Jan. 30th, 2008

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Looking back is kind of fun. I'm finding all the good links.

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Still Sick

Jan. 30th, 2008 08:49 pm
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It seems like I get sick every January. This January, it was The Cold That Won't Go Away. I'm still having periodic coughing fits. And then two days ago, my left ear started hurting. Yesterday, it was swollen and tender... today I rolled over onto my left side & when the pillow touched my ear I wanted to cry. The little pointy knob right in front of my ear is incredibly red and swollen, there is a ridge inside the bottom of my ear right above the lobe that is swollen, a pathway leading from that section of my ear down the side of my neck that hurts in a sharp stabbing pain when I turn my head to the right or lean my head on my right shoulder. I figured I had swimmer's ear, even though I haven't been swimming I am a chronic ear-cleaner - it's plausible with all the rain we've gotten that the water supply might not be up to snuff and when I took my super-long shower Monday night, I might have gotten bacteria in there (not to mention the fact that I coat my ears in Vaseline when I redo my dye jobs, which I did over the weekend). One of the swimmer's ear symptoms is drainage or a foul odor, but being the chronic ear-cleaner that I am when Now, though, (I'm not sure how many hours it's been there) I went into the bathroom to finish drying my hair I noticed a huge lump in the side of my neck under my ear. Well, okay, since I can see it under my skin it seems HUGE to me, but it's honestly about the size of a peanut kernel. I don't know if the duct is swollen or if it's a lymph node or what, but it's squishy & I can sort of move it from side to side with my finger. And it's noticeable enough that Rob can even see it clearly.

Tomorrow I'm calling the doc and paying an exorbitant office visit because I think I want some antibiotics for this.


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