd, 2004 09:41 am
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Happy Autumnal Equinox to all who want it. Light & dark in balance, the back of Summer broken, the Sun Lord's strength fading into darkness once again. I already look w/hope towards His Solstitial rebirth.

Last night I dreamt that, for whatever reason, Rob & I were riding horseback through a town & we passed a circus/carnival type set-up. Smoke was boiling up from the center of the tents, and apparently the Big Top was on fire. Animals were being led out - I remember seeing black horses in plumes & traces, their eyes rolling to white, and oxen being let out of a pen. We rounded a corner & there was a mother giraffe who refused to leave her calf - she was all aflame & bawling like a dying cow. In the dream I started crying, and for whatever reason the dream switched to one of cats being cared for in someone's basement.

Last night, watched, for the first time ever, 'The Black Cauldron'. It was pretty low-key for being a Disney movie. Reminded me a lot of how the animation in 'The Hobbit' looks, even tho 'The Hobbit' was a Don Bluth venture. I think some of the same animators worked on it. Good story, tho, w/a lot of Paganish overtones amid a heroic quest.

Have to go to the gynecologist today. Waaaahhh!


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