Oct. 17th, 2008

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Go to urban​dicti​onary​.​​​com and type in your answer​ to each quest​ion in the search​ box, then write​ the FIRST​ definition it gives​ you.

1. Your Name: Janelle
Shes my everything.
Perfect, no one can ever come close to her.
Smart, she reads the dictionary to me:
Beautiful, when you walk by her, u can just melt away.
Everything you can ever ask for.

Janelle is what i wish for on 11:11.
beautiful perfect everthing smart janelle

I kinda liked this definition better, but it was the second one down:
a sexy motherfucker that can kill mexican babies with her sexiness and make mexicans sing.

2. Your Age: 34
Slang for anal sex, similar to 69 or 89.

The 3 represents a butt while the 4 represents the top vie of a man holding his penis towards the butt-hole.

Alrighty then...

3. One Of Your Friends: Eric
The most amazing person in the entire universe. Everything about him is perfect! He's charming, handsome, intelligent, strong, romantic, funny...everything you want in a guy. It's impossible not to fall in love with him! Once you lay eyes on him, you will know from that very moment that you will never stop loving him.
In my Eric's case, this is true.

4. What You Should Be Doing: Working on my Security+ Class
Working on my Security+ Class isn't defined yet.
Yeah, tell me about it

5. Your Favorite Color: Malachite green
Another word for dick.
She holds my malachite
so tight so never let go
'Cause she's 2000 light years away

~2000 Light Years Away, by Green Day

I don't think Green Day was writing about a penis, but I could be reading more into this song than I should be.

6. Your Birthplace: Fontana
a measure of slutdom
She is such a decifontana

7. Last Person You Talked To: Gail
A woman of amazing grace, beauty, and intelligence. Also one that never gives up and never leaves a silence ear! Someone you MUST listen to because of her importance in all aspects of life!
I dunno about all that, but she is the head of the election committee

8. Last Thing You Had To Drink: Coffee
The best drink ever... glory...
Amen to that!

9. Your Nickname: I don't have an actual nickname. I could never coerce anyone into calling me Jane or Jan & I flinch whenever someone calls me Nel or Nellie or Ellie or Ella. So I'll go w/my screen-name nickname, which is Perze.
Getting very very mad at somthing or another.

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Sometimes I think my last lifetime was in the 60s... and I'm starting to rethink my future as a computer geek.

I just did my Ch 7 quiz in the band class, & I already knew all the answers w/out having to read the chapter... Not that 'Who was Brian Epstein to the Beatles?' is a big secret or anything, but it does have me wondering just how much space in my brain is taken up by random music trivia.

My History of Rock class has reminded me exactly how much I love music & loved playing music. I don't know exactly what kind of careers are out there for a middle-aged hasbeen, other than music instructor or 'History of Rock Professor'. I could probably tolerate kids enough to teach them to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat on their beat up school instruments. Usually by high school band students are there because they are band geeks, not because they're forced to take the class - I know because I was a band geek. I just couldn't teach marching band - I can't even march & play at the same time.

I just have this serious yearn to hold an instrument in my hands again & make music, but I barely have any time for anything anymore, what with work, school, Rob & the new dog. Whatever I got would most likely be pushed aside like the drums or the oil paints to paint the drums. I think the one I did should be fully cured by now, I just haven't gotten around to doing any touchups.

New Filter

Oct. 17th, 2008 11:40 pm
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I created a new filter, mainly to protect someone. If you don't want to hear me ranting about my or my husband's health issues, general medical meanderings, surgery, etc. just let me know & I'll bump you off the filter.

Rob's anxiety seems to be largely medical-related, so I can relate. I'm probably never going to be a mortician, so I'm going to sell off all my anatomy & medical books the next time I go through my bookshelves - it's as much to keep him from feeding his paranoias as to stop reminding me of yet another broken dream.


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