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Tonight's one of my favorite kind of desert nights. I can feel Autumn under the oppressive heat, there's heat lightning coming across the valley, low to the ground. We drove up Craig Rd. to the bank & the wind was swirling little eddies of dust across the street, illuminated by oncoming headlights... When I lived w/Jody up on Las Vegas Blvd. (in the estimable Blue Bird Trailer Park) I used to take Lady (my psycho dog) out for runs along the washes on nights like this. I'd let her off her leash & we'd run & run across those patches of desert that aren't there anymore. I'd roll in the dirt w/her, come home filthy & with tumbleweed bits caught in my hair. Me, Sneakers & Brutus used to do the same over off of Lamb. Sometimes I'd walk to Eric or Phillip's house (before Phillip got bodysnatched by Garth Brooks & Amway, that is.) in the dead of night, one time Phillip gave me a guitar & I felt so cool walking home w/it over my shoulder. Ah, to be 15 again.
Of course, I can feel that tide, still, pulling me along, all yearning & hunger...
The typical backlash of any magickal working is that when you work a spell on someone else you really work it on yourself. That's really what the threefold return is all about.


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